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Programming in Haskell (DOWNLOAD)

Haskell developer Can t recommend this book highly enough Most fun you can have in front of a computer doing something that involves the brain I don t normally comment nless something is just beyond terrible and I want to go out of my way and let it be known that it sucks but I must say I am really satisfied with the book It s not cut and dry that you will feel bored reading and it not filled with convoluted explanations and poor examples that don t work Nor does it assume previous knowledge like most introductory books to a language do which makes no sense but hey authors can do what they wantThis book is really fair builds 1898 up chapter by chapter and doesn t have you jumping around the book tonderstand it Whatever is relevant to a topic will be displayed with that topic I ordered this book in the hope that the code listings in the book would run as is in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler Two other books on Haskell had code snippets that elicited all sorts of out of scope errors which were impossible to interpret and correct leading me to conclude that the code had not been tested aga Amazing book As a newcomer to Functional Programming this book really helps to break down the subject into small Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, understandable chunks The exerc I ve been looking at textbooks for the 2nd yearniversity module I will be teaching in the coming year an introduction to functional programming and this is the best Haskell based textbook that I ve found Not as detailed as some it covers the key points concisely with relevant but not overly long examples It might be a bit tricky to follow for someone new to programming as well as being new to the functional programming paradigm but for my students with a solid year at least of Computer Science studies it is pitched perfectly This is a great book to learn Hask. Lained from first principles and no programming experience is reuired making this book accessible to a broad spectrum of readers While Part I focuses on basic concepts Part II introduces the reader to advanced topics This new edition has been extensively pdated and expanded to include recent and advanced featu.

Loved it Distilled complex concepts to simple components I love the fact that it outlines the reasons behind category theory interfaces and backs it p by examples It is a near perfect mixture of clarity and terseness Graham s explanations contain all the information you need to know to Vérité (Love at Center Court, understand the various concepts even if sometimes that s not immediately obvious In my opinion there is no easy way around some of the abstract concepts in Haskell you just have to keep attacking them till they click I found myself going back and rereading chapters many times and each time I gained a deepernderstandingIt is also vital that you actually write code in Haskell You simply can t learn it passively by reading a book no matter how great that book is For example I wrote a fair amount of code that mapped a function over a structure where I needed to carry some state around to do the mapping It can be done by hand Beyond the Qumran Community using fold and manually threading the state but it really is tedious As it s easy enough to do I kept doing it and it kept being tedious to the point where it annoyed me enough to really try to alleviate it I went back to the book and this time both Traversables and the State monad finally clicked I have the previous edition which I gave 45 stars for This version is well worth the 5 out 5 rating for meThe content is expanded and very clear on core concepts Even if you are a FPsing Scala say get this bookThe concise definitions and examples for concepts such as Functor Applicatives Monads and where to se is bar none the best intuitive explanation I ve come across I ve seen so many overblown descriptions of effectual stacks MTL etc etc this does the basics so you will have the right intuition to carry on and learn So for people new to FP this is the book to have even if you aren t Haskell is a purely functional language that allows programmers to rapidly develop clear concise and correct software The language has grown in popularity in recent years both in teaching and in industry This book is based on the author's experience of teaching Haskell for than twenty years All concepts are exp.

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Ell There are many function and code examples that make it easy to visualize what you re reading Highly recommend Spent a few weeks with the book after work and a docker container with the Haskell image Lots of fun and clear examples along with great explanations of how Haskell works and how you the programmer should interact with the language I also come from a math background so the book and language really speak to me How can you not love functors This is the first Haskell book I have read and my very first encounter with the language itself was from reading this book The author has done an amazing work by his succinct writing that captures the foundations of Haskell through to advanced components of the language like Functors Applicatives and Monads and The exercises are well posed problems and help extend and test your nderstanding of the materials covered I m now reading Programming Haskell from first principles because I want another text that will show me examples of building large projects The skills I picked Losing Control up from PiH are no doubt showing to beseful as I read PHffpI am delighted that I am learning Haskell thanks to beauty of the language and to Graham s superior authorship of this text A very good intro but confusing because Haskell itself is confusing to run It took a while for me to get VS Code working with the GHC compiler And sorting out getting extensions like hlint and hie to work And then seeing that I had a 20gig of stack files There is a difference between GHC the compiler and GHCi the interactive interface To compile you need a main function None of this is discussed in the book so I had to do much Googling to get anything to work even the very first examples Some help in the book about the actual environment and tools like stack cabal etc would have been good. Res of Haskell new examples and exercises selected solutions and freely downloadable lecture slides and example code The presentation is clean and simple while also being fully compliant with the latest version of the language including recent changes concerning applicative monadic foldable and traversable type. on Programming in Haskell