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E mystic In ite a few ways i saw shots fired at The Mystic Heart which i read earlier this year Not just with labeling Sufis as mystics but at Westernized Christian centered mysticism as the paradigm for mysticism as well It was surprisingly satisfying It was sometimes confusing to follow which leads me to feel that at some point Arjana should have maybe just made a final statement left it at thatThat she didn t have to keep reminding s what baraka t meant It felt like every other time the term was mentioned it was defined againI was really interested in what Arjana had to say about things like items purchased at sites as well as how pilgrimage has changed with the advent of technology It s sad to learn that even pilgrimage isn t safe from a capitalist mindset but i was grateful that Arjana didn t focus on just that She delved into the spiritual concept of objects bought at a pilgrimage site even if the items were made in China The idea that the item itself carries the blessings goodness from the pilgrimage site itself is something that makes a lot of sense to me it was interesting to learn And i found the concept of items like turab really cool which i hope doesn t sound demeaning in any way A way to bring sacred earth with you wherever you are to even be able to pray pon it That is incredibly profound to me and innovative as wellI was glad that Arjana didn t just focus on materialism commodification which is what i think any non Muslim scholar would have They would have focused on it to the exclusion of the other points Arjana raises about the meaning of those items to pilgrims Arjana is aware of the power these items carry for people and the various spiritual ways they function and i feel she brought that to the forefront of the discussion infinitely interesting nuanced than a tired old argument about com. Ring the richness and diversity of traditions practiced by the 15 billion Muslims across the world Sophia Rose Arjana provides a rigorous theoretical discussion of pilgrimage ritual practice and the nature of sacred space in Islam both historically and in the present day This all encompassing survey

ModificationArjana gives a broad overview of how technology has impacted doing pilgrimage including even apps that function in the place of the sual guidebooks I wasn t surprised by that or by pilgrimage sites even having live feeds But i m still wondering then how does one do pilgrimage through their computer or smart phone If your link is through something like a streamed live feed how do you actually perform pilgrimage I wonder this especially for North American Muslims who i noticed Arjana doesn t really mention Muslims throughout the diaspora are brought p as creating their own pilgrimages n her new book Pilgrimage in Islam Traditional and Modern Practices Oneworld Publications 2017 Sophia Rose Arjana explores the diverse array of pilgrimage practices in the Muslim world Pilgrimage in Islam is often synonymous with the hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca but Arjana s study deconstructs this normatively held assumption by taking her readers on a journey across various sacred spaces throughout the contemporary global context Her itineraries in this book beautifully illuminate the ways in which mobility around the sacred varies challenging any easy categorizations scholars and students may apply in the study of Islamic pilgrimages and sacred spaces Her book moves Lay My Burden Down us beyond sectarian binaries notions of mystical or Sufi rituals and gendered norms to helps deconstruct labels that have been conventionally Vérité (Love at Center Court, used by Religious Studies scholars Arjana s text is a valuable resource forndergraduate students but also for graduate students as it provides provocative case studies and theorizations on pilgrimages spatiality and ritual performances in Religious Studies This book is a lucidly written erudite tour de force on the pilgrimage in Islam which would be among other things excellent for teaching in the classroom. Overs issues such as time space tourism virtual pilgrimages and the se of computers and smartphone apps Lucidly written informative and accessible it is perfectly suited to students scholars and the general reader seeking a comprehensive picture of the defining ritual of religious pilgrimage in Islam.

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( Pilgrimage in Islam: Traditional and Modern Practices (The Foundations of Islam)) PDF DOWNLOAD ☆ Sophia Rose Arjana

I read everything that Sophia Arjana writes This book among other things reviews the history of how pilgrimage has shifted over time This is by far the best book out there on Islamic pilgrimage It s the first book to think of varieties of pilgrimage practices in Islam aside from the Hajj Also the author does so with the kind of clarity that keeps you reading It s one of my favorite books in Islamic studies This is a great book for lay people college students and academics Arjana has a lively writing style that keeps the reader and students in the workArjana covers the early pilgrimages to Mecca Medina and Jerusalem to early graves and This lays the groundwork for other traditions of the Shii Sufi Muslims and othersThis is not a book about hajj but about the rich traditions all over the world connected to Muslims In Asia Africa Europe and the Middle East The se of technology in pilgrimage is covered Phone apps as well as virtual pilgrimages are all there It has theoretical richness with nods to thinkers such as Soja and the TurnersIt is a great book for the college classroom I have been teaching at the niversity level for two decades this book is eminently teachable in introductory courses easily matches with media for powerpoint as well as advanced You can make it do what you need Pilgrimage in Islam is a wonderful book that brings together theoretical insights and diverse sources to nderstand the multiple meanings of pilgrimage and ritual in general in Muslim thought an I picked p this book when i saw it sitting on the New Arrivals shelf at my local library The fact that it discusses both traditional Mecca is it you ll learn a lot And i had even known somewhat about Karbala but not that it was a focus of pilgrimage Contestations of Identity Sufi really means as opposed to the Westernized concept of th. It is not only the holy cities of Mecca and Karbala to which Muslim pilgrims travel but a wide variety of sacred sites around the world Journeys are ndertaken to visit graves of important historical and religious individuals the tombs of saints and natural sites such as mountaintops and springs Explo.

Dr Sophia Rose Arjana is Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Western Kentucky University She has published articles book chapters and books on several subjects in the study of Islam including pilgrimage Islamophobia popular culture and feminism These include articles in Shi’a Studies a journal published by the Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies in London an article in ARTS The Journal of the Society of Arts in Religion and Theological Studies book chapters on the trope of “Turning Turk” in Orientalist discourse an article on the film Argo and the representation of Iranians in American film a book chapter on the political philosophy of Ali Shariati and recently a chapter on religion and popular culture in the United States Dr Arjana has also published several several encyclopedia articles on subjects ranging from dreaming in Islam to contemporary Islamophobia Her first book Muslims in the Western Imagination Oxford University Press examines the history of anti Muslim rhetoric in Europe and North America It received accolades from fellow scholars and is being published in an Arabic edition in 2018 Her second book Pilgrimage in Islam Traditional and Modern Practices Oneworld Academic is a comprehensive study of pilgrimage ritual sacred space and technology in Islam In November of 2017 Dr Arjanas third book was published a study of Muslim female superheroes such as Ms Marvel ahera Raat and Burka Avenger This work titled Veiled Superheroes Islam Feminism and Popular Culture is published by Lexington Books Her latest book focuses on the commodification of mysticism in North America and Europe new age religion and spirituality and cultural colonialism Titled Selling Rumi Buying Buddha Mysticism in the Modern World it will be published by Oneworld in August 2020

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