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E–pub The Order of Things: How Everything in the World Is Organized Into Hierarchies, Structures, and Pecking Orders

Re up to me I d update this it s from 2008 There s the National US fire rating system symbols but I d add like the AO3 fic symbols One of these ictograms is warning the contents could LITERALLY KILL YOU DEAD The other says the contents are merely combustible and will not reuire you to bleach your brain At allAnd there s international and US aper sizes so why not the most common html tagsAnyway I liked it a whole lot Because I am weird and happy with it Subtitle How Everything in the World is Organized Into Hierarchies Structures and Pecking OrdersPreface From the inner workings of the smallest things to the complex system of the universe The Order of Things is an attempt to cover all those things that we ourselves have organized or what we have found naturally organized intohierarchiesstructuresordersclassificationsbranchesscalesdivisionssuccessionsseuencesrankingsDoes this give you an idea of the book s contents Chapters Earth Sciences Geography Life Sciences Physical Sciences Technology Mathematics Measurement Religion History Society Economy The Arts Domestic Life Sports Recreation and General KnowledgeIf you LOVE Lists especially scientifically ordered ones this is the book for you There are numerous BW illustrations but I would have referred colored Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online photos as this book is of a textbook than aleasure read My uest to organize my thoughts causes me to buy weird shit Like this If you are someone who likes organization or likes to know where things fit into the larger scheme this might appeal to you Many years ago BC before children I used to actually BE organized well occasionally anyway believe it or not Those days are only a distant memory But the idea or do I mean. Ver 400 informative lists hierarchies and illustrations from the ancient ast to today divided into 13 major areas of knowledge Extremely well organized and accessible from the Table of Contents to the extensive and all encompassing index Uniue information that is useful surprising and enlightening Here reader's will find the 64 em.

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The ideal of organization or order still have great appeal for me I m sure that is what led me to buy this book way back then Unfortunately it is now laughably over 20 years out of date Of course things like the ancient Greeks barring some major archaeological discovery should remain constant Many of the lists religion mathematics will only evolve or chan Reading this book is a bit like reading an index Actually it s a lot like reading an index my husband said at one oint while it was sitting around What a boring bookWell no actually it s not boring I did skip around a bit like most of the science sections and most of the whole last chapter on General Knowledge and Philosophy But reading the chain of command in different countries of the world was uite entertaining So was Kipfer s explanation of ISBNs for a different reason according to her only the second two digits in an ISBN are assigned to the The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage publisher This of course means there are a total of 100 American English languageublishers Uh no When I find an error like this in a book that urports to be How Everything in the World is Organized into Hierarchies Structures and Pecking Orders it lowers the amount of trust I have the the rest of the knowledge There are however loads of charts and details for things like comparing gods and goddesses cross culturally explaining the Muslim rayer seuence showing all the traditional New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book place settingarts and so forth A fun browsing kind of book It also has a nice bibliography where you could find out where to get details about the lists in this book A fun and easy way to obtain an insane amount of information What a reference For those times when knowing it all means in order too. Perors of Byzantium; ranks in the British army; how a television dish is operated; the different layers of soil; coal sizes; the various ice ages; how your ear hears something; how all the languages in the world are organized and much much Illustrated with graphs models drawings and ortraits to make complex subjects understandable.

If like me you re one of those sickos who loves organizing cataloging ranking and labeling this book is like orn I have found Google in book form This is amazing From the classification of the natural world to the gestation eriod for the common mammals to the designation of various three dimensional geometric constructs to the watches on a ship and what four bells means to the residents of the Republic of Mexico to I Ching divination hexagrams to how an abacus works types of hinges the Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set placement of bowlingins variou stypes of leaves major cities on Route 66 the Labors of Hercules gaspsand so onA tad americano centric but not extremely so can and containers sizes for example are US based though both US and metric measurements and their conversion are included Great for the on the road author sans smart Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals phone like me or for when you re really bored so you don t have to read the dictionary AGAINDespite the sheer mass of information it creates aocket of L Space all by itself it is available in a very handy Robot Programming pocket format in a for me with average visionerfectly legible typeBravo uenched my thirst to classify the randomness that rattles around inside my head A book concept from the days before the answer to any trivia was at your fingertips Now an excellent read before bed or for the smallest room I suppose to make you go Wow so Texas was its own republic huh and I wonder why the most experienced Roman soldiers were second to frontNot sure under what circumstance you d want to randomly browse that violet light is on a wavelength of 450 350 nanometers but should this also be your idea of leasant material for ten minutes relaxing then Dr Kipfer has the good stuffIf it we. This amazing one of a kind reference book has been revised and completely updated Called a definite reference must by King Features Syndicate The Order of Things is an illustrated collection of orders and classifications in science religion history business the arts sports technology mathematics society and domestic life Includes

Dr Barbara Ann Kipfer born in 1954 is a lexicographeras well as an archaeologist She has written than 60 books including 14000 Things to be Happy About Workman which has than a million copies in print and has given rise to many Page a Day calendars The 25th anniversary edition of the book was published in October 2014 She is the editor of Rogets International ThesaurusKipfe

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