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T A must read for everyone that leads teams or want to do so effectively Another great masterpiece from Jeb Totally worth the read Very easy to understand Great for anyone wanting to shape up their leadership skills Really good read beneficial for any audience It has realistic information and focuses on the necessary pieces it doesn t pretend that there is a silver bullet that you can just purchase My dad should have written this book He taught me all of this when I was Gh the use of personal power vs the power of authorityDiscover the fundamental on the job coaching skills that deliver instant performance improvementAuthor Jeb Blount is the most downloaded sales expert in iTunes history; his Sales Gravy and Sales Guy audio programs have been downloaded than 3 million timesWhen all else is stripped away people don't work for companies paychecks perks or slogans people work for you Become a manager people will follow and lead your team to greater achievements and measurable gains.

Good sales management material and ideas It was a good book to read I will read it again Wonderful powerful message for those who have the honor of leading others Many messages here that I ve learned over the years including putting your people first we which had used at EY to great effect for a number of years Great lessons to be learned in a relatively short time thankfully the author doesn t go on and on just to make a larger book You can get what you need and get on wi. Discover the secrets to influencing the performance of the people you leadManagers don't get paid for what they do but rather for the performance of their people; therefore a manager's most important job is coaching behaviors in order to improve performance In People Follow You managers will learn five easily understood and implemented levers critical to influencing the performance of the people they lead Ultimately people follow people that they like trust and believe in Understand how to build stronger relation.

Th leading your team Basic premise of the book people do not follow vision statements strategic plans or paychecks People follow leaders This little book guides leaders through understanding how to help others follow you It is a very practical and helpful in its suggestions While not life altering I would certainly recommend this book for those in leadership positions as every person will have at least one takeaway from it Great tips on leadership for all managers Excellen. Ships with direct and indirect reports that lead to loyalty higher productivity and long term developmentRelevant to middle and high level managers People Follow You provides a foundation for managing people Practical lessons help managers employ winning interpersonal skills to move others to take actionLearn how to leverage the basics of interpersonal relationships to inspire others to take actionGet a simple and actionable formula for connecting with employees and indirect reports and gaining their buy in throu.

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PDF KINDLE (People Follow You)

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