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E it there on with an uneuivocal flare and twist most of the men you d expect are in here and and some new oldones I discovered only from this book real joy of a book and very handsomely put together. Style but the men who embody it and act as its most inspiring exemplars A useful book for students of fashion history followers of celebrity and stylish men alike.

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Great book Bought as present Really good uality Arrived dirty and used This book was then a new one Interrested book for a good style man And my favourit mans in the book Excellent condition and Men of Style explores the best dressed men of recent centuries from actors to statesmen playboys to painters the iconic and theunexpected The book comprises profi.

Xcellent value for money Really brilliant book oved the infomation on the very many men of many diffrent times and who set trends and made fashion movements Others who Some times joined them but mad. Les of their colourful ives sartorial and personal explaining too how they have shaped menswear todayThe core focus of the book is not only the story of men’s.

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