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If you ever want to acuire a keen appreciation for food ead any story about the USSR History or fiction doesn t matter Mildewed millet and one loaf of bread a month is enough to break anyone We The Living is an illustration of the loneliness that seems the unavoidable conseuence of any who possess an Objectivist viewpoint One passage in the book made me laugh in appreciation for how true it ang in my life Kira saysWell if I asked people whether they believed in life they d never understand what I meant It s a bad uestion It can mean so much that it eally means nothing So I ask them if they believe in God And if they say they do then I know they don t believe in lifeThis is because no matter to whom you are speaking no matter what Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes religion they follow God is always the highest conception of the highest possible A believer in God has placed their highest conception above their own possibility above their own life Whatever such a person believes in it isn t lifeIt s aare gift Kira says to feel everence for your own life and to want the best the greatest the highest possible here now for your very own To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it but to demand itJust as celebrations are for those who have something to celebrate life is for the living not those who cherish the thoughts of their own death and the after life ewards which await them for their obedience Fountainhead was the first book from Ayn Rand that I ead I found it deeply inspirational book that pushed me to think outside the box And it talked about one of my favorite subjects individualism I thought Oh my God what a book I felt even emotionally exhausted but in a good way Then I ead Anthem which I thought was good but not as Fountainhead I felt as if Fountainhead was the standard of measuring her work I didn t think anything can surpass it But oh boy I was wrong I haven t had the chance to Darkness Light read Atlas Shrugged yet but I don t think that it can surpass We the living This book left me physically and emotionally shaking at the end It is one of the best books I have everead So eal so outstandingly written It shows in the most appealing way that life is never black and white among other things It is a must ead You don t need to like Ayn Rand or her philosophy to like this book It is a true literature masterpiece Very few books have shaken me so much Sometimes you should ead the introductions before you start a book and other times you should just jump in to the story This particular anniversary edition of Rand s first novel originally published in 1936 has an introduction with a major spoiler egarding a choice the main character Kira makes in her life a choice that is the heart of the book Even though I skipped the est of the cursed intro I was annoyed at knowing that detail I prefer to discover such things on my own Oh well The important part to emember and what makes this book elevant to me at this moment in history is this from Rand s 1958 forwardWe The Living is not a story about Soviet Russia in 1925 It is a story about Dictatorship any dictatorship anywhere at any time whether it be Soviet Russia Nazi Germany or which this novel might do its share in helping to prevent a socialist America This book is supposed to be semi autobiographical Once again I uote Rand s forward I was born in Russia I was educated under the Soviets I have seen the conditions of existence that I describe The particulars of Kira s story were not mine I did not study engineering I studied history I did not want to build bridges I wanted to write her physical appearance bears no esemblance to mine neither does her family The specific events of Kira s life were not mine her ideas her convictions her values were and areThis is a grim story and it was not easy for me to spend much time on it I needed to take breaks to get out of its grey world that was so full of despair broken dreams and twisted ideals And truthfully I did not care much for Kira at any point although I admired her intense desire to be true to herself and to live her own life the way any human being should be allowed to do People are individuals and while I accept the need for certain Not Handsome Enough rules andegu. Ayn Rand's first published novel a timeless story that explores the struggles of the individual against the state in Soviet RussiaFirst published in 1936 We the Living portrays the impact of the Russian Revolution on three human beings who demand the ight to live their ow.

By history Simply ead her short discourse on 5 year plans in the introduction This book tells the story of basically a woman Most on Ms Rand s writings do She can be found in each of her books and this even though her first is no exception Lets not forget that Ms Rand s family lost everything to the Soviet Busy Park revolution and while this isn t strictly about the Soviet Union that is a dictatorship that is includedAs youead I think you ll see that Ms Rand has hit the proverbial nail on the head in many ways She points out that free people are uite often taken in by the idea that while the effects of totalitarianismcolectiveismstate controlled governing systems are negative the ideals are noble That she points out has been the attitude of every free state that has ever fallen to totalitarianismStalin Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know referred to those who held this view as useful idiotsMs Rand also points out that to see this one has to be intellectually honest and open minded willing to see it Looking at America now it should be obvious to us but for someeason most don t see it despite the loss of prosperity unemployment loss of freedoms including the erosion of GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany rights GUARANTEED in the Bill of Rights yes several of the first 10 amendments have already been breached and the courts don t seem in any hurry toeverse this most not only don t see itbut seem to be voting for itWhere do I disagree with Ms The Confederate Privateers rand Well she was very much a my way or the highway thinker She herself had little patience with those who disagreed with her as her attitude seems to be that they just couldn t or wouldn t see it Also I m a Christian and she seems to have seen little difference between putting others before yourself willingly and having the State force the view that everyone must exist for the State There is some argument by Objectivists that she saw the difference but simplyejected Big Bad Detective Agency religious belief That could be the case as I noted I m not a student of MsRand s philosophy I ve simplyead her work and some little about herWherever you stand or whatever you think about the woman herself this is a book I d The Placer recommend It has some value and can have the effect of making us look at what we have before we lose it Iate it a 3 as it s not uite as Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism readable as some of her later work it is her first after all and can get dry Still it s worth aead Erotica at its best We the Living is about a young lady with a brilliant mind and a ferocious appetite for sex The book begins with Kira a hot little harlot who might have been working at a strip joint if they weren t so damn bourgeois as she seeks to find a nightlife for herself in her newly Soviet city of Petrograd Posing as a prostitute in a The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, red light district she uickly forms her first life long sexual bond with the first guy who comes along He happens to be a philosopher and that s how this book meets its philosophy uota Over time her close personal friendship with a secret police agent WTF becomes sexual and theeal story begins Truly trying to masuerade as faithful to multiple sexual partners is something we can all Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness relate to A mustead for any hip cat I liked this book the best of Ayn Rand s three big fiction books as a novelPerhaps it was because it was so very autobiographical in some ways of her time in St PetersburgPetrograd after the Russian Revolution The gritty ealism of how unjust and desperate such a system the Soviet Socialist system was becoming appeals to my love of historical ealismThe passionate love affairs and beliefs of the conflicting characters were very vividly drawn Even though I have not ead it fully in over 30 years but ead it twice in the previous 10 the characters plot setting and theme will not be forgotten I also enjoyed the movie that was made from it in Mussolini s Italy during WWII which was edited and e eleased in the late 80s in the US Alida Valli was mesmerizingly great as the main character Kira and it was the later film star Rossano Brazzi s first movie Several other great Italian actors were in it too and their performances added Der Bilderwächter richly to the movie The script stayed uite close to the book except in one or two places where the censors had to be appeased Book and movie highlyecommende. Banners and slogans It is a picture of what those slogans do to human beings What happens to the defiant ones What happens to those who succumb Against a vivid panorama of political evolution and personal evolt Ayn Rand shows what the theory of socialism means in practic.

