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(EBOOK / KINDLE) Churches That Abuse By Ronald M. Enroth

T about 80% through This book is certainly an interesting read you get to read about all these terrible cults and how strong well intentioned Christians are lured away by false teachers However it does get a bit redundant spicy cult story followed by a red flag repeat Maybe I ll pick it up again in the future I used this book as a secondary source for a capstone paper It was sufficient for that task but not awesome Although the case studies are somewhat interesting I would have liked to read a bit about the psychological and sociological aspects of spiritual abuse without having to dig through personal accounts that were irrelevant to my research In short the content is okay but the format sucks I reserve a single star for books that are fundamentally misleading AND poorly written This book is only the latter It is heavy on exemplary stories and light on analysis leading to application This improves towards the end As the reader the best I get is the application of category labels from psychological science not a bad thing but very very little examination of the dynamics that underlie those labels I realize the author is likely attempting to appeal to a readership that isn t interested in learning social psychology but that leaves the reader in the position of taking the author s word for it which seems likely to produce anxious readers who hear the warning sound but won t produce discerning readers how can weigh the strengths. Nd spiritual intimidation warns and informs readers about such organizations naming names and.

And weakness of their own assemblies wiselyThe warning of the book constantly implied and but rarely stated explicitly is that God s people s discernment rests on mutual accountability under the Word of God Every example in the book reveals a leader who is deceived by their own interpretations and whose style of leadership limits their followers opportunity to subject those teachings to the examination of Holy ScriptureGiven the excesses described in the excessive number of vignettes that warning of the book is the most important takeaway So I do not uestion the importance of and need for a book like this one just not this one It s a bit dated and weak on how to help people who are coming out of a spiritually abusive church definitely jaw dropping awful stories about abuse in the church I felt uncomfortable with how many stories since it felt like I was reading tales of abuse rather then how to help people who were abused By far one of the most disturbing due to the highlighted case studies and eye opening books I ve read Some names included may be familiar A must read for any ministry leader as a reminder of how others can be affected by misguided spiritual leadership This was a hard read for me I mostly got it because I heard it mentions Potters House which is a big compound out where I live and wanted to learn about them Alas only two pages devoted to them I did learn a lot though about movements I didn t even now existe. Offering advice on identifying a fringe churchOnline version of text wwwcceluschurchestochtm.

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For those who were a part of abusive Christian religious groups or cults this blog offers some profound insight and affirmation of one s experience Even if the reader has eschewed Christianity or all religion it still offers valuable understanding and does not attempt to bring ex Christians back to the fold Rather it is a sober look at how religions can cause serious harm when leaders exercise power over others This was recommended to me and I was hesitant to read it but I m so glad I did I feel like I ve been validated in many ways I don t like the phrase Must Read but for those involved in ministry this is an easy yet painful read The church is meant to be a place of community and healing but can all to easily become something very different The book is story driven but with good guidance as far as the characteristics and causes of abusive leadership within a church This is a great book if you are interested in hearing stories about cultoccult victims However this book is a bit outdated and not what I expected it to be about based off of the title Specifically where it states help for those hurt by It isn t a helpful book as far as recovery goes but so helps you identify common red flags within these groups One of my favorite and most helpful uotes in this book for me was actually in the preface Those who make it hardest to be a Christian in this world are the other Christians I ll admit I didn t finish this book I made A look at churches that practice authoritarian leadership manipulation excessive discipline

Ronald M. Enroth on Churches That Abuse