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Fjallbacka series written by Swedish author Camilla Lackberg and translated by Steven T MurrayErica and Patrik s wedding plans are falling behind as they are confronted with Maja s care Anna and her children moving in plus a very tense murder investigation that has the entire station working frantically to solve the caseMany characters demand the reader s full concentration A very tense tale with a complicated police investigation left me breathlessAnother Must Read Swedish Noir title from Camilla Lackberg This title THE STRANGER was previously published under the title THE GALLOWS BIRD In this novel accidental death is revealed as murder But the autopsy reveals that death was caused by a great amount of alcohol and the victim never drank alcohol There is a family beset with homophobia There is a new female on Patrik Hedstrom s team Erica copes with Maja her infant daughter as well as looking after her depressed sister and her children A reality TV programme is being filmed in the area One of the cast is found dead Is it accident or murder Police chief Mellberg has found true love at last and embarks on an investment The inevitable happens with that relationship Erica s sister Anna finally snaps out of depression with the help of Erica s ex boyfriend Dan and then takes on the challenge of organising Erica and Patrik s wedding Several Scandinavian crime novels imploy a techniue that is used here the beginning of each chapter is preceded by a short passage in italics that reveals bit by bit the back story of the murderers Always a gripping mystery and a satisfying resolution I found it a little frustrating that we get only a short snapshot of each scene before switching to the next A bit like a TV sit com or soap opera Well any film techniue probably I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Lackberg novels I have read so far The Gallows Bird is the latest in the series about Patrik Hedstrom and his colleagues and as always well written and good narrativeA woman is found dead apparently the victim of a tragic car crash The car reeks of alcohol and the assumption is that it is a drink drive accident But then the autopsy reveals that there are bruises around the mouth signs that liuor has been forced upon the driver and that this is to be treated as a murder While this is being investigated a reality Big Brother type TV reality show is being filmed in Tanumshede and the police attention to the mysterious crash is distracted when one of the show s participants is found murderedWhile all this is going on Patrik has a new colleague to deal with Hannah a determined and ambitious detective who is working her way up the management pole and et seems to have an unhappy private life ok sa Once Cashing the Chip (Shelter, you getour head around the characters names there s always a few names thrown in his book s it becomes a well written story and keeps Tutoring Dallas you enthralled until the last page I ll admit I didn t see the ending coming but thereou go that s a sign of a good writer hig. Ent But when another inexplicable accident occurs it becomes clear there's a serial killer on the loose.

Summary Stranger (Patrick Hedstrom and Erica Falck)

S the novel unfolds A gentle narrative reflecting the lives of the good people in and around Fj llbacka The cosy details of Detective Patrick Hedstr m domestic life with his partnerErica they re on a diet as their wedding day draws closer Arrangements fall to Erica her Sister Anna as Patrick is deeply involved in two separate murders which drag him across Southern Sweden looking for connections and a link between a car crash in Tanumshede that initially appears to be an unfortunate accident and a remembered case study from a training event that had some similaritiesAs Patrick fails to maintain his worklife balance we are taken from domestic stress to all out emnity and murderous happenings on a reality TV show that has moved into Town This second murder stretches the small detective team to its limits and the reader is at a loss to make sense of the expanding plot linesLackberg is eually adept at reflecting on social aspects of Swedish life as she is in exposing the dark side of people s character and all of her books read well She is able to hold the whole together so that the reader isn t left checking back to understand an earlier chapterThe final drawing together of the various aspects of plot and motivations are done cleverly and without any tricks or smoking mirrors You have a conclusion an end to the mystery but maintain a desire to learn about the cast Happily CL continues to write and The Life And Adventures of John Nicol Mariner you can look forward to the next encounter where brieflyou will be transposed to this sleepy spot where the latest darkness malevolence disturbs but can t reach La deshumanización del arte you physically addou to the list of victims I like Ms Lackberg s writing style I hesitate to call it cozy as that has certain connotations in the crimemystery genre so perhaps informal and inviting is a better description It is pleasant to read about a detective who is happy and has a great home life as it is almost outwith the norm In this book two crimes are investigated the death of a local lesbian and the murder of a reality star I like the way the plot develops slowly as the police uncover not so many clues but information but it is a bit annoying that the reader doesn t get all the new information as it comes in and has to wait a bit for it to be revealed That is however a minor niggle as this is an enjoyable read and I m looking forward to in the series It s easy to see how Camilla L ckberg has become Sweden s bestselling native author and how her detective novels have proven so popular in translation Her Fj llbacka series is peopled with complex and interesting people who grow from book to book and each mystery is uniue A central cast of characters appears in each but it changes in natural ways Nothing stands still in these novelsCamilla L ckberg has a well developed understanding of the twists and turns in human development If anything however her view of human nature is dark The mood that prevails in the Fj llbacka series rar THE STRANGER is Book 4 of the Patrik Hedstrom. The season turns the peace is shattered a local woman is found dead apparently a victim of a car accid.

This mysterypolice procedural is complicated and is presented in a complicated fashion An unknown character permeates the story as Patrik H dstrom is the chief investigator in a case that started with vague clues that eventually came together to tell the story of a murderer s childhood an extremely psychologically damaging childhood The psychological theme of motherhood and its effects on both mothers and children for good and for bad is also a huge part of the storyAnd then there is an annoying aspect from this reader s perspective Obnoxious characters from a reality show that is being filmed in this town of Fj llbacka in Tanum Municipality Their contribution is mostly like a distraction and an uninteresting one at that There must have been another way to write their part but I digressAnd finally some characters are a true testament to narcissism obnoxiously or sadly so And some are not bad per se just narcissistic So there is a mix of joyful and tragic happy and gloomy Some characters work through their tragedy in a good way some do not Some Göttliches Vermächtnis König der Welten 1 you will worry about a little others will pass by uickly The pacing is a bit choppy The murder is definitely a mystery that manages to cling toour attention I did not like this book as much as the previous ones in the series by this author The story line seemed to try a bit too hard to be trendy with the reality TV scenario The characters that the author uses in the full series developed upon previous books but the new characters were a little simple and didn t have much depth One of the new character s relationship story line was disturbing to say the least but as it relates to the rest of the characters it was just kinda boring Unfortunately because of this book I have not rushed to order the next in the series like I had done after reading the prior ones Fjallbacka the small swedish fishing village on the west coast which has been put well on the literary map thanks to Camilla takes on a whole new meaning in this novel as modernity in the guise of reality TV comes to town and illustrates the remoteness and uiet et threatening nature of some of its inhabitantsThis device is used throughout the novel to illustrate the outside coming in to this closed network of people and landscape and further enhances the story lines which carry on from the previous three novels Domestic bliss in the form of Erica and Patrick and not so much domestic bliss with her sister Anna But it s the TV show that shocks and worries most and excites some Oh it s going to be so much fun seeing ou on TV and our little town of course I never would have imagined that wed be nationwide celebrities here in Tanumshede The culture shock that the investigation and the murders together with the home lives of the main characters really go well despite at totally opposite ends of the scale The TV show angle might make ou groan in disappointed anticipation but a smile and an expression of pleasant surprise will soon replace it Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his colleagues at Tanumshede police station have had a uiet winter But as.

Stranger (Patrick Hedstrom and Erica Falck) (Lire)

Born in 1974 Camilla Lauml;ckberg graduated from Gothenburg University of Economics before moving to Stockholm where she worked for a few years as an economist However a course in creative writing triggered a drastic change of career Her ten novels all became Swedish No 1 bestsellers She lives with her family in Stockholm

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