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The atlas it as bit larger than A4 and comes as hard cover and spiral bound The title is pretty accurate it is a jumbo edition But it makes it easy to ead the charts which are full of information showing star magnitudes types of nebulae sizes of galaxies etc in some detail and easy to understand Apart from the introduction and a description of how to use the atlas it is divided into eight main parts each 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne representing a three hour section of the sky 10 charts per section At the back of the atlas you will find some close up charts as well as a fairly sizeable indexThere are two niggles One is that the pages are made from decent paper but could have been solid especially. Perfect for experienced stargazers and beginners alike 'Sky and Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas' will have you exploring the heavens in no time Sky and Telescope's celestial atlases are the standard by which all other star atlases have been judged for a half century Now we'veaised the bar again with our 'Pocket Sky.

Considering the spiral binding I fear that some pages may make a bid for freedom after some Scottish windy nights Second the galaxies are printed in ed and will therefore be difficult to identify out in the field using ed light This atlas is A5 sized and so fits into the pocket uite easily It is spiral bound and so will stay open at the pages selected when you place in on a flat surface This is a great bonus as you can cross The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 refer from the book to the night sky telescope binoculars uickly and without having to find the page again I covered the outside covers in clear sticky backed film to give extra protection against any dewStars down to maginitude 76 are displayed Atlas Jumbo Edition' There has never been such a wonderfully detailed atlas so handy to take on trips and use at the telescope thanks to its user friendly size convenient spiral bound design and easy toead labels The charts show both constellation boundaries and stick figures to help you find your way AUTHOR Roge.

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N 80 main charts The pages are in colour with significant objects easy to find Arrows indicate the page number of the next page to check on the sky to the northeastsouthwest which makes navigating across the sky simple I am very pleased with this atlas and I am certain it will help improve my knowledge of the constellations It is not as detailed as some of the complex atlases but it is than adeuate for most casual users Sky Telescope s Pocket Sky Atlas I am only giving this 2 starsIf I had the hardback it would be 5 starsWhy o why do the kindle editions come out so poorlyThe star charts are hard to ead and you cannot expand at least not on my Samsung tablet to ead the. R Sinnott is a senior contributing editor of Sky & Telescope magazine He coauthored the two volume Sky Catalogue 20000 In 1997 he collaborated with Michael Perryman of the European Space Agency on the Millennium Star Atlas the most detailed all sky atlas of its time Minor planet 3706 Sinnott is named in Roger's hon.

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