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Easily communicate in 16th century London whereas a standard modern American vernacular would likely sound very strange and perhaps even incomprehensible to a 16th century Londoner and vice versaAlthough I personally simply enjoyed and continue to much appreciate King of Shadows as basically an entertaining time travel fantasy in and of itself and about one of my favourite playwrights there are nevertheless some rather heavy and potentially saddening issues and scenarios presented in Susan Copper s presented narrative Nat is not just a talented young American Shakespearean actor he is ealing with much sadness and trauma grief loss mental anguish both in the present and also later in the past as the warm and nurturing father figure he encounters in William Shakespeare is torn from him when he is and Women's Activism and Social Change Rochester New York 1822 1872 definitely against his wishes andesires simply transported back to the present time once the reasons for which he was catapulted into the past in the first place no longer exist Now as a child reader or perhaps precisely as a Middle Grade reader as I believe King of Shadows is suitable from age eleven or so onwards I would likely have simply taken and accepted the above mentioned reasons as to why Nat Field has to be switched with his namesake and Elizabethan counterpart Nathan Field as a basic and yes even logical given that because the historic Elizabethan Nathan Field is ill with the bubonic plague he might easily infect and likely kill William Shakespeare and thus The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-To in West African Fiction destroy his literary legacy and fame However my adult self is a bit jaded cynical and fond of basic logistics And if Shakespeare catching the plague from Nathan Field would kill him and thus prevent him from penning many of his most famous plays then these plays should really by simple logic andeduction not even exist in the present Understanding Shutter Speed day but they in facto yet are The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse deemed as threatened and in need of rescuing Also and finally Io kind of find it rather hard to completely believe that when the newly returned to the present Nat Field tells his story to his friends and fellow actors Gil and Rachel they not only IMMEDIATELY believe him but almost AUTOMATICALLY surmise the reasons as to why Nat was sent to the past in the first place to protect Shakespeare or rather his literary legacy For yes indeed and in my opinion it would feel a bit authentic and realistic for Gil and Rachel to originally have entertained some Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature doubts to not have immediately captured and focused on the reasons for Nat s voyage to 16th century London All in all though Susan Cooper s King of Shadows is both a fun and solidly readable time travel adventure perfect for young Shakespeare and history enthusiasts and really anyone in the mood for aelightful and engaging escape from the present into the past into 16th century England London and its environs A short uick read Susan Cooper captured good the world of Shakespeare s London The characters and story itself I The Writing Workshop didn t find that exciting A lot of things are rushed and unansweredAll the World s a Page 2020 Read a book featuring Shakespeare as a character OR a book seturing his lifetime I had to read this for schoolI m not saying it was a terrible book but I Agricultural Engineering don t really think it was worth my timeIf I hadn t been assigned it for school and if half my grade hadn tepended on it I would never have picked it up It was a book for a twelve year old not a high school studentIt had an awesome storyline good I had read this book years ago and ecided that my good memory of it was worth going back and trying it again I was right This is one extremely well researched thought out and written bookNat Field is a young actor recruited by a somewhat mysterious man named Arby to play Puc. T of an Elizabethan theatrical production Nat finds the warm nurturing father figure missing from his life in none other than William Shakespeare himself Does Nat have to remain trapped in the past forever or give up the friendship he's so longed for in his own time.

