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To re read multiple times a day and subseuently we were the parents who were asked to share and read it with classmates and friends I highly recommend buying this book and sharing it with others regardless of what holiday you will be celebrating this season Author Alan Silberberg has scored big with this one I gave this book to my friend s son as a gift and veryone loved this book Such a silly creative way to tell the story of Hanukkah A really good read and funny for my grand kids Love this book It s a fun story for kids of all ages Excellent funny story Very uickly it became my son s favorite He was laughing non sto. Otatoes from Planet Chhh It's up to the Latke family dog to set the record straight To start with they were Maccabees not Mega Bees But he'll have to get the rest of the Latkes to listen to him fir.

Super cute book I bought this for my 2 and 4 year olds I honestly think that this is probably suited for 5 and older It s a funny story where grandpa is having a difficult time correctly recollecting the story of Hanukkah The dog apple sauce continuously chimes in to tell the kids the correct information So you are reading two story s that alternate You get grandpa s silly story and the accurate story from apple sauce This is why I feel that 4 and under might not be the age group for the book It is a bit difficult for them to come away with the story of Hanukkah We are reading this with them but we also have two other book. Imagine James Marshall's The Stupids celebrating Hanukkah and you'd get the Latke familyLucy Latke's family is just like yours or mine Except that they're potato pancakes And also they are complete.

S that have a straight forward simple version of Hanukkah All in all I m glad we got this and I m sure next year my oldest will understand the jokes Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions even Super funny concept I loved the dog named applesauce but it is way too wordy and confusing for young kids Better suited for latelementary or middle school It s a very long book I bought it for preschoolers and it s useless to me This book was a pure joy to read My children ages three and five as well as the near 40 year old in me loved the story artwork and learned a little too As a PTA dad and a parent of an autistic child this book was a book that children have asked. Ly clueless After lighting the menorah and gobbling the gelt Grandpa Latke tells Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought everyone the Hanukkah story complete with mighty Mega Bees who use a giant dreidel to fight against thevil alien

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Alan Silberberg is an author cartoonist and screenwriter His novel MILO STICKY NOTES amp; BRAIN FREEZE won the SCBWI Sid Fleischman Humor Award MEET THE LATKES his first picture book goes great with sour cream The Passover story seuel MEET THE MATZAH will be published in March 2021

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