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Se days there aren t a lot of books of this heft and size that you want to commit your space and money to This one is different It s an excellent group of talents coming together to make a great book I ust picked it up for my brother s birthday now I need one Paul d Orleans is a learned modern day cavalier who knows bikes in and out His writing is elegant and fun and his wet plate photos are beautiful Michael Lichter ex be bop drummer The book arrived with No Cover Jacket Totally bummed Better than expectedVery good price A very nice interesting book lots of information great pictures and in good condition Amazing photos and ust the right amount of history behind them great book. E through the museum uality portraiture of top motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter and the text of motorcycle culture expert Paul dOrlans Chronologically illustrated with fascinating historical photography the book travels through the numerous ever morphing and uniue eras of these nimble lean light and head turning machines Caf Racers visually celebrates a motorcycle riding culture as complex as the vast array of bikes within it.

Great reference book Thanks to Licter s outstanding The Best In The Business photography If you re interested in the Cafe culture then buy this book A truly definitive piece of work A Great book with good uality pictures I bought this for my girlfriend s father who grew up in the cafe racer culture and has fond memories of zooming around in the 60s and 70s on his motorbikes He enjoys this book thoroughly and often reads it and takes in the beautiful images The book is well made with lots of detail and some fantastic photographs If you re looking for a colour history of the ton up culture look no further This book is well worth it a bit brief on most of the bikes featured but good. A photographic chronology of some of the fastest most stylish and most individualized bikes in motorcycling history Originally used as a slur against riders who used hopped up motorcycles to travel from one transport caf to another caf racer describes a bike genre that first became popular in 1960s British rocker subculture although the motorcycles were also common in Italy France and other European countries The rebellious rock and.

Pdf DOWNLOAD Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton–Up Culture Autor

Images and a good sections on a few clubs history etc Beautifully printed large format book with great insight and details on the history of the caf racer bikes and scene Beautiful photographs by Michael Lichter and words by Paul D Orleans I bought this as a gift for my dad who s a cafe racer lover and he was really thrilled with it Somewhat disappointing Many if not most of the bikes featured are HD a marue I wasn t aware had contributed a great deal to cafe racer culture or aesthetics Superb images Great ideas for special builders to ponder Most of the time the computer screen seems adeuate to explore interests like this Lots of great photos out there if you look around and the. Roll counterculture is what first inspired these fast personalized and distinctive bikes with their owners often racing down public roads in excess of 100 miles per hour ton up in British slang leading to their public branding as ton up boys Caf Racers traces caf racer motorcycles from their origins in the mid twentieth century all the way into modern times where the style has made a recent comeback in North America and Europe alik. on Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture