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I focused on the chapters on diagnosis one of the few resources that discusses diagnosis before toddlerhood and expectations throughout the life cycle how people affected with fetal alcohol exporsure might fare a each stage of their lives Other chapters discuss the history of research on the topic what exactly alcohol does to the developing fetus public policy ssues Angels Do Have Wings including a chapter on schools and how parents and caregivers can help those affected The research was current for the date of publication 1997 so has been supersededn some areas but does provide a good foundation for someone who s just starting to learn about the topic. Ns of FAS particularly n children For parents families educators pediatricians psychologists adoption workers lawyers judges social workers nurses and child care providers this timely work speaks to everyone promoting understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by the children who have this entirely preventable disabili.

PDF KINDLE Fetal Alcohol Syndrome A Guide for Families and Communities Ï Ann Streissguth

This was very nformative and nteresting Some Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy information may be dated but thiss a comprehensive volume on FAS The last chapters on models of reaching high risk mothers are particularly helpful A bit outdated there Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware is definitely newernformation available on FASD However Monster Trucks Hair in a Can it s a great resource for research and articles and for beginning to understand this complicated disorder While the books older I think t gives a broad base of applicable nformation that Danger on the Mountain is still current enough Great resource for parents and educators I wish I could get the teachers and principalsn my area to read t or at least be better nformed There Readable and easy to understand this book conveys urgent In anderen Herzen information about medical and socialssues surrounding fetal alcohol syndrome FAS Compassionately written by the expert psychologist who conducted some of the earliest examinations of children with FAS than 20 years ago this guidebook presents an overview of FAS and expla.

As been no progress n the area I live since the publication of this book n the 90s FASD Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns is life long brainnjury that affects many areas of life This book The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class is a great contrast to much other work on fetal alcohol syndrome now usually called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder While many works are judgmental those bad mothers drank while pregnant ordeosyncratic how one person dealt with one particular manifestation of this syndrome this book brings the reader up to date on current research ncluding discussion of gaps n our knowledge and practical Flesh Blood: Compendium information The chapters are designed so that you can read what you need For my purposes. Ins how todentify the disorder how to work with children and adults who have t how to talk to parents about t and how to prevent ts occurrence through sensitive education of prospective mothers and society at largePhotographs and case studies lend personal perspective while revealing the physical and behavioral manifestatio.

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Ann Streissguth is professor emerita at the University of Washington School of Medicine Daniel Streissguth is professor emeritus at the University of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning Benjamin Streissguth has a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Washington and lives in SeattleTogether they established Seattle's Streissguth Gardens

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