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From Mistress to Wifey (EPUB)

Trifling Wifey Mistress to Wifey by Erica Hilton is a scandalous story of two women and their fight for one manNico Jasmine is a young and beautiful female with street smarts and education Mia is a beautiful model accustomed to a lavish life Both women go to battle to become the wife of NicoReaders that take the dive and ead this novel will discover the true meaning of both characters but only one lady will WIN While eading this novel I felt as though I ve ead this book before by a different author I think there are too many titles similar to this novel and authors must find new and exciting titles to gain A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned readers While enjoyable I felt there should have been to this story I veead a few books from the author Erica Hilton and this wasn t my favoriteReviewed by Tekisha Tug of War It s a childish game of tug of war In the middle is. Jasmine suits up to play the ole of a lifetime a hustler's wife Jasmine was always overlooked for her brains and praised for her beauty until she met Nico the educated hoodlum with a sexier smarter and even prettier wifey on his arm His main chick Mia is a force to be eckon.

Nico On one end of the The House That Had Enough rope is Mia Nico s wifey of several years On the other end of theope is Jasmine Nico s mistress May the best woman win Reading this book I had to have a few conversations with myself I said Self it s just a book Take it for what it is You see I think that any woman that settles for being a mistress needs an intervention of common sense and a karate chop to the throat Any woman that thinks it s cute to be wifey needs to have her head examined It s just another term for a glorified girlfriend Wifey doesn t get any death benefits WIFE does So putting my own personal feelings to the side Erica Hilton delivered an entertaining tale of two women Character driven with a good pace Wifey From Mistress to Wifey is worth the The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field read HoweverI was so so so very disappointed when I got to the last page andealized there s a Ed with a uiet storm who will ide or die for the love of her lifeFrustrated and caught between a fledgling video vixen career and dysfunctional friends Jasmine wants to be upgraded from Nico's mistress to his wifey But Jasmine soon finds out that the glitz and glamour of hug.


Euel Another book has fallen victim to the seueltrilogyseries plague sigh This was an interesting book It eally touched Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reality a lot of ways You learn from your mistakes and that should always be a lesson Mia put her trust in Nico and he dumped her just like that for Jasmine his ex friends girl Someone he new hardly anything about He was only with Jasmine because she killed Shabazzfor him My oh my and Jasmine is so nieve she thinks heeally loves her She better work with those Feds to free herself Wow this book was hella crayI can t believe the dramaI know Jasmine was cray but I didn t think thatShe went after wat she wantedThen Mia was simple as ever and then wanted to be dumbLike she knew wat she was doing in MiamiIm shocked at that ending because I didn t think she would get in thatNow I can t wait to start part two A Must Rea. E diamonds and fancy cars come with an even heavier ansom drug deals and murderMeanwhile Mia's not willing to let go of her man so easily She digs up dirt on Jasmine that can destroy her but Mia can't even imagine what lengths Jasmine will go to to keep her secret under wrap.

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