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Ies than design which is what I wanted Would recommend Great read well written Helped me a lot as I needed to ickly La muralla verde understand all the stages of selling a property including renovation It gave me all the information I needed with little fat. L major aspects of home improvement including conservatories loft and basement conversions double glazing central heating kitchens and bathrooms Withp to the minute advice

Interesting read with a few tips I hadn t seen in other similar books Will probably read it again Great starter guide Very comprehensive took the fear out of renovating a buy to sell explains permissions etc in good detail about technicalit. Showingreaders how to maximize the value of their investment this book reveals the kind of home improvements that make economic sense Authoritative and detailed text covers al.

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I now feel I have a good grounding in property and this is from the position of a complete novice For anyone that wants to read a specific area ie just interiors the book is separated carefully into chapters so you can find what you want easil. Nd clear comprehensive charts and tables it adds p to an indispensable handbook for any homeowner who is thinking of building onto extending altering or selling their propert.

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