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And individual counselling but didn t work or me This book is so good and describes exactly how I am eeling I will read it again and again to get the ull benefit It s a nice little book read it uickly and has some good pointers but not a lot than I had already heard in the TED talk session This was extremely helpful and gave me hope that I would recover rom the most painful breakup Ive ever experienced at age 44 I would recommend this to anyone who is in the midst of anything similar I am in the midst of having my heart being crushed right now and this book is exactly what I need to help me I m going to re read it again and a third time if I need to For those who have experienced heartbreak this book will provide a powerful guide out of the morass Winch makes a strong point that heartbreak as debilitating as it can be is not treated with the same compassion as other losses and so the heartbroken are left to lounder He also explains how a lot of what we do only compounds the misery 0 things like checking our exes social media or trying to igure out exactly what went wrong when or what would have saved the relationship One of his pieces of advice is t Good rationalising of how we eel after heartbreak It made me Live Bait feel less alone and I realised I m not uniue in how Ieel My only criticism is how he keeps lumping in the mourning of dead pets it No Strings Attached feels thrown in on the end and is not relevant I m sure that s worth writing about but it s different to heartbreak in a relationship sense and trivialised the actual breakup bits somewha. Are not deemed as important asor example a Fancy Strut formal divorce or the loss of a close relative As a result we are often deprived of the recognition support and compassion afforded to those whose heartbreak is considered significant Our heart might be broken but we do not have to break with it Winch reveals that recoveringrom heartbreak always starts with a decision a determination to move on when our mind is ighting to keep us stuck We can take control of our lives and our minds and put ourselves on the path to healing Winch offers a toolkit on how to handle and cope with a broken heart and how to eventually move on. Ú 2 Review

K after watching his Ted Talk that I really enjoyed It s short easy to read and has a lot of practical advice I ound myself taking away a lot of what was mentioned and implementing it in my own life I am definitely going to keep this on hand to share with my Unbreathed Memories friends and to revisit if I ever get my heart broken again lol Very helpful Makes you realise what you reeeling is normal and that you are not alone Thank you or writing this It s really helped me to move on rom a heartbreakif your mourning the loss of a pet It s also a good book or you Recently had to give up on someone I lovedso hard to stop thinking about it and move onMove onyaPeeps say that like its no big dealWell it is a big deal and or most of us takes seemingly oreverThis will give you the tool of Mindfulness its a method I recently learned in my on line Yoga classjust coincidentally what I really needed to help to stop the continual ruminating that is so easy to do when we keep thinking about the one who broke us That s the trickstop thinking about iteasy to sayhard to doMindfulness is a way or us to easily trick ourselves into thinking about something elseThat s the secret to getting well STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT PERSON An easy read considering the topic Author uses stories that many will identify with He provides some coping mechanisms to get through the really rough parts It helps to know someone understands how we react the way we do in a society that is not necessarily supportive of showing emotion Following my husbands death last year I have had group. Id attention to this uniue emotionif only we can understand how heartbreak works we can begin to I Love My Dad fix it Through compelling research and new scientific studies Winch reveals how and why heartbreak impacts our brain and our behavior in dramatic and unexpected ways regardless of our age Emotional pain lowers our ability to reason to think creatively to problem solve and tounction at our best In How to Fix a Broken Heart he All about Us focuses on two types of emotional painromantic heartbreak and the heartbreak that resultsrom the loss of a cherished pet These experiences are both accompanied by severe grief responses yet they.

I bought this book after hearing the TED Radio Hour on alling in and out of love One of the segments was with Guy Winch and many of the points he made resonated with meGuy ocused on two types of heartache the broken heart that comes Noni Speaks Up from the loss of a romantic love interest and the loss of pets Guy chose these two because our societal structure allows much less social and institutional support and compassion than say divorce or the loss of a loved one even though the emotional distress may be just as large He points out that effective coping and processing techniues are rightfully important in these cases because one s support network is smallerWhile I agree with all his points as I read it became obvious that there is general applicability to these techniues to ANYorm of loss or hurt And as I read I saw in myself many of the bad habit I ve learned that have made resolving past hurts of all types difficult or impossibleWhile there is no guarantee that I will be able to effectively use all the wisdom contained in this book I have no doubt that I will be much self aware and much less self deceptive as I deal with disappointment heartache and loss in life Not just the challenges of today but those Handbags and Gladrags from my past that are notully closest as well as those tomorrows events that have yet to make their markI ve already asked my wife to read it and I ll see if I can get my kids to read it too They re both young teens and are just starting to deal with the emotions of adolescence I with I d had these tools when I was younger I got this boo. Imagine if we treated broken hearts with the same respect and concern we have An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for broken arms Psychologist Guy Winch urges us to rethink the way we deal with emotional pain offering warm wise and witty adviceor the broken heartedReal heartbreak is unmistakable We think of nothing else We eel nothing else We care about nothing else Yet while we wouldnt expect someone to return to daily activities immediately after suffering a broken limb heartbroken people are expected to unction normally in their lives despite the emotional pain they eel Now psychologist Guy Winch imagines how different things would be if we pa.

Dr Guy Winch is a licensed psychologist author and in demand keynote speaker whose books have been translated into 24 languages His first TED Talk Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid has been viewed over 5 million times and is rated as the #5 most inspiring TED Talk of all time on tedcom He also writes the popular Sueaky Wheel Blog on Psychology Todaycom and he has dabbled in stnad up comedy His website is wwwguywinchcom on How to Fix a Broken Heart (TED Books)