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Or someone who has never invested in the stock market before I inished this book within a weekend and Sono with Visits from the Seventh feel like I have learned so much about choosing the right investment and noteeling like I need to pour my life savings into something riskyPhil Town goes into detail on exactly how to select the right company to invest in how to analyze the Remarkable Creatures figures and statistics and when to buy and sell to takeull advantage of a For starters Phil sorta comes across as a 1990 s Tony Robbins infomercial It s a good primer to the market or the absulute beginner He explains undamental and technical analysis well but some of his methods are downright dangerous Could you imagine a late to late middle age couple betting their nest egg on one stock His advice to don t diversifiy goes against common knowledge and wisdom If you are looking Heroes Adrift (Hero, for a step by step guide to start investing in the stocks and gaininancial Chuck and Danielle freedom throughinancial literacy this is definitely a good place to start As I am yet to have attempted the methods I cannot speak to its success However it has definitely put me in a much better place in which I can try investing without simply gambling but actually having an idea of how to be a rule 1 investor In the context of the book it means to not lose money Now off to see if what I learned works Yeah the book is in average Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old fairly good make investing look so easy which is a lie as inollow my Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs formula and you neverail you will also get the sobbing back story on how he was passed the secret to investing Gray Bishop from saving some wallstreet investors lifeThe book barely has any meaty good info is always left hanging in the ai. Got your nest egg tucked away inundsespecially the type ound in most 401ksyour egg wont get much bigger than it is now Translation Get ready or a retirement illed with lots of cold cuts plenty of uality TV watching time and a place to live thats too small to accommodate your visiting kidsI came to investing as a person who wasnt great at math possessed zero extra cash and wanted a lifenot an extra three hours of work to do every day Fortunately I was introduced to The Rule Rule #1 as amed investor Warren Buffett will tell you is dont lose money Through an intriguing process that Ill clarify in this book not losing money results in making money than you ever imagined What it comes down to is buying shares of companies only when the numbersand the intangiblesare on your side If that sounds too good to be true its because the mind set Ill be introducing you to leads not to bets but to certainties Beli.

EBOOK NEW Rule #1: The Simple Strategy or Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!

I don t like the ollowing1 Most if not all calculation examples with actual stocks cannot be verified because there is no way to verify the prices used in the calculations with the stock historical data2 The author wastes a lot of book space to explain the use of Rule 72 which might have been useful in the 1800 s but today he should have explained in a paragraph or two how to get to a accurate result using a simple Excel Noir function which takes about 5 seconds to enter the data and clickor the immediate result3 There are many calculations typing errors throughout the book I really like this guy He knows what he s talking about and this book although a little dated now has all the information needed to start researching and investing My only issue is I can t use yahoo and msn like he explains but that s because of when this was written and there are other Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are free websites you canind to get the info as well A great read I have been Gaffer following Philor a year now and love is stuff I started with his youtube channel and then the pod casts then ordered this book Its is Circumstantial Evidence fully of great examples and in the later chapters tells you how to value a company step by step A must haveor any valuerule one investors The only thing I still need to learn how to be patience and not use my emotions investing I am looking Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers forward to getting the next book I saw Phil Town live at a Tony Robbins event earlier this year and was impressed by his presentation skills his concept on investing and the simplicity in which he explains the processHis book Rule 1 demonstrates the same simplicity and straightforwardness and is truly an easy read even In this book self made millionaire Phil Towns will show you how he turned 1000 into 1 million in onlyive years and then proceeded to make many millionsBefore I became Phil Town teacher of investing principles to than 500000 people a year I was a lot like you someone who viewed individual stock investing as way too hard to do successfully As a guy who barely made a living as a river guide I considered the whole process pretty impenetrable and I was convinced that to do it right you had to make it a ull time job Me I was interested in having ull time A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping fun So I was tempted to do what youre probably doing right now letting some mutualund manager worry about growing your nest egg Let me tell you why that decision could one day make you absolutely miserable The Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) fact is because of natural market cycles the mutualund industry is likely to soon be Summer Meditations facing twenty years oflat returns That means that if youve.

R God Said, Ha!: A Memoir for you toigure it out which will lead you to his website to buy his tools and go to his 400 course and spend 3 days getting overwhelmed with info and later get a phone call being offered coaching or 10000Do yourself a avor this is another guy that is getting rich by telling you how to get rich trading stocks Learn about Index Investing get some ETFs invest on those and save yourself the time and money of going through this book Great book that was my introduction to investing A On the Right Side of a Dream friend initially loaned me the book and I liked it so much I bought it and have since loaned it to others who expressed even the slightest interest in investing Everything Phil mentions in this book is accurate but the trick isinding a company that actually its the criteria The methodologies limit you to established companies with 10 years of inancials so it isn t applicable to new companies or industries Also the book is a little outdated now in terms of where you can go to Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II find theinancials and is targeted towards the American investor but as a Canadian there is still a lot of value in here Phil explain in a comprehensive way the strategy that made Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger rich It s a perfect book Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq for novices investors I recommend everybody to attend Phil s 3 days workshop It worth the price Phil presents a get rich patiently plan I used toind stocks and business confusing Phil explains the basics helped me build a Michelin Green Guide Normandy foundation I was introduced to basic tools chapter 12 that I use to create returns of 3% monthly Figure that as an annual return and you have the math reuired Attend theree seminar Yes the seminars are ree. Eve me if there were anything genius level about this Id still be a river guide collecting unemployment much of the year Part of the secret is thinking of yourself as a business owner rather than a stock investor Part is taking advantage of todays new Internet tools which drastically reduce the homework actor Were talking a ew minutes tops Part is knowing the only ive numbers that really count in valuing a potential investment And partmaybe the most important partis using the risk ree Rule #1 approach to consistently pay a mere 50 cents to buy a dollars worth of a business What I wont waste your time with is luff a lot of vague parables reminding you of what you already know and leaving you exactly where you started This is the real deal What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World folks a start toinish one baby step at a time approach that will allow you to retire ten years sooner than you planned with creature comforts than you ever imagine.

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Phil Town was working as a Colorado River rafting guide when one day his life changed forever After saving a group from a whitewater disaster Phil was rewarded by his client with a crash course on investing based on Warren Buffett’s investing principles Today Phil believes that educating others about those same financial principles has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of others A sought after speaker and author Phil has written two books about personal investing Rule #1 a #1 New York Times bestseller and his newly released Payback Time

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