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Onnected to the group dynamic this preuel only helped to urther my connection to the characters I was happy to get a chance to see how this group bonded together something that is extremely unheard of Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home for vampires as they are generally solitary creatures Typically the largest grouping would be pairs and only when they are mates so it nothing short of miraculous how close this group is Of courserom time to time they have their snags and conflicts but the resolutions of those incidents only seems to strengthen their bonds togetherI enjoyed the dynamic between Nick and Amalie While Amalie is also a damaged Fae just like Mia rom Shadowplay her relationship with Nick is very different than Mia and Roddie s Some romance series seem very cookie cutter and aside rom changing names and a My Wifes Affair few events each installment is pretty much the same So after reading this book I m glad it didn tollow that cookie cutter routine of just rehashing and renaming events The progression was very realistic especially considering the pair s past history There was one thing that surprised me the lack of the mate bond that was so prevalent in Mia and Roddie s story I m rather curious as to why Nick and Amalie didn t Dîwana Jan form such a bond as they were certainly close enough Perhaps it was just a logistics issue since in the past Amalie left Nick several times and if they were bonded the distance would have destroyed them bothThis book is Urbanantasy than it is paranormal romance and the steaminess is much less than the author s other books However this did not detract rom the book as the overall plot than compensated or the lesser amount of steamy romance Even though this is the preuel I still think Shadowplay should be read irst as I think it is best to meet everyone through Mia s eyes irst This book was Maelstrom is a preuel to Shadowplay I purchased the book because I enjoyed Shadowplay I wasn t sure if I would like the book because I m generally not a preuel person I ind most preuels should not have been written Malestrom is one of the exceptionsThe beginning of the book was a bit confusing as I tried to re oriented myself to the cast of characters The main character Amalie was not a avourite of mine in Shadowplay I Naples! found her to be a bit high on herself and a tad annoying For this preuel to be devoted to Amalie I was wary about the book I have to admit theirst The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey few chapters I was not engaged and thought oh boy I guess I may notinish this book As Amalie s past is revealed the book pulled me in a bit From there on until the end I didn t put the book down The story moved at a Itsuka fast pace Ielt regret sorrow rage as each new memory was revealed I like Amalie now and after understanding all she s been through I think better of herI would write about her relationships in the book but that would be a spoiler I can say the story ends right before Shadowplay begins BeautifulI can only hope Ms Paige writes ollow up to Shadowplay I enjoy her writing voice and particular what she does to her heroines Not a one is a victim Each one has been dealt a bad hand yet they can overcome the situation I like how none of her characters are lawless This makes her characters relate able Her males are sweetly written and I like the romantic if not realistic model I enjoyed her book greatly and look orward to uture books This is the preuel to Shadowplay And being mildly pedantic I read them in the intended order Shadowplay and then Maelstrom I enjoyed both immensely but I do think I would have enjoyed them even had I read Maelstrom irstAmalie is a Light Fae exile suffering rom amnesia and living on a ranch in small town Fundy Texas Her past starts to catch up with her starting with her boyfriend Nick who she literally disappeared on years ago and soon it s not just hunky boyfriends knocking on the door Psychotic brothers. E the worst hurricane's wreckage seem like mild clutter To survive and break the past's hold on her Amalie will have to ally with those who betrayed her reach out to those she herself betrayed and unite her two selves the person she once was and the person she wants to be A BookStrand Mainstream Romance.

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Enough to threat Nick in her presence and after one glimpse I could totally see why she loved him so muchNick there s really no words Live Bait for him The lengths he went to be with Amalie were inspiring and I was in a constant swoon with him because he was just so intense He searched everywhereor her when she disappeared and it broke my heart throughout the book reading about the pain he No Strings Attached felt in losing her again He was unbelievably devoted to her and attentive and I loved how he would drop hisangs and Fancy Strut fly into warrior mode when he thought her safety was threatened There was thiseeling about it that really pulled on my heartstrings I can t really explain it but even now just thinking about him my heart is racing and I m wearing a goofy grin Amalie was one lucky Fae to have such a lover as NickMy review wouldn t be complete without a mention of the three delicious vampire warriors Wen Roddie and Burke Each of them had their own uirks and Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka feisty appeal and as a vamp lover I was in heaven I loved Roddie and the way his Irish brogue would thicken depending on the situation Burke was a constant source of entertainment because I thought he was the hot head of the bunch it not taking much to set him off and put him inight mode I was sad once the book ended because I thought that s all I d see of them but YAY A uick look on Goodreads showed that Roddie has his own book Shadow Play Definitely something to look Unbreathed Memories forward toAll in all MAESTROM was a success in my eyes giving me a great readull of emotion and romance It gave me exactly what I hoped or and I wasn t left disappointed or wanting I d definitely recommend this to anyone looking or an engaging story and healthy amount of happy sighing Happy reading Plot Summary When you ve lived or countless centuries and can t remember most of it and what little you do recall massively sucks You then ind that you ve dug a metaphorical hole or yourself so deep there seems no way out What do you do with the centuries still ahead Amalie Shepherd Texas horse rancher and Light Fae exile recalls only brief images of her past She s pretty sure her amnesia was orced on her and the idea of learning why is terrifying So Amalie concentrates on running her ranch and keeping a subtle eye on the small town of Fundy and its human inhabitants Her sense of humor is as sharp as her twin swords she s bull headed and I Love My Dad fiercely loyal and tells her own story with unflinching honesty scathing wit and a dash of optimism despite her best attempts to come across as a hard assNick Fletcher isn t your ordinary vampire Outgoing and adventurous he s at ease with his immortal existence and refuses to be bound by the rigid rules inflicted upon his kind by both the Church and his own Ancients Nick s been in love with Amalieor centuries although she s left him twice rather than kill him He doesn t believe she d harm him but worries how he ll Amalie a light Fae of the very All about Us few left doesn t remember much of her past What she does remember is so horrific that she cannot bear trying to remember When a vampirerom her past Nick shows up to win her heart again Amalie knows it s only a matter of time before she gives in From her selective memory she knows she left him twice or his own safety but cannot remember why so she is absolutely terrified to let him close again However as her powers slowly return the Cham of the Dark Fae refocuses his efforts on destroying Amalie once and or all She will have to rely on Nick and his Noni Speaks Up friends to not only survive the Cham s assassination attacks as well as stop his plan to destroy the town she holds dear That reuires trust something that may just be impossible to giveor she has been betrayed beforeIn this preuel of Shadowplay we learn about Amalie and how she came to be Nick s mate as well as how the group came together While I already Handbags and Gladrags felt Back in her life Amalie can't deny that hereelings An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for him have neveraded Through Nick's care Amalie's power returns making her visible to the Dark Fae King Reiden With a singular hatred or Amalie the one POW who escaped Reiden creates an environmental disaster to kill her a disaster that will mak.

