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RightThis book is so different from most things I ve read lately It s in a way very low key Best way to describe it maybe It s life In it s most honest form It s ugly and pretty at the same time Sad and happy And at times it s so damn hard to navigateBoth Jennifer and Olivia are trying to do that To just get by find their place and maybe some happinessJennifer has a demanding job a fiance and then she witnesses an accident that throws her for a loop and knocks her off balance Trying to figure out how to get passed it how to fulfill a promise and still live up to the demands of her life she s really struggling She completely loses her footing and getting it back seems impossible as verytime she feels like she s making progress something happens that has her floundering againI liked Jennifer and then I didn t like her before I started liking her again It was hard at times as she was someone who wasn t in touch with her feelings who seemed a bit robotic She was flawed no doubt about that And I suppose in a way it s those characters that make us reflect on our own faults which is uncomfortable at best So Jennifer and Iwe didn t necessarily click And some of her actions pissed me off but in the nd I could sympathize with her pain and her need for balance but wanted to shake her or slap her a few times as wellI wanted to shake Olivia as well but mainly to get her to stand up for herself Living with her parents and working at her church with a bit too much weight on her hips and not nough self steem to carry it around she was mostly xisting but not living Her parents are douchebags and that s the diplomatic version of my thoughts They treat her like crap make her feel bad about herself In case it s not clear I hated them Olivia on the other hand she was really likable A sweet girl with a big heart Her problem was that she didn t see her beauty and she had it inside and out No matter the number on her scale she was attractive She just didn t see it Couldn t see it with all the stuff her parents said It took Rindell But when she closes her yes she can still see the bloody face of the woman who asked for her helpOlivia is in a rut Burdened with caring for her brain damaged brother and already feeling like a spinster at 27 shes desperate to scape In a moment of.

Man oh man I m so torn about this bookIf you ask me at any given moment what my fave books are they re always changing But one that always remains the same is All the Ugly and Wonderful things by Bryn It moved me changed me opened me up and gave me ugly criesThis book though I don t know what to do with it I didn t IlikeI any of the characters The Lady in Pink except for one Rindell I loved his accent and his way of speech andverything about him Even through his lies he was the most honest one of all of themIt s not a religious book More of a church goer background I wasn t a fan of that Eyes either and would have preferred the backdrop to be somewherelse but it worked okay You can look past it for the plot of the storyYou have to understand the character development is very heavy very strong and normally I don t like over wordy books but once I finished I understood why Bryn felt the need to draw these characters out the way she did84% That was the turning point for me That was when I said oh things are happening So you see long ways to go but totally worth the journey to get thereTwo totally opposite women Lifestyles Relationships Brought together by something unexplainable in life Why do bad things always happen to good peopleIt almost doesn t seem like these two women s stories should ven go together And ultimately that s where my trouble with it stands While I did like this story I was xpecting something Sinner's Heart else I m glad you lied Otherwise you wouldn t be here I never would have met you You get involved with the characters which can move youmotionally Well written good read This came severely damaged Water staineddirty and ripped I am trying to return it but I do not have a printer I am xtremely disappointed and frustrated After reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I knew I want to read of Bryn Greenwood s work So I one clicked and read Lie Lay LainI went into the story not really knowing what to xpect but I was fairly sure it would be a book that would have me captivated and would make me think and feel a lot I was. Jennifer has a great job and a go getter fianc Shes on track for success until she witnesses a fatal hit and run Mistaking Jennifer for someone Spirit of the Wolf else the dying victimxtracts an impossible promise Jennifers fianc wants her to forget the whole incident.

O change that and he really did She started to come out of her shell and shed her family s limiting beliefs I loved seeing that happen I A Vineyard Christmas enjoyed witnessing her grow It was really amazingBryn Greenwood doesn t sugarcoat things in her books She writes things how they are I love that about her books There is ugliness in life and she isn t afraid to write about it People have faults and make mistakes and that too is something she tackles4 notverything is shiny and pretty stars I m so on the fence with this bookdid it blow me away No But it has left me with uestions lots of unanswered uestions and that s a good thing rightI didn t love it or hate itWould I recommend it yesit may not be for me but it might be to your likingJenny grew on me Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose eventually At first she was a clich hung up on material possessions and keeping up appearances But as her life started to spiral out of control I began to feel sorry for her I could see foresee what was happening around her and I wanted to give the poor girl the heads upOlivia seemed so unsure of herself and it was brutal in places just how low her selfsteem was I wanted to swoop in and take her away from thereI feel like maybe the author wanted to leave the story the way she did but I don t know it fell flat for me anti climactic ven And that s in no way disrespectful to the author not at all I read her inspiration behind writing this book and it s tragic It made sense why it was left so openand without what I felt was closure I really njoyed this book The characters are so real When I finished it was hard to believe they didn t go on living their lives I love Bryn Greenwood s books and have read all three to date published I couldn t wait to find five minutes to dive back into this world I liked all the main characters and njoyed how the themes and plot lines of both POV characters tied in and complemented ach other Don t Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) expect another All the Wonderfull and you llnjoy this Lie Lay Lain is it s own uniue blend of thought provoking and gut wrenching story Highly recommend. Weakness she tells a lie that draws an unsuspecting paramedic into her life As she struggles to xpiate the lie a horrible act of violence will test her resolve to be honestWhere Jennifers promise and Olivias lie intersect their lives begin to unravel.

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