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Going to lie I still throw them in overnight to soak in water with gse because it is easier for me Also who doesn t love Marlene McCohen and Parrot Station Even after living with parrots for over 24 ears I learned uite a bit from this book especially from the articles and tables The recipes are complex often containing many ingredients and the photos make them look scrumptious However starting on the cover itself the book is rife with misspellings grammar and punctuation errors and mystery ingredients Some ingredients are defined courgettezucchini chickpeasgarbanzo beans coriandercilantro and some are not kell p 84 swede p 82 green suash p 63 The book is also inconsistent in providing CelsiusFahrenheit euivalents such as when it describes the smoke point of coconut oil and at what temperature it liuefies no Fahrenheit numbers are given in this Safety Tip on p 92 There is no index which would be helpful Overall it just seems like this book was slapped together with very little care for detail or professionalism It s a shame because the ideas behind it are very good. Mazing nutritional value of soaking and sprouting a sprouting schedule avian teas the pros and cons of pellets safe cookware pure water safe and toxic food lists a nutritional list and muc.

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Ive the birds I had a lot of fun looking through the recipe section and getting new ideas The birds got some new foods this week for the first time in way too long and they were super happy with this book too It s so fun that this book is coming out in spring just as all the fresh foods are coming in Do get it I am so happy that this book was made This is the most condensed book information and recipes that I have ever seenThe authors and special guest that composed this book are the top of their professional workThey have made it fun to interact with Hatch your parrots by creating recipes that are fun to make and watch the parrots enjoy and eat Thankou This book has a wealth of information for any bird owner It is a cookbook but it is of an encyclopedia for bird nutrition I wish they had a book like this for every pet species It breaks down what nutrients are in each safe food for parrots so Sodoms Sons you can createour own completely balanced chop or mash It dives into germinating seeds and nuts and WHY to do it and HOW Which a specific fool proof chart for perfectionists not. Eading authorities in the avian field as well as a delightful collection of over 60 recipes A French Star in New York The French Girl you can prepare forour beloved fidsWith information on the importance of raw whole foods the

I became the new parront of a baby Sun Conure at the end of October they aren t recipes from the book but I did pick choose from many of the recipes to make both things I leave the book in the kitchen find other people Non parrot owners sifting through it they re truly astonished by what birds should really be eating I m glad it could educate others as well This book is a really nice collection of expert advice on every type of feeding for our parrot Do ou need help getting Freezing Point your bird to eat fresh food Doou want to know the back story on pellets and which types are most nutritious Do Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by you want to enhanceour birds diet with mash and herbs and flowers Do Pure Excitement you want enrichment ideas Doou want to know what human foods are safe for Auksaviriai I d your parrots I was really surprised and delighted by all the options this book offered I love the safety tips I love the soaking and sprouting instructions and I love the recipes I won t use all of them as they are but they are simple and flexible enoughou can make them with what ou have It s so easy to get in a rut with the foods we Avian experts continue to see poor nutrition as the cause for many serious health issues in parrotsA Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide offers informative articles from

Lire A Parrot's Fine Cuisine CookLivre: and Nutritional Guide Auteur Karmen Budai

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