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For me There wasn t enough to ground it Vicky supposedly had this amazing stupendous talent The Catholic Home for dress making which was irrelevant because gypsy wives can t work so it just didn t go anywhere Vicky didn t want to leave heramily leave her camp so anything else was a moot point The whole book was if I m honest a moot point I got to the end and I Sarah Binks felt disappointed in all that had happened because nothing of note had really happened It all sort of just tailed off It s like Gypsy Wedding wanted to be about a gypsy girlinding love outside of her amily outside of her camp But then Kate Lace changed her mind halfway through and what we got was something that went neither here nor there The book was a uick read but it didn t tell me anything The gypsy side of it was mainly all bad things rankly with everything Vicky couldn t do Gypsy Wedding wasn t what I expected sadly and I m disappointed I didn t enjoy it The traveller community is very much an object of curiosity today after the success of TV programmes such as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding I do not trust these programmes to satisfy my curiosity however in this novel I was hoping Too Many Puppies! for a romance that did not glide over the potentialor conflict and prejudice in the story of Vicky a carefully brought up teenager The Wanderers from a travelleramily who makes a The Last Dickens foray into the wider world Kate Lace does not disappoint within the romance genre sheaces up to the issues of prejudice directed at travellers and the problems Vicky encounters in growing up different Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes from her peers while also bringing out the solid virtues in this lifestyle as well as its constraints view spoilerThere has to be a stab of regret thoughor anyone who cares about euality of opportunity that she Takedown: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire finds her happy endingirmly back in the confines of her amily and community tradition with its strict gender roles hide spoiler The story was moderate Story line was a little unexpected but I can understand the Vick s choice There s some actions that she did which I do not approve of but it somehow reminds me of what would happen if I myself did that as I grew up in a strict amily too But maybe just not as strict as Vicky s Anyway happy ending so all is well just did not like this boo. Eel things she's never Diamantmysteriet felt before and her bestriend Kelly's life seems so much un than her own limited options But can she really turn her back on her riends and amily and survive in a hostile worldIn the year running up to her wedding Vicky is about to ind out that life outside the traveller community is a lot complicated than she'd thoug.

I know he worked as a chippy but really At such a young age in his twenties he was able to buy something so expensive Though what do I know Mainly whilst reading the book I just Torrent of Portyngale: Re-Edited from the Unique Ms. in the Chetham Library, Manchester (Classic Reprint) felt a sense of disbelief That gypsy girls aren t able to see the real world that they re so cossetted and wrapped in cotton wool that the real world is a shock to them That they have to marry so young that they don t have a choice or else they ll be left out in the cold I know that s the gypsy way but itelt harsh It The Pocket Mommy felt clinical The way they HAD to stick together the way they HAD to marry someonerom their trailer park It was like reading a book set in the 50s with women not able to work once marriedI also ound the synopsis to be ever so slightly misleading Vicky doesn t all in love with someone else There s no As If Being 12 3/4 Isnt Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! falling in love in the novel at all not really Marrying Liam is aait accompli as the novel opens no romantic proposal no declarations of love It was all very civilised And unromantic Then at college Vicky meets Jordan who is most definitely not a traveller It was like there was something there but there wasn t really because he had a girlfriend It was all a bit teenagerish As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! for me uiterankly Jordan was a bit of an idiot I certainly didn t see what Vicky allegedly saw He had a girlfriend his girlfriend Chloe was a total cow to Vicky but instead of breaking up with her because she was a cow Jordan gave her one chance and told her to lay off Vicky If Jordan HAD liked Vicky then he wouldn t have been with Chloe wouldn t have allowed her to treat Vicky like crap I Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos found that entire storyline to be completely silly Mainly because I was expecting a lot I was expecting Vicky to go to College and actuallyall in love with someone not just The Last of the Tribe feel wobbly because some really uite gross boy kissed her That s not love that s just A kissI would very much have preferred if Gypsy Wedding justocused on Vicky and Liam s wedding I can see what Kate Lace was trying to do with Jordan but it ell lat on its The Book of Air face theirst time we learned he was with Chloe And continued to be with her This could have been a wonderful novel a novel that showed us the gypsy culture in a lovely light But instead it didn t really work. Ing a dressmakerBut as she turns 17 the pressure is on or her and Liam to set a date or the wedding and suddenly Vicky is not so sure How can she give up her dreams and spend the rest of her life looking after Liam Especially as her classmate Jordan seems a ar exciting prospectWhat on earth is a girl to do She loves Liam but Jordan makes her

Kate Lace is an author I ve enjoyed in the past She s probably best known or her Little Black Dress novels but now that the imprint has closed down The Seduction of Miranda Prosper for the time being Kate has been snapped up by Random House and herirst novel with them is Gypsy Wedding Obviously gypsy mania has been spreading through the UK recently what with Channel 4 s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and similar programmes I loved the sound of Gypsy Wedding so when my copy The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy finally arrived it only took two weeks thanks postal service I was thrilled The bright pink cover with the mutli coloured writing really stands out and I couldn t wait to read itThe gypsy culture is one I know little about I know they live in caravans or trailers they tend to like horses and they stick to themselves My own personal idea of a gypsy is someone with longlowing clothes a beautiful swirly skirt tons of jewellery and beautiful curly long hair Despite all the negative press or gypsies I ind them ascinating Though I probably like the idea of a gypsy and my own personal view of them than what they re really like What I wasn t aware of is how young gypsies are when they marry when I saw the synopsis of Gypsy Wedding and saw Vicky was marrying Liam at 17 after getting engaged at 15 I was stunned Really They marry that young Apparently so Yet strangely despite the act Vicky is a teenager this is a Chick Lit novel And I suppose that s correct because Vicky is one of the oldest sounding teenagers ever it was only Vicky s petulance and constant referring to her being in college that reminded me of her age She could easily have been in her twentiesDespite my Elizabeth I fascination with all things gyspy the novel wasn t what I expected it to be For one the whole marrying as a teenager thing has put me off there s just something so weird about it I was also a teensy bit surprised at how rich all the gypsies were I meanor example Vicky s dad was a retired prize ighter and rom what I could tell didn t currently work during the novel and gypsy women aren t allowed to work yet he was able to pay Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley for two weddings Vicky s and Vicky s younger sister Shania I was a bit baffled by that Again Liam Vicky siance was able to buy a new trailer caravan to you and me. Brought up in a caravan on a settled trailer park Vicky could not be happier with her life At 15 she is engaged to her childhood riend Liam the handsomest man on the park Not only that but she can't help eeling she's got the balance of her life just right She's doing well at school and if she works hard she might even ulfill her dream of becom.

E–book/E–pub (Gypsy Wedding) by Kate Lace

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