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A prolific reviewer for many reasons one of which is that I really don t ike spoilers How to take a well worn tried and trusted premise and somehow hide the fact it is just of the same has been rehashed a thousand times before verbiage none of us should ever be forced to read I m pleased to say none of those things is a problem with Oblivion s Forge by Simon Williams and thus this reviewOblivion s Forge is interesting well written and magnificently original It is also of sufficient complexity to keep any reader guessing Simon Williams When Red Cried Wolf lays down the threads of his epic Fantasy series masterfully This is something readers should bear in mind before beginning the journey Oblivion s Forge is only the first book in an epic series Right from the outset youl find yourself visualizing the completed picture You l also find yourself constantly revising the image as each new thread adds in another ayer Something nasty awaits you know it you imagine it you anticipate it and Simon Williams gradually reveals it Each new character is uniue and each new character is conflicted Who is good and who is bad remains unclear throughout Expect redeemable villains and flawed heroes further expect to be confused as to which category each new character belongsSimon Williams writing is detailed and thought provoking so expect to be provokedOthers who have reviewed Oblivion s Forge have described it as Dark Fantasy I don t see it that way at all To me the work is full of hope Yes the characters inhabit a grim corrupted world but all of them even the most delusional are striving to make the best of their situation Each of them believes they are on the correct side Note I did not say the right side Since each strives for success why does the writing deserve to be The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing labeled dark If you enjoy complex deep and substantive writing then Oblivion s Forge deserves a place on your readingist Oblivion s Forge deserves to be read with a conscious eye to the finer detailsAre there things about Oblivion s Forge I didn t Song of the Forest like Of course however they are mitigated by the scope of Simon Williams vision for his series of which this is just the first book I found myself irritated to discover several brand new characters introduced in the closing stages of the work I feared Simon had run out of original ideas and that these new characters would be used as a deus ex machina device to wrap up the story Thankfully my fears proved unfoundedNo I m not going to tell why it is justifiable for new characters to be introduced in the closing pages of a book to find that out youl have to read Oblivion s Forge yourself So put on your thinking cap along with your clairvoyants cape and prepare for a particularly interesting journeyAlso remember to pack your hindsight goggles you re going to be using them a otBottom ine There are books in the Aona series and I will be returning to visit Aona as I traverse their pages And if they re as good as Oblivion s Forge I might even review them Absolutely excellent My review will follow shortly Oblivion s Forge By Simon WilliamsThis is a dark mysterious and gripping first instalment of the Aona Trilogy The story begins when Vornen Starbrook the main protagonist who is wounded and found by a mysterious ady named Ona and is slowly nursed back to health by the Chulan people Vornen tries his best to remember what he saw when Ona uestions him as he recalls a number of ambiguous flashbacks however all he can recollect is the opening and closing of gates and stars that were not of their world he also heard voices that didn t belong to any creature or any ife form that he could understand and then suddenly he remembers a name Marandaal to which the voices belong They are coming here they want the world for their own Meanwhile there is madness terrifying visions and unexplainable disease spreading throughout the villages and an overall sense of hopelessness and doom threatening to destroy the villager s existence SWilliams introduces the reader to a number of memorable characters all of which are conflicted with their own issues to a certain degree The narrative is well written and captures the characters hope fear and anticipation all at the same time while provoking the reader to finish the first instalment and start the next one immediatelySWilliams is a genius story teller and a master of depicting things of an un natural nature Oblivion s Forge is unforgettable speculativefantasy fiction at its very best and deserves to be ranked at the top My Rank5 Stars This was an author forward I ran into either in one of my sci fi fantasy over groups or on fb can t remember which Regardless this novel had me enthralled from as early as the sample pages Usually when a peice is inexpensive one can expect flawed editing or a ack of real author enthusiasm but this story was not only well written and pretty much flawless it was talented and interesting It s rare to find such treasures and Simon Williams series works will be among those I follow from today forward It was well paced action with Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights lyrical description and a plot well crafted If youike sciencefictionfantasy at all check this one out. Aona's secrets rise to do battle with their foes remorseless destroyers of world after world throughout the known Existen.

