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Mysteries What goes on in the world What goes on in a book What should go on in a book anyway At first I was flummoxed frustrated frazzled by this one An exercise in playful postmodernism at its worst I felt all experimental that readed phrase that too often becomes an excuse for this Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition doesn t have to make any sense Using the simple trappings of the fairy tale genre Roubaud introduces a number of characters both human animal sets various scenes establishes patterns with mock mathematical precision proceeds towell I m not sure exactly what There are stories within stories that never resolve anything recognizableependable is. A postmodern fairy tale might best A Love No Less Two Centuries of African American Love Letters describe Jacues Roubaud'selightful book The Princess Hoppy or The Tale of Labrador How else to Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century (Historical Studies of Urban America) describe a novel that reads like an Arthurian romance as rewritten by Lewis Carroll with enough math puzzles to keep the game reader busy with a calculator for months the tale concerns a princess her faithfulog who happens to be a wiz at math four royal uncles always plotting four royal aunts always potting a lovesick hedgehog named Bartleby two camels named North Dakota and South Dakota four The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion ducks whoouble as boats thus called The Billionaires Arranged Baby 3 doats and an amphibious blue whale named Barbara to name only a few Even the Sun has a speaking role There areramatic abductions aring rescues passages in hitherto untranscribed languages Dog Grasshopper Duck tales of unreuited love allegorical interludes poems a playlet and much But no suspend.

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Secret of everything stripping away all the silliness to arrive at a surprise eclaration of profound love Or not For such a gifted mathematician linguist historian and poet Jacues Roubaud is a wee Alien daftie This novelelights in wordplay maths problems storytelling tropes subverting the reader writer relationship with callisthenic nonsense prose whose games and riddles are either 10 Essential Survivor Secrets to Liberate Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse deeply imbedded or one great confidence trick Mr Roubaud is an accomplished prose poet and Oulipo legend whose Hortense novels might pigeonhole him as a postmodern prankster But his genius runseeper See for instance his latest book on Mathematics. A zany jeu 'esprit Washington Post Book World 12 19 93 Delightful and full of fun Cleveland Plain Dealer 12 12 93 One of the strangest books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading completely and finding that I had not uite fully understood just what it is I was reading is Jacues Roubaud's The Princess Hoppy Roubaud takes advantage of language expectations of heroic fairy tales and postmodern perspective to create a story rife with intrigue suspense and mathematical puzzles The Princess Hoppy is an irreverent trip through out collective consciousness with elements familiar to everyone but with a bizarre twist making us realize just how it is we go about reading stories I have found the story to be educational and simultaneously fabulously entertaining This is one book that will be read many times and recommended as a positive and fun read Texture

Liable to change at any moment It s enough to rive you batty Why go thru with it at all Then a revelation By the ending my sensibilities expectations became so completely fried that I just embraced the chaos went with the flow as it were which just got exponentially wackier climaxing in a hilarious series of review uestions that are as pointless as they are ridiculous Justify the choice of bone varieties hidden by the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused dog unbelievably had me going back to the beginning to start all over again with my fresh attitude outlook The whole thing is book ended by a pronouncement from the tale tail itself that may contain the entire. Ers the author promises Finally there are 79 uestions for readers of the novel to see how closely they've been paying attention—for ultimately The Princess Hoppy is a giddy inuiry into how we read literary works It is both an old fashioned tale and an ultramodern hypertext the oldest and the latest thing in fiction Exhilarating The chief pleasures of this book are its narrative inventiveness and vigorously related amusing parodies excellently translated by Bernard Hoepffner Mr Roubaud is a vivid and charming writer who seems to smile as he makes esthetic and philosophical points about the autonomy of fiction and the illusory nature ofestiny He is over highly proficient at various forms of humor from the silly to the sophisticated When he oes satirize the vanities of society his touch is light and never meanspirited New York Times Book Review 9 26 93.

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Jacues Roubaud born 1932 in Caluire et Cuire RhĂ´ne is a French poet and mathematicianHe is a retired Mathematics professor from University of Paris X a retired Poetry professor from EHESS and a member of the Oulipo group he has also published poetry plays novels and translated English poetry and books into French such as Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the SnarkRoubaud's fiction often su

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