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E–book/E–pub (We the Living) by Ayn Rand

Lations of society no person or government or ideology should force those individuals into identical molds like bricks in a wallNot in Russia a hundred years ago not in America today not anywhere ever I just finished this book My soul has never been so pained by a novel Very few books affect me like this one did I cannot explain other than it was so beautifully horrific I knew very littl A fiction novel almost a century old at this point I think has become elevant and important than ever in an era seeing a esurgence in socialism government power censorship and collectivism What place the individual has in a world where this value is downplayed not only serves as an intriguing consideration in fiction but also a terrible tragedy when individualism and joy are suppressed in the name of order and authority We the Living not only based in truth but a powerful story of life and liberty is probably one of the best but also most disturbing books I ve Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris read in a long time We the Living paints a chilling portrayal of an orderly strong society made possible only by the suppression of those who stand for something beyond it It s beautiful but also frightening Everything sacrificed andepressed for the cause of the State during this period is a monumental loss and it s even darker to think that this is only portrayed through a few characters when considering that this happened to so many due to the impact of the USSR s strict policies Even darker is the way that the objectivist viewpoint in We the Living would be viewed as problematic by its government when considering all the great ualities joy love friendship success wealth freedom art and so on are deemed less important than the collective State What this book does with its protagonists is beg the uestion what gives one person group or society any Letters to Rollins right to infringe upon one individual s liberty Where do we draw the line Is survival valuable than truly livingThis probably isn t a book for everyone but now that the newest adult generations born today are too young toemember the ugly downside to communism socialism and collectivism books like We the Living are a Britain, Europe And The Third World reminder of why we should never strive to go back to that sort of system and what it means to pay the price of standing out or wanting If you liked Ayn Rand s other books you d like this one tooIf you like her politics and enjoy her writing then this is a mustead because it s practically an autobiographyIf none of the above applies then this would be an unpleasant experienceMoved to Here s the thing this book is fucking awesome I m a big fan of this theme the whole individual vs the state story I think most of the books I ve Scotland Yard read in this vein were descended from 1984 but this is without doubt my favorite execution of the familiar thematic focus This book was just so evocative for me it did an incredible job of capturing the crushing force of living under a sociopoliticalegime that cares not for the wants or needs of the individual I found something incredibly uplifting about this tale of unrelenting downward pressure It was simplybeautifulI ve ecommended it to i don t know how many people and very few people I ve ever met have ead it but this book is one of my top 3 no doubt I ve never even Unverified: A Novel read any of Ayn Rand s other books which I guess makes me weird but if I had to choose one book to keep me company while I was tossed into some super maximum security prison in the depths of the belly of the beast it would be this one Ayn Rand iswas an interesting intelligent woman This is her first novel If youe Grand Teton Explorers Guide reading it simply for the novel then skip the introduction If on the other hand you are interested in Ms Rand s thought processes then by all meansead the introduction This is of course a newer edition as the book was written in 1925 Ms Rand wants us to understand that this is not a novel about the Soviet Union but a novel in her words of man against the stateWhile I am not a student or follower of Ms Rand and her philosophy Objectivism I do find her uite insightfulin some waysThere are places where I definitely disagree with Ms Rand but on the other hand there are places she is ight on and has been borne out. N lives and pursue their own happiness It tells of a young woman’s passionate love held like a fortress against the corrupting evil of a totalitarian stateWe the Living is not a story of politics but of the men and women who have to struggle for existence behind the Red.

Alisa Rosenbaum was born in pre revolutionary St Petersburg to a prosperous Jewish family When the Bolsheviks reuisitioned the pharmacy owned by her father Fronz the Rosenbaums fled to the Crimea Alisa returned to the city renamed Leningrad to attend the university but in 1926 relatives who had already settled in America offered her the chance of joining them there With money from the sa

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