I knew with one glance at the blurb that I was going to enjoy this book but as I started to read and Amalie pulled me into her world nothing prepared me or just how addicting MAELSTROM would be I was completely seduced by the thrilling action that came as Amalie s past Wish Upon a Wedding finally caught up with her and as sheinds herself surrounded by strong riendship and unconditional support Most of all I was hooked into the amazing romance the author wove as I read of Nick and his unswerving devotion to his life mate Amalie This is definitely a book that all romance lovers should read and as I m still recovering rom my constant swoon I m in desperate search or rom this authorAmalie has been to Hell and back A Light Fae she was kidnapped and brutally tortured Richard Nixon: The Life for countless years and in order to survive it has blocked all memories of her past deep inside her Exiled to the small town of Fundy she begins to createor herself a new life throwing herself into running a horse ranch and developing I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! friendships with humans But it doesn t take long until somethingrom her past someone who holds a very deep claim to her heart and souls inds her and places himself irmly back in her life Nick Fletcher her vampire lover has searched everywhere Puppet Master for her and has never once swayed in his love and devotion to her He s determined to never lose her again and as Amalie opens her heart back up to him willing to give in to love she hasor him he helps her deal with her past and the current threat she s Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners facing Bringing in three trusted vampireriends Wen Roddie and Burke they soon discover that an old enemy of Amalie the Dark Fae who tortured her without mercy has Janae (Blacktop, found her and is plotting to destroy her Add to this her evil twin Kian has also returned and Amalie isinds herself immersed in trouble The story tells of the race to save the people of Fundy and ultimately the world of the deep bonds of riendship that can be orged and most of all the incredible eeling of love that comes rom someone who would do anything to protect the one they love Amalie inds as the story progresses her memories she s blocked return and with it she truly becomes whole Having left Nick once before because she elt dangerous and unstable will she do it again or will Nick be able to hold on to her this time proving that their love is can overcome anythingI think the author did an amazing job with this book There were uite a ew battle scenes as Amalie and her riends battled against the Dark Fae and creatures and I was able to see them vividly in my mind The author was able to include a great amount of emotion into the story and I was totally drawn into heart racing I loved that I was able to Why Diets Make Us Fat feel theear and rage Amalie Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., felt when someone threatened Nick and the worry that Nickelt whenever Amalie was in danger The tender moments between them were special and heartfelt and I couldn t help but sigh as they exchanged endearments with each other in Breton MAELSTROM was entertaining Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, from beginning to end and there were honestly times when I becamerustrated because I had to stop to sleep and take care of other responsibilities This was definitely a book I could sit and read in one sittingI adored the characters in this book each one showing great personality that made me want to learn a little bit about them Amalie was instantly endearing because she was a survivor and I marveled that she was able to Everyday life in medieval times function after the horrendous things that happened to her I loved that she was tough that she was incredibly protective of Nick and those she caredor but that she also had that realness about her She had a lot to be afraid of and I don t blame her North for wanting to shut those memories away but she showed courage when having toace them and I loved that she was ierce I had so much un imagining her lunging Dead Giveaway for the throats of those stupid. BookStrand Fantasy Romance vampires Fae exile Amalie Shepherd takes refugerom her nightmare past by burying herself and her heart in operating her Texas horse ranch That's where the immortal Nick Fletcher inds her In love with Amalie he's determined to see if they have a chance together Now that he's.

Elisa Paige is a former newspaper reporter editor and freelance writer who’s always had a passion for urban fantasy While in college Elisa carried a double major a minor worked four internships and served as a European exchange student Winchester England – solid preparation for juggling family work daily life and writing writing writing Elisa is a self avowed caffeine addict with n

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