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Notion that it might be useful as research if I ever wrote a book set in the Victorian era but since it is so difficult and confusing to read read the two paragraphs on how to announce visitors correctly if you want to melt your brain it might actually complicate matters further and since it is only one source who s to say if any of the contents are accurate The author certainly shares a ot of judgemental opinions about certain classes of servant and mistress etc but never gives their credentials for being the head of all knowledge on such matters Very informative nice شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى little book Loved the vintageooking cover. He actual services she is entitled to demand from each servant The servant will earn of what his or her duties strictly consi.

H help this would have actually been as a practical guide for either a Victorian mistress or servant since it is so confusing to read Clearly the ayout has been handled poorly it should have been set out by size of property not by title of servants since the servants are expected to cover such vastly different jobs depending on circumstance It s constantly saying this servant s job is this unless you have this servant in which case they do this unless you have this servant in which case they do this and that one does that unless over and over until your eyes bleed Anyway I have kept hold of this book with the vague. Objects from private collectionsThis work appeals eually to both mistress and servant A mistress will gather from its pages

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This is basically a reprint of a Victorian reference book and as such it is interesting if you Riding Hard like historical curios I think I picked it up many years ago in the gift shop of a museum or stately home However it is uite difficult to read Every single example given on what each type of servant is expected to do is riddled with clauses depending on what type of home youive in and how many servants you employ as this fairly small book tries to cover every conceivable home circumstance in Britain It makes reading the book for fun very repetitive and only possible in tiny tiny chunks at a time and I m not sure how muc. This guide was originally published in 1894 This new edition contains new illustrations and photographs of Victorian household.

The Duties of Servants (NEW)

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