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Ve this book and at the end we both know God loves us than anything we have said up to that point the book came and looked like it had been read nce Roma Noir or twice buttherwise was spotless and i was than happy with postage times packaging etc thank you very much Excellent price and uick delivery I bought this book along with at least 7 A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) other books I had never heardf the book before but based Love is the Enemy on the reviews I thought I d give it a shot I must say that I was definitely not disappointed Outf all the books that I bought this by far is Exhalation onef my favorites The words are so sweet and truly reflect how I feel about my little babyThe Galileo one thing I would caution is that this board book did NOT come with a CDf the song that many Oglinda salvata of the reviews reference If I m mistaken and I just didn t get it please let me know because I would love to have it However even without the CDf the song this book was well worth what I paid and will continue to be a book that I read to my son and future children fingers crossed for a long time This book communicates the love and peace they need The best story f God s heart for us I wish there could be a reprint with the CD song included The song is awesome My babies and. For young children and the adults who cherish them I Love You This Much combines endearing illustrations with playful text to reassure young audiences f a caregivers boundless love for their childand Gods endless love for us From the first light Nemico of the morning to the comfortf bedtime and all the adventures and playtime that come between follow this bear and their beloved cub as they show each ther.

Now grandbabies love it Beautiful book great story Ideal for my 2 year ld granddaughter to start her n stories and showing love I don t know where to start with how much I love this book A lady my mother worked with bought me this book for my son 14 years ago Still to this day he loves it when I use the same voices and I did while reading to him Wonderful story f a mother and her cub so true and so vividI buy this for each and every person expecting a baby One f ur all time favorite books First night ur son was home it brought us to tears So sentimental we gift it freuently for new mamas My 22 month ld son LOVES this book and insists DOGA AST on taking it to bed with him This isur second Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) one because when he was younger the binding broke apartn the first Bleach, Volume 05 one probably due tover use and insistence Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of keeping it with him everywhere I loved reading this book to my kids when it first cameut It became a family favourite but the Pentimento original book had normal pages and it fell to pieces withveruse Now that I m looking forward to being a granny the kids reminded me La maga delle spezie of this book I was thrilled when it arrived and is now madef sturdier board pages A must for bedtime reading to the little nes. Love throughout the dayI Love You This Muchis a wonderful read aloud story with rhymes and rhythms that build to a refrain about your love for them that your child will always rememberis perfect for toddlers and young childrenis ideal for bonding time and bedtime in a board book format that makes it perfect for travel and everyday useis a sweet story with an inspiring message based around Ephesians 3171.

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I enjoy reading books to children that have cute illustrations and have a Christ themed central point to the story In this case the symbolism in I Love You This Much points directly to God the Father s love for us all It shows through the story how secure we are in God s saving grace and how willing He is to forgive us and take us back in His arms This is demonstrated in the dialog between two bears ne being the parent and the ther the child This illustrated book would be a great way to get children to ask uestions about God but I love that the story also provides readers with Biblical answers Did I mention that the pictures were super cute I just wish I d had this book when my kids were small I love this book and read it at naptime to my 19 month Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear old son It has a beautiful message about a mother bear who relates her love to her cub as high deep long and w beautiful story easy to adapt slightly to make it yourwn with the child you are reading it with but still keeping the importance f f How much God Loves you in the message it has become the favourite story for my grandson to have read Gaudi on a night with us while we make up all sortsf rediculous amounts The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 of ways to love eachther we lo. In this bestselling de to a parents love for their childnow in a sturdy board book formatfollow a bear and their cub through a day spent together The rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations make this a read aloud book perfect for sharing with your child just how much you love themHow I love your morning hug; you nestle in my touchYou wait to hear me whisper low I LOVE YOU THIS MUCHA perfect cuddle book.

I Love You This Much (Songs f Gods Love) (Free)

Lynn Hodges is a professor of music voice music theory and piano and one of America’s most gifted producers arrangers and writers of children’s music  She is the coauthor of the best selling I Love You This Much and winner of numerous awards and multiple Dove Award nominations  She and her husband Jimmy live in Nashville Tennessee with their three children

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