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Tegies as well as medication based therapies are also presented in detail All of these therapies have realistic aims and are of global validity In addition the book provides a broad overview of the American and European pidemiology of alcohol and nicotine addictions The book is written for all those who care for and offer professional therapy for alcohol and nicotine addicted patient.

Alcohol and nicotine addiction mostly occur together Over the last ten years therapeutic aspects and motivational strategies have been considerably improved Hence groups and subgroups have been defined and can be treated with specific medication and tailor made psychotherapies leading in the long term to considerably better and ffective results than the once broadly applied rigorous.

Abstinence based therapies However alcohol and nicotine addiction still represent major medical and social problemsIn this book new therapeutic approaches are comprehensively described outlining the different interactions between personality nvironment and the ffects of the substanceIn addition to prevention based therapies and diagnosis ssential psychological and sociological stra.

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Alkohol– und Tabaksucht: Ein Therapiehandbuch (KINDLE)

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