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This is excerpted from a review I wrote for the now How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture defunct Riverbank Review Susan Cooper who won the Newbery Medal for The Grey King of the Dark Is Rising seuence has full control of her magic In King of Shadows the title of the book comes from Midsummer Night s Dream she shows that she understands the magic of the theater how a group of people in an enclosed space can make the impossible happen In this splendid novel for young people she has translated this understanding into a ravishing story The tale wobbles a bit at the end with Nat s being sent to keep the plague from Shakespeare that he might go on to write the rest of his plays However the power of words to move and to heal the joys of being on stage and making the magic happen and the richness of one boy s connection to the greatest of English writers is perfectly limpidly clear A well written tale of time travel wrapped around some of Shakespeare s most famous works The central character Nat is a member of a theatre troupe for boys who perform Shakespeare s plays as they are meant to be performed at the Globe Theatre in London with an all male cast They will be performing A Midsummer Night s Dream and Nat has been chosen to play the part of Puck During a warm up exercise Nat begins to feel veryizzy and sick and blacks out Upon awakening he finds himself transported back to Elizabethan England where he learns to adjust to his new life and even meets William Shakespeare himself Shakespeare instantly takes a shine to Nat and touts him as his best performer Back in modern An Alien Heat day England however Nat s Elizabethan counterpart with whom he has swapped lives lies in hospital suffering from bubonic plague Once this has been cured just long enough into the novel for the original Nat to become emotionally attached to Shakespeare the two lads are shunted through time again to their own centuries where Nat struggles to acclimatise to his surroundings and misses Shakespeareesperately The twist ending is an unexpected touch and explains the reasons for time travel wellI highly rate this book as a good way to get younger students interested in Elizabethan history and introduce them to the works of Shakespeare Although it can be a little gruesome in places Cooper writes with fantastic accuracy about what Elizabethan life would actually be like especially through the eyes of a modern The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society day child There is however room for characterevelopment of Elizabethan Nat although this opens oors for a class project along the lines of imagine you are Elizabethan Nat transported to modern times Write a iary entry as if you are him explaining how you feel and how life is ifferent for you The suggested age range for this book would be 10 11 years and could be used in a variety of ways in the classroom Described above is one option or it could be also used in a history project on the ifferences between Elizabethan and modern life Read several years ago reread now Rating Probably a 45 if we re going to be exactGoodness but this book is even better than I remembered This is excellent storytelling with extremely interesting characters well mostly Nat and Shakespeare but the others are all right As a first time reader of the novel I was fascinated with the Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) descriptions of Elizabethan England This time I was especiallyrawn to the characterization for Nat and Shakespeare and to the Gramatica de baza a limbii romane details about the magic of theater something I appreciate a lot now than Iid as a teenagerI was a little Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature disappointed at the end of the novel when Cooper simultaneously wrapped up a lot of loose ends eg howwhyid Nat get sent back through time and also left some things to suggestion like how view spoilerArby somehow manipulated circumstances to. WHAT'S NAT DOING IN SHAKESPEARE'S TIMEOnly in the world of the theater can Nat Field find an escape from the tragedies that have shadowed his young life So he is thrilled when he is chosen to join an American rama troupe traveling to London to perform A Midsummer

Have Nat sent through time With this foreknowledge he seems almost like an Old One from Cooper s Dark is Rising series hide spoiler Oh this is good The protagonist Nat Field is a young actor who has come over to play at the Globe with his company Somehow he goes to bed feeling ill and then wakes up in Shakespearean England With Shakespeare The rest of the novel is concerned with his adventures in this time period and also what happens when he returns to his normal lifeAnd like I said it s very very good There s a heartrending moment when Nat almost falls in love with Shakespeare and Cooper conveys this hero worship with kindness and a light nonjudgemental touch There s a lot of warmth throughout the text Nat and his love of his work and Cooper and her patent love for Shakespeare The ending is excellent genuinely so but I can see how it may prove ivisive It s admittedly stagey but that reflects the topic of the book uite well so I felt it fitted This is the only part where it lost a mark for me One of my pet hates with time travel or historic books is that the side Integrating Cleveland Baseball detail overwhelms the central thread of the story Didn t happen here Whatetail there was was very seamless and nicely interwoven Good work all round and well worth a read I love this book as much as i love Shakespeare which is a LOT It s a 5 star rating by far Warning When Nathan the mane part beside Shakespeare leaves the wonderful play write Shakepear i cried and i garenty you will to Nat has a tragic past but now has been chosen to be in an elite group of American boys and men who are going to act in the new Old Globe Shakespeare s own theater in England They are going to The Modern Drunkard's Adventures with Alcohol do it the old fashioned way with boys playing the parts of women While he is boarding with a kind family who puts him up while he is at the Old Globe well the new one he gets mysteriously ill and ends up actually working at the original Old Globe from 500 years prior to his life What has happened Will he ever recuperate from the trauma in his life He gets to act Puck in Midsummer alongside the actor whooes Oberonwho happens to be the author of the play What has caused this switch Will he ever get back to his time Will he ever feel whole again This is not one of Cooper s best books by any means The magical writing of her great series The Dark is rising is simply not present I remember being uite Grassroots Leviathan disappointed with it when I first read it However now I find it much In Susan Cooper s King of Shadows 20th century Shakespearean actor Nat Field s sojourn in historical 16th century London as an apprentice and under none other than William Shakespeare s tutelage at that and in the at that time newly constructed Globe Theatre having been mysteriously transported back in time from the 20th century well actually having been made to switch places with a 16th century apprentice of the same name ill with the bubonic plague is for all intents and purposes an engaging fun andelightfully informative romp Author Susan Cooper absolutely knows her history and 16th century London remarkably and magically comes alive under her pen from the sights the sounds even the smells of the city to how the Globe as a theatre works how it is run and managed And indeed having Nat speak in an Appalachian Voices and Veils drawl readialect is really and truly an ingenious narrative Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises device and tool considering that many linguists now surmise that standard Elizabethan English would have sounded rather similar to theialects and parlances of Appalachia and this factoid of course and naturally smoothes out potential problems of communication and comprehension as Nat Field 57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School due to his backgroundue to his hailing from Appalachian Tennessee is able to for the most part. Ight's Dream in a new replica of the famous Globe theaterShortly after arriving in England Nat goes to bed ill and awakens transported back in time four hundred years to another London and another production of A Midsummer Night's Dream Amid the bustle and excitemen.


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