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Very highly recommended An illuminating discussion While densely argued the book is always accessible and yet unlike many others does not patronise the reader Reading it I found myself uestioning much of the way the world is generally portrayed The penultimate chapter alone which discusses how to help those left behind makes the book worth acuiring The Independent People by Halldor Laxness reminds me of the hard work it took ust to survive and how leisure which subseuently sponsors the whole leisure and entertainment industry is a relatively recent phenomenon Leisure was a luxury that our ancestors throughout most of our human history did not enjoy if one was lucky enough to pass over the threshold of child mortality The Great Escape tells how we have escaped the dreary of life and the tyranny of nature It is refreshing to be reminded that our life has not always been and that nothing can guarantee progress can run forever In fact the headway that we have made may be reversed as the threats to our lifestyle are encroachingWhile economists can go into the details of a specific topic and get technical ultimately I believe the driving force behind their effort is their concern and interest in the well being of the human race In this book Deaton steps back and takes a panoramic view over time and across countries on how well we have done in raising the overall well being of people tracing our path to today taking stock of what we have achieved painting where we are today and looking ahead where we are heading Human well being is multi faceted and material well being the subject matter of economics should not be euated as human well being Deaton acknowledges this fact but limits himself to talk about health and wealth in this bookWe can t see progress or the issues without some forms of measurement Unfortunately we live in an imperfect world and perfect information is a luxury that we don t have Inevitably Deaton has to take us through some of the notorious measurement issues in order to interpret properly the pictures that the imperfect statistics are painting The reality is that we do not understand the issues on solid data because they don t exist Understanding the limitations of the available data and measurement issues is part and parcel of trying to understand the issues at hand Deaton has done a marvellous ob in making those technical problems accessibleIt is an interesting concept that ineuality is a by product of human progress which segregates the winners from those who are left behind As human society is propelled forward by different forces at different times each round we have different winners and different groups of people who are left behind Are ineualities a necessary evil of the market economy which operates on differentials Why should we be concerned about ineualities 1 The activities to protect vested interests can block progress and the escape route of those left behind 2 euality of opportunity and euality of outcome unfortunately are correlated and 3 wide ineualities tend to undermine the functioning of a democracyThe discussion on health identifies what really make a significant difference in prolonging the life of the majority and dispels some of the common preconceptions Public health is the key which reuires the work of public institutions directed by the advancement in knowledge especially the germ theory Today the poor countries and the rich countries face different health issues A lot of the solutions to the health issues faced by the former are already known It begs the uestion why they are not adopted This points to institutional failures and political paralysis of the poorest countries in the world On the other hand the health professionals in the rich countries face different challenges The focus has been shifted from lowering the mortality rate to improving on morbidity as the population agesDeaton is very blunt on aid and critical about the effort of the rich countries in assisting the poor countries We may naturally start by asking what should we do He responds by saying that this is the wrong uestion to ask For various reasons he argues strongly and passionately that foreign aid has not be effective worse it does harm than good even if it comes with good intention It is eye opening that the aid workers on the ground faced with the pressure to discharge aid focus their effort in damage control His conclusion is categorical Large scale aid does not work because it cannot work and attempts to reform it run agroun. The world is a better place than it used to be People are healthier wealthier and live longer Yet the escapes from destitution by so many has left gaping ineualities between people and nations  In The Great Escape Angus Deaton one of the foremost experts on economic development and on poverty tells the remarkable story of how beginning 250 years ago some parts of the world experienced sustained progress opening up gaps and setting the stage for today's disproportionately uneual world Deaton takes an.

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E growth in power couples both big earners while the fact of having two earners helps a lot with keeping poorer households ust on the increase for income when measured by householdsIneuality in the US may matter if the port are effectively driven out of politics by the richWhen it comes to wealth in countries there is the interesting phenomenon of purchasing parity some goods cost the same everywhere those that are transportable Some do not And many services are sold for very different prices in poor countries The big story is the enormous progress made by China and India in recent times Perhaps big countries do better because they are big and small countries don t have enough high uality talent to run themselves as well Or then again they may have better states see the book Why States Fail on how extractive regimes at the top deter innovation and growthAid doesn t work because it s paid too much to government or can be appropriated by government in port countries with extractive political regimes The last thing they need is free money to corrupt their political systems they also don t need booms in commodity prices for the same reason Money in fact is not the shortfall it can always be borrowed if there are good project to invest in But there has been some good work done to relieve international ill health This is because the knowledge transfer involved is not intrinsically corrupting of health economies thought sometimes these may be influenced in a worse direction Migration might help including the temporary migration of students to rich countriesThis is an interesting book from which I learned a great deal but somehow I did not find it a page turner unlike Piketty s work or the book on Why States Fail mentioned above and both referenced here It makes interesting new points though and draws together the threads of interesting work done by others dieses buch ist wie ein anker in der brandung der unterschied zwischen arm und reich und die auswirkungen dieses zustandes werden in diesem buch fundiert und trotzdem anschaulich aufgezeigt und interpretiert leider habe ich noch nicht das ganze buch gelesen aber etzt schon stimme ich der meinung und dem wissen von mr angus deaton zu und mache mich zu einem fan seines buches Absolut lesenswertes Buch f r alle allgemein interessierten Menschen unseres Planeten nicht nur eine gute Beschreibung sondern auch mit politischen oder wirtschaftspolitischen Empfehlungen was zu tun ist Eines der besten Sachb cher die ich zum Problem der Entwicklung unserer modernen Gesellschaften e gelesen habe Sehr empfehlenswert Der Grundton des Buches ist positiv aber mit grosser Klarheit werden Probleme genannt Mir pers nlich kommt sehr entgegen dass nicht einfach Behauptungen aufgestellt werden sondern die Grundlagen f r diese Behauptungen kritisch diskutiert werden Angus Deaton may be a Nobel laureate but this book is written in approachable language However he does get a bit bogged down at times discussing the shortcomings of various measures of wellbeing There are a few surprises along the way but for me a lot confirmed what I already thought His condemnation of the ineffectiveness of the aid industry was uite depressing making a nonsense of UN targets to spend 07% of GDP on foreign aidA fair sprinkling of well explained graphs throughout Wenn Sie lernen wollen warum das Gemeinwohl einerseits so stark gestiegen ist und wie Ungleichheit entsteht ist das Buch The Great Escape vom anerkannten konomen Princeton Universit t Angus Deaton Pflichtlekt re Jahrzehnte hat sich Deaton mit dem Thema intensiv besch ftigtDas Buch ist auch f r nicht konomen gut verst ndlich geschrieben und man lernt sehr viel ber die Funktion unserer globalen WirtschaftEr beginnt mit Life is better now than at almost any time in history More people are richer and fewer people live in dire poverty dank innovativer Technologien und Errungenschaften unserer Gesellschaft ua Innovationen im Bereich der Biologie und Informatik Doch er macht klar dass Innovationen nur die Menschen erreichen welche sich diese leisten k nnen Genau das f hrt zu einer gro en Ungleichheit zwischen den L ndern Great book This book by Nobel prize winner Angus Deaton gives a data based and very detailed overview on how humankind has developed recently It shows that we have never been so wealthy and healthy ever And what countries thrive and which not and why A must read for anyone interested in economical and medical development as well as working in the development aid field. Conomic growth in India and China has improved the lives ofthan a billion people Deaton argues that international aid has been ineffective and even harmful He suggests alternative efforts including reforming incentives to drug companies and lifting trade restrictions that will allow the developing world to bring about its own great escape  Demonstrating how changes in health and living standards have transformed our lives The Great Escape is a powerful guide to addressing the well being of all natio.

