Frequently Asked Questions

Placing a Free Ad
How do I place a Free Ad?
Start by clicking on the post an Ad button, you will then choose the category to place your Ad in. Once you have chosen your category enter the details of your advert and add up to 10 pictures. you will have the opportunity to review your Ad before it is posted.
How much does it cost to place a Free Ad?
Standard Ads are free, so there is no charge to place a Free Ad. However, should you wish to upgrade to a featured Ad, your Ad will be highlighted to make your Advert stand out and will have a more favorable placement in the list. You may feature your Ad for 28 days for a small charge. See featured Ads.
How many Free Ads can I list?
You may place as many free Ads as you like, but you cannot list a single item multiple times.
How long will my Free Ad run for?
Your Free Ad will run for 28 days, after which you will be given the option to renew your Ad. If you wish to upgrade or remove your Free Ad, you can do so via your Dashboard by clicking on Delete.
How do I update my e-mail address?
You can update your e-mail address and other details via your Dashboard, on the right hand side choose Edit Profile, make your changes and remember to click on Update Profile at the bottom of the page. Changes will take effect immediately.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password via your Dashboard., on the right hand side click edit profile, change your password and remember to click on Update Profile at the bottom of the page.
How do I change a picture?
You may change or add a picture via your Dashboard. You will see the title of the Ad for which you want to add or change a picture, click on the pencil icon to make your changes. You may delete pictures or upload new pictures.
Why can’t I login?
If you cannot login, make sure you have cookies enabled in your Browser, or make sure you are using the correct password.
I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?
If you have forgotten your password, we can send you a re-set link via e-mail. Click on Forgotten Password, insert your Username or E-mail and an automated e-mail will be sent to you with a link to re-set your password.
I’ve sold my item how do I remove my Ad?
Go to your Dashboard, on the Ad you wish to delete will be a red X, click on the X to delete the Ad.
How do buyers contact me?
Buyers will contact you via the contact form on your Ad, Bulldog Free Ads London do not give out your e-mail address unless you choose to give your e-mail address on your Ad, the buyer can use the form and the site will send to your registered e-mail address. You may also be contacted via phone if you advertise your phone number on your Ad.


Any other questions, please contact    admin@bulldogfreeadslondon.co.uk