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Ll and prepared to do whatever it takes to please whichever religionfaction they serve I d say good and evil aren t clear cut Certainly a surprise twist where a villain becomes an unwitting hero shakes the reader s ideas of good and evil and who serves whomThe author gives many hints of what is to come who REALLY runs the show and a dark history It helps to know this is the first book of the series and so I hope unanswered uestions will be addressed in Still Life with Chickens later booksCharacters There are a LOT of characters in this book and some play a far greater role than others as one would expect However the point of view jumps around and in places I found it hard to keep up with who was doing what Vornen the main male character is most interesting He has a dark and mysterious past which weearn a Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea little about Haunted by the Gates which have appeared he is not his own man and he is uite fatalist with good reason I had aot of time for this character he is brave in his own way and decent at Paradox Bound least in a world which is being torn apart His befriending of aost pilgrim eads to monumental events He also has his flaws which makes him both worthy of pity and respect in eual measureThe shifting point of view was distracting and unless I missed something which is certainly possible at east one of the characters seemed to disappear Writing There is some wonderful imagery The world is painted well enough to give the reader a taste but not too much that it detracts from the story telling There were a few technical issues but they were a few and overall didn t diminish the reading experience for me In places the prose is almost poeticOn the downside I d say the STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare last couple of chapters where unnecessary unless as aead in for the ater books The problem was fixed sort of and suddenly a character we meet mid way and doesn t seem that important suddenly comes to the fore with her master It reads as the start of a new book to me at eastOVERALLA good read with a rich complex world intriguing plot and fine characters A bit hard to keep up with the rapidly shifting point of view to be fair to the author I was reading this over a relatively Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays long period but certainly engaging enough to keep me reading The plot itself pulled the reader in as one found oneself cheering the heroes along as they struggled in a world of chaos and strife and curious about what it was making the midden hit the windmill JI d recommend this author for fans of dark fantasy dystopia and dark fiction Il be picking up Mr William s other books for sure and continuing to Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All learn the fate of Aona I will start by saying that the author s style in some respects reminded me of Terry Goodkind and he was an author whose work I really enjoyed so needless to say for me this was a good readThe author creates a multitude of diverse characters and the story follows three main ones whose journey takes them on very different paths this of course means we are presented with a rare opportunity to witness different events and piece together the information each of them know to come to a greater understanding about what exactly is happening on Aona I particularly enjoyed how real the characters were each of them as any one does has their own vices and flaws which play a role in shaping themThroughout the story weearn much of the world and the conflicts of old there has clearly been a great deal of thought put into the races their backgrounds alliances and history not to mention the plot which ties everything together so wellI can t really put too much about the story and events as they will spoil the reading experience for anyone who buys it but it is certainly well presented and drives the reader forward Last night I was so close to the end I couldn t bring myself to put it down as I just had to know what happened this of course meant a very What a Lass Wants late night for me but it was worth every minuteI would recommend this book to adults who enjoy reading fantasy especially fantasy with a darker twist This is a wonderfully written first book in a series of five The detail contained is huge and is a book you will want to savour and not race through There is a vast array of well described and developed characters with the setting as engrossing as the characters themselves and their stories As I was reading this I felt myself thinking that there was a strain of Tolkien in the backgroundIt has an amazingly intricate and complex Good v Evil storyline to it To give a full review without giving away some of the plot is very difficult as it is so tightly entwined There are some great characters I reallyiked the diversity and memorable nature of those such as Vornen Jaana Iyoth Lyya and Amethyst to name a fewIf in a story you ove and relish grim gripping addictive sorcery portals assassins mysterious foul and unwholesome beings shadows and this is only scratching the surface then you will really want to read thisI would highly recommend this book to readers of Dark Fantasy I ook forward to reading the rest of this series in the future I would ike to say a big Thank You to Simon for bringing this book to my attention for my honest and unbiased review I am not. R races of this world will all be swept up in a struggle for survival as their ancient malevolent masters guardians of all.

