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This book appears against a background of prophecies from even conservative organizations like the International Energy Agency and Price Waterhouse Cooper that our present CO2 production rates uarantee Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within global civilization destroying temperature rises 4 deg C 7 deg F by 2040 Forget only 2 deg C we re blowing past thatoal scarily fastI will be 100 in 2040 but my Call the Next Witness grandchildren will be only 35 How can we do this to themThe World We Made shows by reasonable extrapolations of current technologies that humanity has a choice How only stupidity complacency andreed are standing in the way of saving civilizationWhen you read of oil companies spending 700 billion in one year 2013 or 2014 to find oil how can anyone say we can t afford to fight climate change When you also read how they ve used the techniues of the tobacco companies to spread doubt and confusion you understand the true meaning of Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities greed Yeah civilization isoing down the tubes but we stand to make a tidy profit in the few years before it doesIt is well worth the money and a book to be read and shared widely This book written by a highly ualified author as a diary view of the present from the future does have much to recommend it It has a basically positive outlook and covers a Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology great many areas relating to sustainability and other environmental interest including social justice and interestingly in this post GFC period the international banking system It details many ways in which we can make changes to improve the future I think that this would be a veryood book to use for stimulating discussion about these issues in a classroom and would be similarly thought provoking for many solitary readers It is a worthy attempt to engage readers and there are many who might be put off by a book that bleats about the dangers we face and that berates the reader about what the author thinks that we should be doing It might well help some of those environmentalists wavering because of pessimism about the future However for me an older reader who has long since bought the environmental message the diary from the future device was unnecessary The breadth of topics was admirable While that perhaps limited the depth to which the topics could be explored a Our planet's future is too often described in terms of doom and despair However there is another perspective that is not only positive but credible tooThe World We Made describes a planet that is Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning green fair connected and collaborative Based on extensive research leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt reveals how we can achieve aenuinely sustainable.

(Ebook/PDF) The World We Made: Alex McKays Story from 2050 Ä

G with and how to fix them The Fukushima nuclear failing is addressed mainly as a lead in to a story in the future on how we closed down and stopped using nuclear Yet the issue of what happens to all this waste left behind isn t addressed Which is why I am only Charlestown Blues giving the book 4 stars But I am alsoiving the book 4 stars because it is a book of hope and right now we need to hope and believe changes will be addressed before it is too late A wonderful look into the future over changes that could happen over the next 35 odd years It takes into consideration some future technologies and shows us how if our environmental and societal issues and concerns actually happen we can still draw solace from new technologies to show us the way The book uses effective computer illustrations to showcase how the new technologies would look like when adapted to our world A wonderful book that Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition gives us hope that things canet better and hopefully Building the South Side gives courage to some of the authorities and regulators to be stricter and effective on mattersoverning the earth and its eco system The author writes from the point of view of 2050 All of the world s current crises have or less been solved for There are things that may shock or you But for the most part Bright College Years great comfort comes from knowing what s ahead Weave this book to each of our clients last year Kudos to Sir Jonathon Inspiring and very important creative ideas for now and in future This engaging and easy to read book is written as a series of short chapters and by the end of each one you understand what the problem is what the solutions might be and what the conseuences of inaction could look likeJonathon Porritt really knows his stuff on tech developments so this never reads like sci fi despite being set in the future he has just extrapolated the likely outcomes of the environmental crises we are facing and imagined what the human response will beI recommended this to a colleague who was a bit shaky on what the key issues are in sustainability This is such a clever way of Chicagos Urban Nature getting torips with a whole host of issues and much interesting and engaging with lots of the books I readPut it this way this is the first sustainability book I ve ever recommended reat info. Futuristic photographs infographics and hand drawn sketches while an extensive index provides the tools and tips needed to prepare for what's aheadThe World We Made is essential reading for anyone interested in preserving our planet All royalties will support the work of Forum for the Future one of the world's leading sustainable development non profit.

Ot salient dot points were made and this will suit some readers I would recommend this book to those whose faith in the future is wavering to younger readers or those newer to the future environment enre I interviewed Sir Porritt on my radio show after hearing him speak Porritt s futuristic tale has already proven to have come true in some respects Will all of this happen no but if you want to Chicago's Urban Nature: A Guide to the City's Architecture + Landscape get aood picture of what the world is oing to be like in 2050 then this is a reat read to help explore what a sustainable future will look like Good presentation for a childish message The World We Made is full of surprises In turning over each page I wasn t sure what I was oing to find although it follows very logically and is both informative and entertainingThe first few surprises were coming to a page on blue paper then opening up a double page colour photo crammed with creative solutions to matters such as rowing vegetables using a roof that collects electricity from the sun and sharing the family saloon with the neighbours Nothing new new except the way they are integrated and laid out the photo is dated January 7th 2050Jonathan Porritt s subjects are those that have held my interest for many decades world politics food the environment energy terrorism human collaboratio This is an extraordinary book Packed with knowledge and insight into tomorrow s solutions to what appear to be today s insoluble problems Narrated from a future perspective we understand exactly Loving this book Will be interesting to see how close to the truth it will be The World we made is narrated by the character Alex McKay who in 2050 looks back on where the world went wrong and how the countries of the world united to fix the problems created in the years priorI was interested in this book because I thought it would hold some secret knowledge of how I could live a sustainable lifestyle today That wasn t the case although there were uniue things written about which I started to do in my own life in the past year such as deconstructing clothing and refashioning them rather than donating them or buying new clothesWhere I feel the story fell short is in not addressing some of the environmental issues we are currently livin. World by 2050 if we act immediately Part history part narrative The World We Made describes the key events technological breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions that could transform our planet covering topics as wide ranging as 3D printing personal enomics urban agriculture and the digital landscape The book's innovative ideas are brought to life with. Ù 9 read on The World We Made: Alex McKays Story from 2050