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With any if I had it and it blew my mind 15 years later I am retreading it and find it just as compelling Guides you gently gingerly into reevaluating you preconceived notions about money how much is enough and whether you really want to work in a conventional job track for 30 years hint if you don t there are other options The basic idea is that every day you go to work you are choosing to trade your precious limited life energy for money So if you are spending it nconsciously on crap you aren t fully enjoying or a bigger housecar than you really need then you are effectively trading away hours of your life If you love your job and you love accumulating stuff then great But if you dream of doing other things with your life than staring at your monitor at work or even if you love your job but would do it differently if money weren t an issue this book is for you Cornily written but the sincerity of the writers and value of the message supersede that 10 times over This book s most popular review is surprisingly negative 35 stars I agree with the 5 star Goodreads evangelists That said I have a few alms with the book It s dated and freuently redundant Like most personal finance books it s full of suspicious stories The Epilogue summarizes in 9 pages what has been beaten to death in the previous 327At one point the autho. Ng a life Your Money or Your Life is even relevant today than it was when the book first hit the sta.

What a bunch of life energy wasted reading this This is the first PersonalMBA reading list book I have read The information that I found most intersting and insightful was You have made a lot of money in your life look around your home go through your stuff what do you have to show for it The act of earning money is sing your life energy therefore money life energy Do you like what you are doing Could you be doing something you love and be happier if your finances were in order and you appreciated living in a state of enough When you buy something buy high ality and take care of it to prolong its life Fix your stuff do it yourself learn how to take care of your things so that you don t have to keep rebuying everytime something breaks Pay off your debts Live on less than you make Save money Keep building your savings so that one day your capital earned on your savings can take the place of your work income than decide if you want to keep working or not Investing in index funds and treasury bonds Index funds focus on tracking the market and not on beating it Index funds are not managed by expensive managers and tend to have low fees By saving on fees as compared to mutual funds your money can grow faster and you can have money in the end I read this book in my early 20s when I had zero money and zero idea what to do. In times like these it's important than ever to know the difference between making a living and maki.

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R talks about being financially secure whether the Dow is nder 1000 or above 4000 When the book was copyrighted in 1992 1000 was a crash and 4000 was ambitious As of 1162015 the Dow stands at 1751157 The White Paternoster, And Other Stories up about 450% since 1992 so the book s stock market wariness is exaggerated Also its advice to buy long term US treasury bonds is terrible The present interest rates on those bonds is pathetic 269% on a 30 year bond Read in 2015 Chapter 9 which describes 6% US treasury bonds reads like aaint historical documentThe other chapters though they occasio I m kind of sueamish about the 5 stars I m giving this because I don t think this is a well written book The tone is nearly Laid unbearable at times think of the most stereotypical motivational speaker you ve ever heard However the ideas in this book are impressive and I find myself thinking about them rather against my will even 3 years after having read the book Part of my struggle with this book is that I actually love my work so trying to hurryp and earn my money so that I can retire just isn t that appealing However there s a cycle of spending that I can get hooked into where I m blowing hundreds of dollars in 3 5 dollar increments Reading this book helped me interrupt that cycle Not that I don t still go there mind you I just have some alternatives now for getting out of Nds and a great publicity campaign will bring this already strong selling book to a whole new audien.

Vicki Robin has lectured widely and appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show Good Morning America and National Public Radio's Weekend Edition and Morning Edition She has also been featured in People Magazine The Wall Street Journal Woman's Day Newsweek Utne Magazine and the New York Times Vicki has helped launch many sustainability initiat

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