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ITS B nde in englischer SpracheGhost in the Shell 1989 1991Ghost in the Shell 2 Man Machine Interface 1997Ghost in the Shell 15 Human Error Processor 2003Die Light Novels des GITS Stand Alone Complex 2004 bis 2005 sind hier nicht enthaltenDie B cher nutzen wie gehabt das Format der urspr nglich erschienenen Hefte als Kapitel Das Cover der Kapitel sowie die folgenden Seiten in Teil 1 die folgenden sieben in Teil 15 die folgenden vier und in Teil 2 der Gro teil des ganzen Buchs sind in Farbe die restlichen Absolutely love this the uality makes it worth the price and it s GiTS It does have a slightly different flavour to the anime filmsseries humour uncut William Gibson and less Philip K Dick which ou might not be expecting but is great for the ultimate fan I have. Terrorists and cybercriminals including ghost hackers who are capable of exploiting the humanmachine interface and reprogramming humans to become puppets to carry out the hackers' criminal endsStory Locale TokyoSeries Overview Following World Wars III and IV a Japanese led Asian block dominates the world A key element.

Been a fan of Ghost in the Shell since the late 90s Yet I had never got around to owning the Manga and original source material Finally i decided to go with this Deluxe collection and it is amazingNot only does it include all three works in the series in hardcover but there is an extra Lithograph as a nice addonThe Although the manga is not for everyone the art is just OK the story is hard to follow the fans of the anime may be disappointed because it is different Kodansha did an amazing job to bring the manga classic in a hardcover boxed set collection Beautiful over sized books many color pages additions side notes plus a collectible lithograph as well couldn t be any better This box is cheaper than buying the individual volumes separately so it s a good deal. In the maintenance of the block's position is the elite Japanese security police the Section 9 task force This is an exciting and skillful work that realistically probes uses of artificial intelligence and direct interfacing with machines and which uestions where mankind's technological and medical progress will lead.

Going on a Ghost in the Shell hunt and starting with the source work before moving on to the anime and the films and soundtracks this seemed like a good startI was wrong it s a fantastic start Brilliant collectors set very well made and presented worth every penny simply a must have for any ghost in the shell fan or manga fan as even new readers to ghost will love the art style and all round setting of this gritty grim future although it is slightly different from the films and is completely separate from SAC this is still perfect for any ghost fan Ich werde hier nicht auf den Inhalt der Geschichte der Mangas eingehen Jeder der sich diese Edition kauft wird sich wohl sicher sein dass der Kauf sich zumindest diesbez glich lohnen wirdDiese Box enth lt alle drei Deep into the twenty first century the line between man and machine has been blurred as humans rely on the enhancement of mechanical implants and robots are upgraded with human tissue In this rapidly converging landscape cyborg superagent Major Motoko Kusanagi is charged to track down the craftiest and most dangerous.

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