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PDF Accomplishments of the Dukes Daughter Vol. 1 ✓ Par Reia

Ladies and gentlemen this is the kind of world building reincarnation story that you wanted Ladies will enjoy some of the drama sprinkled here and there and us guys will love the technical aspects woven into the story too albeit still a bit too light on those elements as some developments seem too convenient but I digressI enjoy this manga a lot and I have a feeling you will too Definitely worth getting the kindle version at least to support the author so they can keep developing this awesome world I have a feeling this series will be a fantastic and easy re read for me as well much so than it would be had it been in a strictly light novel format A female accounted gets reborn as a duke s daughter the antagonist in one of her favorite visual novels She manages to avoid her original ending and become the acting fief lord instead Using modern economical knowledge she starts working towards the betterment of the eople in the fiefdomIt is an entertaining story about The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 people and managing a domain a slice of life There is no action and no romance which I like I like the drawing style I would have liked a bitlot big reforms rarely go smoothly and there us a hint of succession trouble Maybe we will see of this in future KnjiĹževna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje partsAll in all a good firstart of series Looking forward to reading I highly recommend this manga series I read a fan translated version of the light novel before this The story is really nice imo It starts out at the game over scenario of a game the Mc layed before she died so she can t change much about that real. After a young woman gets hit by a car she wakes up in her favorite dating sim as Iris the villain of the gam.

LyIn the end it s all about her daily life how she uses the knowledge of tmher revious life to live as a noble etc Not Action Davids Sling packed slice of lifeThe art isretty and the layout imo easy to understandI m hoping to see the author ublish the light novel version as well The MC wakes up in alternative world as otome game villain and after getting the bad ending returns to govern her family s fief There after she summons her childhood friends who she uses as support to reform the fiefOn aper this all sounds good but in reality it s a mess Since there are lots of important side characters there is barely time to give each one backstory and the author has got a fixation that for every task there needs to be a new childhood friend introduced who happened to be orphan saved by the MC This sometimes results in comical situations like a company being run by buttler in trainingThe art is really Learner Strategies in Language Learning pretty and is the 1 reason why I would everick next volume of the manga I got this on a whim and wasn t expecting much however I was Dangerously Placed pleasantly surprisedThe story holds together fairly well and isn t written from theerspective of an idiot Just Destiny protagonist like many of the genre Nor does it make the enemies stupid either to allow the MC to shine first off i think therice is to high i dont feel the story itself or its length deserves 10 the storyline is ok and the characters are a bit generic nothing surprising happens but i dont regret i read it the art is nice and clear if book 2 comes out with the same length n Paradise Run price im not sure ill buy it The. E Iris decides that rather than chase after therince she'll go down a different route revolutionize societ.

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Story itself is great but I went in expecting a light novel since it never mentioned it being a mangaI usually The rotagonist starts as a young Japanese woman who is hit by a car and comes back to life in the world of the dating sim she s been laying only instead of coming back as the somewhat insipid heroine of the sim she is the defeated rival Iris In the game the heroine lives happily ever after and the antagonist departs in defeat In Accomplishments of the Duke s Daughter Iris now with access to the knowledge and maturity of the young woman Iris walks away from the setting in which she has been enmeshed and sets out to make a life for herself She impresses her father the Duke enough that he gives her free re I actually recently began reading this series and then found out it s now being released stateside which made me ecstatic I adore Iris It seems being a modern Japanese woman combined with a noble girl in an rooms game really works for her She really begins Help Me, Jacques Cousteau proving herself after having her heart broken by that stupid secondrince She has such a devoted team she works with too I also love her Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen parents Can t wait for the next book Iris isortrayed as a Villianess in an The Book of Mordred prone game In truth she s a niceerson who has doing good things all alongThe good guys are all stupid andor venal When Iris gains the memories of a hard working Japanese woman she immediately walks away from the drama and foolishness of the Nobles The lot is interesting and involved the characters are fascinating and the artwork is superb Early arrival. Y and save her father's failing fiefdom Now it's not only Iris's happy ending at stake but the whole country.

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