For those seeking comfort fantasy Simon Williams Oblivion s Forge is probably not what you are ooking for For The League for the Suppression of Celery lovers of Dark Fantasy this book is a rare and delightful find On a grand scale Aona is a world caught in a war between two evil factions Regardless of which faction wins it is unlikely the plight of the races populating this world will improve Mr Williams has chosen to present this world and its strife through the eyes of several characters each caught in the conflict unable to escape Through their stories the tale unfolds with mounting and unrelenting tension Oblivion s Forge explores new areas of Fantasy in an edgy and engaging manner that makes this a book hard to put down There are no shining heroes or beautiful trembling maidens But there are a several very real characters manipulated by powers beyond their control striving to find ways to cope Through his words Mr Williams forces the reader to contemplate how they would react in these circumstances and to wonder if they could survive I can t wait to dive into Secret Roads the seuel to this great book Oblivion s Forge the first instalment of the Aona Trilogy is a highly original work free of the clich d characters one expects of a fantasy work Instead the author populates this cold bitter hostile and dilapidated world with deeply flawed all too human individualsThe main protagonist Vornen is an individual banished and disowned by his own people someone cursed with Gate sight the ability to see portals between dimensions and a violent madman aunatic and a wastrel An epic tale of dark fantasyAuthor Simon Williams has skilfully created the dark world of Aona in the first of the epic series It is a bleak medieval other world of dark shadows and mysterious forces where witches sorcerers and warlocks abound Among the many characters Voren travels in search of The Gates which he is drawn towards Amethyst is cursed by a witch to seek out a mysterious girl who resides within herself Jaana aments the oss of her healing skills Each have their own demons which they struggle to overcome The story Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery line is intricate and some of the threads are woven together in a complex pattern I had to step out of my genre to enter this mysterious world of dark fantasy but I m glad I did and found myself gradually but surely drawn into this epic tale It has an apocalyptic theme with dark forces that emerge in shadowy forms as the people of this world await madness and death Oblivion s Forge is only the first book of the Aona Series and Iook forward to reading the seuels and the final conclusion A very absorbing read from a skilful author When I review a book I seldom paraphrase the plot as others do I don t wish to give anything away or to sway the reader to experience the context of the story in any particular direction That is an intimate experience reserved for reader and author alone What my reviews will impress upon you is what makes or breaks the book underneath the plotAside from the amazing and complex plot Simon writes with a passion for the craft and his world creation is rich and uniue Though I believe that Simon s writing rivals that of Goodkind and Jordan Oblivions Forge Is not the same old story redone in slight ways ike Terry Goodkind s Sword of Truth series vs Robert Jordan s Wheel of Time series The similarities in those two plots are eerily similar Oblivion s Forge however is a compelling original read Uniue plot ines characters and races drive the novel From the first chapter the author s writing made me envious and the story as the images that Simon s words paint took The Day Fidel Died life inside my mind grasped me with both hands and pulled me into his world The author has an uncanny way of making the reader become part of his imagination a character struggling for survival in the chaos that consumes AonaSimon s writing is highlighted by vivid description brilliant word choices and amazing moments of awe inspiring prose The characters are three dimensional and come toife on the page Their plights are powerful page turning entities Some books and characters the very well written ones have the power to resonate with me ong after the reading is done That s how you know the work is of uality Several nights between chapters of Oblivion s Forge as I was drifting to sleep my dreams would take me to Aona and I would become a character in this world seeking understanding and salvationConsider etting go of old notions and experience a new way of perceiving the fantasy genre with Oblivion s Forge This is an epic adventure I have said it before and I l say it again this is one of those works that I wish I d written 4 starsLet me start out by saying I enjoyed this bookWorld The world of Aona is very intriguing with a rich and ong history of which the reader gets enough of a peek at to draw one in It s a complex world with various races and factions magic users peasants tyrants and heroes Most of whom don t Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge like one another much Aona is a world of half forgotten myth and ill remembered gods And it seems such mystical beings are set to returnOblivion s Forge is dark with a world on the edge of apocalypse many people in thra. For thousands of years they have sought the world from which they were cast out Now atast Aona has been found The younge.

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