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Earth just might be hollow And that people have made wonderful maps to support this possibility The book of hollow earth s was amazing and I highlighted the book to be honest It was interesting what the acieant thought what the world was like The theories were great and how gods and the under world aplyed to them and broken up was interesting Talks of the flood in other cultures and the lost city of Atlantis and the hollow earth theory Was exalt a must read and would read it again and recommend it to a friend This book should have been thought in school and we were cheated by not reading it I loved itand is a must buy trust me its worth Mongol Worlds; Maps Of The Earth; The Earth Of Columbus; Dante's Universe; Earth The Heart Of The Cosmos; St Hildegard's Universe; The Earths In The Universe; Wheels Upon Wheels; The World Octaves; Earth A Hollow Sphere; The Tetrahedral Earth; BibliographyAbout the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings such as Philosophy Classics Science Religion Esoteric and Mythology wwwforgottenbooksorgForgotten Books is about sharing information not about making money All books are priced at wholesale prices We are also the only publisher we know of to print in large sans serif font which is proven to make the text easier to read and put less strain on your eye.

Read & ownload The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books)

The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) Pdf µ Unknown Author

Amazing and thank you I bought this book because I have an interest in Atlantis and Ancient maps among other subjects This book covers loads of The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused different theories and ideas and goes intoepth and Social Media in Academia detail than I was expecting including theories on the creation of the World I enjoyed the sections on the Universe as seen by the Aztecs the Peruvians and the Egyptians Many pictures andiagrams are used throughout the book and I admit some of them are not easy to understand unless you know what you re looking at Overall it is a very interesting and informative book which arrived earlier than the estimated Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream deliveryate and in excellent conditi. Book Description This is a compendium of theories of the shape of the Earth along with a great Orality in Igbo (African) Literature deal of 'Earth Mystery' lore Richly illustrated the Book of Earths includes many unusual theories including Columbus' idea that the Earth is literally pear shaped modern theories that the Earth was originally tetrahedral and so on Kenton also covers many traditional theories including the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians Hindu and Buddhist cosmology and those of the Peruvians Aztecs and Mongols She alsoiscusses modern alternative theories such as that of Reed and Koresh Strangely enough she misses or ignores the modern flat earth theory of Rowbotham This is the only apparent omi.

On If you re into Earth Mystery lore then this is the book for you kids love it i thought it had been lost after ordering it in may but it arrived mysteriously this morning I was looking forward to reading into the hollow earth theory but I can genuinely say this book was a Modern English in Action (Level 12) disappointment Old book but is good reading for anyone interested in eccentric theories about the Earth Love it Good book for ancient history and theory buffs Awesome right on time great mythology for those who uestion reality It was an interesting read but not uite what I was looking for the chapter on The Lost Atlantis was very short I like the theory that the. Ssion in thisefinitive studyKenton has no apparent axe to grind this is simply a very readable survey of the literature If you have any interest in 'Earth mysteries' uote from sacred textscomTable of Contents Publisher's Preface; Acknowledgments; Man's uest In Space; Figures Of Earth; Creation Of The World; Upholders Of The World; The PrimÆval Earth; The Babylonian Universe; The Egyptian Universe; Earth moon Catastrophe; The Deluge; The Lost Atlantis; Lost Land Of The West; Trees Of The World; Mountains Of The World; The Wheel Of Life; Earth The Mundane Egg; Systems Of The Universe; The Suare Earth Of Cosmas Indicopleutes; The Peruvian Universe; The Aztec Universe; Tartar.

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