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Rtually no risk in profiting from fraudulently claiming copyright in public domain worksThe author s proposed solutions seem a bit too idealistic for any realistic hope for success but I suppose we have to start somewhere If you really care about protecting your rights in using and not just buying and selling intellectual property you should read this book Lots of legal se in the last third of the book Mazzone thinks the real problem with copyright is that owners claim rights than they have and impede creative xpress Changed my thinking in some fundamental ways greatly deepened refined my understanding of the contemporary IP law practices scene Very useful grrrrr IP law makes me ma. Not to change the scope or content of intellectual property rights but to create mechanisms to prevent people asserting rights beyond those they legitimately possessWhile there are many other books on intellectual property this is the first to xamine overreaching as a distinct problem and to show how to solve it Jason Mazzone makes a series of timely proposals by which government organizations and ordinary people can stand up to creators and content providers when they seek to grab than the law gives th.

This book was fine An obvious corrective to predominate ways of thinking about copyright overreaching ownership and licensing A good primer on the topic Makes me think about 2013 and fetishizing ownerships property Seductive Surrender etc on the one hand and the tacit and impliedconomic relations we are constantly already in and how Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, entangled one actually is The workach chapter actually nds with a reasonable call to arms for public comportment towards the assumption of fair use and public domain the law prosecuting overreaching and legislation to reflect and better define copyright as an xception not the ruleFuck the man good An important book for writers and other creative types to understand just. Intellectual property law in the United States does not work well and it needs to be reformed but not for the reasons given by most critics The issue is not that intellectual property rights are too asily obtained too broad in scope and too long in duration Rather the primary problem is overreaching by publishers producers artists and others who abuse intellectual property law by claiming stronger rights than the law actually gives them From copyfraud like phony copyright notices attached to the US Cons.

What is fair use and how it is being crippled by large corporations and other corrupt actors But it is also an important resource for librarians and archivists of which I am one and veryone who reads listens to music watches movies in other words veryoneWritten by a law professor the book is sometimes heavy on legalistic arguments but it s mostly written in plain English with clear xplanations of what is good and bad in the way copyright and patent laws are applied The author argues for stronger The Deepest Sin enforcement of Fair Use and a level playing field between users and copyrightnforcers For xample in our present system there are severe penalties for ven minor copyright violations but vi. Titution to lawsuits designed to prevent people from poking fun at Barbie from controversies over digital sampling in hip hop to Major League Baseball's ubiuitous restriction on sharing any accounts and descriptions of this game overreaching claims of intellectual property rights are verywhereOverreaching interferes with legitimate uses and reproduction of a wide variety of works imposes normous social and conomic costs and ultimately undermines creative ndeavors As this book reveals the solution is.

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Pdf New Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law BY Jason Mazzone

Jason Mazzone7 on Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law