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Ebook or EPUB (Art Models 8: Practical Poses for the Working Artist (Art Models series)) Ø

I paint so I needed to something like this The positive is that each model is presented on the CD from every angle so you have infinite choices of a particular view to look at What I don t like is it seems to be slanted a little towards the sexy side versus the life person model side I didn t find all the views I wanted but there are at least two other books that are the same with various other model positions I think it s good for what it is I purchased the KINDLE FORMAT of this book which provides less photos than the hardcover or DVD ROM versions and is also less expensive But the selection of photos in the Kindle format s excellent The Live Model hardcovers which I ve purchased in the past contain poses viewed from ALL angles While that is a nice feature if you want to find your favorite angle of a given pose you eally do get far poses than you can use and some angles are just unattractive and useless The Kindle version gives you a good number of poses male female all body types and ethnicities and all beautifully done with no than one two or three angles of a given pose For me the Kindle selection of photos is than enough and well worth the price The only DOWNSIDE I found to buying the Kindle version is that I can t make print copies of these poses for myself or my art students That feature is available in the other formats only Models both male female completely nude in various poses No backgrounds or props Just the human form in an all white Berlayar di Pamor Badik room Each pose is featured from several viewpoi. Draw Paint or even Sculpt the Figure with this huge collection of high ualityeference photos Look inside at the visual table of contents for a full thumbnail listing of all the included poses Whether working on a finished piece trying a new techniue or getting in some practice time artists can work when and where they want using the Art Models series Art Models 8 features 174 all new figure studies by 55 different models chosen specifically for professional arti.

Nts The included DVD is what sets this series of books apart from other pose studies It has enough shots of each pose to effect a 360 degree view that can be L. Munatius Plancus rotated under your controlThis is the 8th book published so they are obviously doing somethingightAlso the book DVD are self explanatory It is not necessary to own the previous 7 This series of books is a must have for any artist the images are of a high uality and as always a great selection of poses It can be hard to find poses that don t look contrived this book delivers a wonderful array of both male and female figures Probably the most important feature is the images used are oyalty free so you don t have to worry about copyright issues The book also contains a disc that contians all the images for you to print out as well on your home pc I have uite a few of these books from this series this is just as good as the othersPaige This is a very useful esource I count 221 well lit poses with good shadow work These are lying poses sitting poses on the floor on chairs at tables etc 1 pose looks like horseback iding and standing poses some leaning on or against sth with veils holding sth Most poses have only one person but some include two peopleVariety is there in terms of ethnicity I see East Asian white and African epresentation I don t see IndianPakistani models or models of very dark skin colour There is also some variety in body types several poses with a pregnant woman and a handful of poses with a somewhat curvier lady as well as. Sts The models The Pink Pearl represent a wideange of physiues and diversity both male and female The poses include individuals and couples in natural Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe relaxed postures from standing and sitting to lying down The included PC and Mac compatible DVD ROM features highesolution photos in JPG format This massive eference gives you well over 4000 individual photos each of which could be turned into a work of art The JPG image format allows the photos to be viewed and manipulated

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Varying chest sizes One lady has tattoos some poses are shot on high heelsHowever all models could be considered handsome most women are slender There is very limited variation in male body types all are of good stature and athletic looking some skinny or short or chubby epresentation would have been nice As would have been a wider Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela range of ages I d estimate every model to be between 25 and 40 There is noepresentation of differently shaped bodies here either though it may be harder to find models for that due to the sadly still attached stigma Last but not least there are poses with female models than male models and while pictures do sometimes contain two female models even in flirtatious poses there are none containing two male modelsOverall I m very happy with this book especially since all poses come with multi angle shots on the attached disk usually about 25 per pose I agree however with another Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction reviewer after starting to work with the book for uick gesture drawings that many poses in here are stiff few are dynamic or in movement A very good useful guide that you can take anywhere I especially liked the wide variety of models and all the different skin tones As a sculptor of the human form I find these books invaluable This book is slightly different as you only get 1 photo per pose but the CD that comes with it well and truly makes up for that And also this does mean there are poses in this bookI wouldecommend this book to all artists and sculptors who are interested in the human form. N any way an artist might find useful such as combining images or otating them Images can be viewed on a computer screen printed out projected for a group or via a high definition television Each angle of every pose may also be enlarged enabling artists to zoom in on specific body parts to achieve a higher level of detail The poses sell individually for over 1000 making this book and Disk an unbeatable bargain and must have for any artist interested in the figure.

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