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Recent catastrophic events such as the attack n the New York World Trade Center and the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean have drawn increasing attention to post traumatic stress disorder Alessandros Prize or PTSD Once thoughtf nly in psychological terms PTSD has emerged as the model mental disorder for studying the ef.

EBOOK FREE PTSD author N. Kato

N led by this volume s authors who range from skilled basic scientists to experienced diagnosticians and therapists Their contributions epitomize state f the art translational research in clinical neuroscience and will prove to be an invaluable source f reference for practitioners and researchers in this fiel.

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Fect f the environment The Guardian on human biological systems especially the brain This book breaks new ground byffering neuroscientific insights into PTSD and their implications for diagnosis prevention and treatment The recent explosion f biological investigation into this distressing and disabling condition has bee.

Nobumasa Kato

N. Kato on PTSD author N. Kato