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Ok up when writing or refactoring code Very useful and comprehensiveI love how it ets updated with each new version of the Java language I m nearly complete this book now it has helped me immensely row my Java skills as a developer Much of the stuff taught in this book is very transferable to other realms of development It is written in a style that is easy to follow and doesn t read like a technical specification The code examples are the real old in this book very concise and helpful There is a lot of content in this book which can make it difficult to The History of Provincetown get through but thankfully its. SIn this new edition of Effective Java Bloch explores new design patterns and language idioms that have been introduced since the second edition was released in 2008 shortly after Java SE6 including Lambda streamsenerics and collections as well as selected Java 9 features As in previous editions each chapter consists of several items presented in the form of a short standalone essay that provides specific advice insight into Java platform subtleties and.

Pretty Captured goodI m new to Java having come from CThere are a few things in it which seen to make a leap of faith in your understanding Butenerally it s pitched at the right level I have been working as a Java developer for 15 years now have had multiple copies of this book keep loaning them to people then changing jobs and forgetting about the book It s a very خاطرات یک زن توده ای good reference to have around and the updates of best practice with the newer language features are really usefulGenerally read the book cover to cover once now it sits on my desk as a reference as there will always beood tips to lo. Since this Jolt award winning classic was last updated in 2008 the Java programming environment has changed dramatically Java 7 and Java 8 introduced new features and functions including forEach method in Iterable interface default and static methods in Interfaces Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions Java Stream API for Bulk Data Operations on Collections Java Time API Collection API improvements Concurrency API improvements and Java IO improvement.

Written in a manner where you can pick up any chapter without context of the prior chaptersI d recommend this to anyone who has an alright knowledge of Java and wants to take it to the next level I d nearly even recommend it to non Java developers This is absolutely priceless the roup of contributors and the authors reputations is tremendous The content is mesmerising I feel like I d be in trouble if I hadn t off started this book One must know the basic medium level concepts of Java before reading Must own this book and read carefully read each page 10 times if you have to it s priceless. Updated code examples The comprehensive descriptions and explanations for each item illuminate what to do what not to do and why Updated techniues and best practices on classic topics including objects classes libraries methods and serialization How to avoid the traps and pitfalls of commonly misunderstood subtleties of the language Focus on the language and its most fundamental libraries javalang javautil and to a lesser extent javautilconcurrent and java.

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(E–pub/E–book) Effective Java

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