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Ng yourselves also in the body Hebrews 133 Well documented and esearched book Although there s a lot of information it is very easy to ead A very sobering and enlightening ead of the plight of many Christians in China and the witness they provide to the world and for the Gospel. Yrdoms This moving Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction read will motivateeaders today to have a closer walk with and a deeper commitment to Christ God's time is now and China is experiencing a ich harvest that has grown out of the ground watered by the tears and blood of these martyrs From the Foreword by Brother

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Very moving book The stories of these martyrs collected together makes difficult eading I stopped for a while at about page 200 for sometime But I wanted to know about the history of Christianity in China in ecent history so began again a few days ago At this stage the book was ve. This vivid account describes the lives and deaths of over one thousand Christians who were martyred in China from 700 2004 AD An inspirational ead with 198 pictures and illustrations China's Christian Martyrs not only etells the facts of their lives but identifies the heart of eac.

EBOOK or EPUB China's Christian Martyrs

Ry difficult to put downIt breaks your heartas it should And you want to know why this is still happeningAnd perhaps just telling others about this persecution is the best thing to doAnd praying Remember them that are in bonds as bound with them and them which suffer adversity as bei. H person's love for the Lord Jesus To help the eader understand what was happening in China at the time the book is laid out in chronological order and includes many final letters and statements made before death as well as the historical context and incidents leading to these mart.

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