D on the same fundamental problems over and over again p 317 For now the most urgent task is to undo the work that has been done by those who want aid and to persuade the citizens of the rich world that much aid is harmful that aid would be harmful still and that they can best help the poor of the world by not giving them large scale aid If we were to succeed in this and give less aid what then could we do to discharge our obligation to assist Doing less harm would be a good start p318 The actions he suggests that the rich countries can do to help follow along the line of Bhagwati it is hard to think of substantial increases in aid being spent effectively in Africa But it is not so hard to think of aid being spent productively elsewhere for Africa p318 319 Following the arguments of the book I think the recommendations are sound but even so it will be difficult to see how the rich countries will break away from their ways of practiceFinally the book concludes with our prospects Can our children expect to do better than us The answer is that nothing is certain There are many threats to our well being that have already emerged climate change slowdown in economic growth polarisation of the labour market wars the superbugs that are resistant to all known antibiotics Our optimism is in the ingenuity of human beings to overcome setback in the future as they had in the pastNote that the subject matter is necessarily value laden and it is impossible to write a book on the subject without the underpinning of a moral standpoint whether it is made implicit or explicit Yet this is not a book on the moral debates which are left for the reader to ponder in his own space and time That said most of what have been covered in the book can be agreed by the majority or well argued with supported evidence and reasoning Das Thema ist spannend aber sehr langf dig geschrieben Der Autor wiederholt sich immet und immer wieder Musste mich sehr anstrengen damit ich dran blieb nicht sehr fesselnd Schade Das als Opus Magnum des Wirtschaftsnobelpreistr gers Angus Deaton behandelt die Entstehungsgeschichte des Wohlstands der Nationen Die erfolgreiche Entwicklung der westlichen Welt bezeichnet er als Great Escape und ist zugleich titelgebend f r das Buch Mega Arbeit This book can change the way you think It s a bit of a mixed bag with explanations that are clear but that can be long enough to be a little frustrating combined with a lot of exciting insights into the link between health and wealth It is gentle in tone but has a powerful logic that is overwhelmingly convincing This book is well worth reading this man speaks the truth This book does what it says on the tin It explains why as best we know some but not others have escaped from short lives of ill health to lives of wealth and wellbeing It then explains why aid does harm than goodThe most interesting part of the opening chapters comprises graphs showing that whereas it s tempting to conclude that past a certain point wealth does not bring life satisfaction the data looks very different if you plot wealth on a logarithmic scale More money does bring life satisfaction it s ust that for each step up the ladder you might need four times as much wealth as you did for the step before And similarly for life expectancy plotted against GDP per capita on a logarithmic scaleWe don t really know too much about the causes of improvements in life expectancy but before 1750 in England the aristocracy and others had about the same life expectancy Then things started to diverge and health started to improve with things like variolation against smallpox the germ theory of disease and improved sanitation start to impact particularly on the deaths of babies and young children Then modern medicine has started winning against the diseases of old age with smoking cessation impacting on lung cancer and related diseases water pills as anti hypertensives to tackle cardiovascular disease and even some progress on cancer Meanwhile in poor countries educating mothers seems to be very important so even than GDP growth Heights are generally improving everywhere ust about too But everywhere progress can suffer setbacks the influenza outbreak of 1918 or HIVAIDSTurning to wealth the story is harder to understand Poverty declines across the board in the US for a while then growth slows and the gains from growth are captured by the one per cent and portions thereof as the work of Piketty shows There are also social changes to account for such as th. In depth look at the historical and ongoing patterns behind the health and wealth of nations and addresses what needs to be done to help those left behind  Deaton describes vast innovations and wrenching setbacks the successes of antibiotics pest control vaccinations and clean water on one hand and disastrous famines and the HIVAIDS epidemic on the other He examines the United States a nation that has prospered but is today experiencing slower growth and increasing ineuality He also considers how

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