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T he says is now coming true Most books can be found pretty cheap especially second hand but not this one That speaks volumes for the content The brainwashed AGW crowd will not like it though most Truthers will His website iceagenowinfo is well worth a regular visit but is not for those who cannot handle the truth I am delighted with the book Robert not only sign it but holy moly can he write He had me at the start within the prefaces His writing is excellent how he also add a little bit of sarcasm and aspersion with his exuberance for the theory of icecold and our planet extinction of all species many times I spent the day reading it and finishing the book that I receive this morning I could not put the book down Must read for anybody who knows whats coming for all species on this Blue Marble I do not agree with all outlooks of it but damn good read with plenty of knowledge from many different heavyweights in their fields of studies Anyone who has any interest in the Climate Change battles should read this bookit was a fascinating read Not finished but very interesingits a little technical which makes me sleepy but the book was in great shape for a used book An interesting and insightful book with evidence from many researchers pieced together to explain ice ages and how they are related to magnetic reversals and planetary alignments and are predictable It is almost scary to read but hard to put down It is easy going and understandable with clear explanations Exceptionally well written book as the author provides wave after wave of substantiating informationObviously weather change is a fact of life on Mother Earth Change has. Of 65 million years ago Not by Fire but by Ice explores the relationship between mass extinction.

E–pub Download (Not by Fire but by Ice: Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs...and Why It Could Soon Kill Us)

Been will be and will continue again and again Forces driven by the sun now enters the forces of magnetic declination every person who served in the US Armed forces who ever Held and used map and compass remembers the essential data reflected on every Military World Map is The term is Magnetic Declination That nonstop mobile amount of change of the Earths Magnetic North indicated as So many Degrees Annually then dating the Map s Declination Data to the annual change and It is hugeThat Loved this book Not sure he s got it but it has led me to do a lot reading in the field He presents VERY interesting possibilities and really makes me want to go deeper and find out Alas his second book is pretty useless In that book but NOT in this one Felix offers really interesting and provocative tidbits but instead of building them out as he does in THIS book he announces essentially and there it isSo really really go read this book Lots of great info If you want to understand the earth system but have trouble wading through all the reports and connecting all the dots then read this book This author has managed to pull information together so that folks can understand the big picture Also it is entertaining unlike so much dry scientific writingThe author probably has made some errors but overall he may have the right of it I m not sure about a few details of his theory but those details are relatively minor So far every time I check to see if he has the facts correct he does or close enough The book is packed with references to studies by respected scientists With all that surely I ll find at least one mistake somewhere in there excellent book. S ice ages and geomagnetic reversals times when compasses would have pointed south instead of nor.

This was a well researched book that paints a terrifying but survivable scenario of Earths frigid future I would love nothing than to refute the claims and connections made in this book for my own personal comfort but the hundreds of references and the reputable scientists who s work he uotes and combines into this book make a convincing presentation The constant citation of scientific work sometimes took away from the entertaining and enjoyable way Robert Felix wrote this book but then without those hundreds of citations this book would have been a fanciful work of science fiction Instead it is a serious combined look at many scientific studies across multiple fields which when brought together provide proof of his thesis that an ice age is coming Awesome book The author is not a scholar but a curious objective big picture thinker Because is is not funded by one particular academic circle he is able to step outside the box and see similarities between scientific disciplines that cannot be connected when examined exclusively from a single discipline viewpoint He is able to remove the political and special interest inflammatory rhetoric clouding the global issue of climate change and to demonstrate clearly how to identify the coming change For each topic he systematically presents each mainstream theory and then dissects it into its false and true components Be patient because he doesn t tie all his conclusions together until the last few chapters Think of this book as a low key version of the book The Coming Global Superstorm His facts are well grounded and his conclusions are very credible A very interesting book and much of wha. Forget global warming The next ice age could begin any day Beginning with the dinosaur extinction.

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