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Ng If just the over the top descriptions of scenes and situations and people were cut the book would be a delight to read Was there an editor involved Because this feels like a second draft that was spell checked and then published Here is a simple thing the author should do in future KILL THE ADVERB. Se of humor; an ancient secret society; a hypnotic and painfully mysterious golden electricity fountain; a curious and rather persistent turuoise vegetable; amorous wristwatches; a blossoming romance and a dissolving friendship; the infamous and maligned has been artist 'Rico Corrigone and a marmot named Chopin This much can be said for certain no one touched by Graham Sebastian's odyssey will emerge unscathe.

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Of my time skimming to get to the good parts which were VERY GOOD I ve gotta say One redraft with a harsh red pen would bump this up to four or five stars A story that could have been much better lovely characters great plot but o my god the book just does not end excessive description too much telli. Mons from the immortal protector of time itself one naive fry cook signs on for a misguided expedition in search of his destiny and something else Accompanied by his hell bent theology professor and a silent assassin with a fanny pack Graham Sebastian will become entangled in something much bigger than himself an eons old scheme that will before all's said and done involve a celestial being with a twisted sen.

Good story line but very hard to follow in some parts Bizarre nonsensical wickedly clever and great fun from beginning to end if ou can bear through the bloated prose and constant waffle A good editor could easily chop out a third of this book and turn it into a uirky classic As it is I spent most. Who is Timeface What is Timeface No one knows but Graham Sebastian or at least that's what he thinks Armed with this secret knowledge and little else Sebastian will undergo a cosmically absurd tribulation in this sprawling arn that's sort of about everything it's a pulpy science fiction adventure a bizarre comedy a tragedy and a love story with bits of horror tossed in for good measure After an impromptu sum.

PDF READ Face Time with Timeface Author Ryan Everett Felton

In the third grade Ryan Everett Felton was honored with an inkjet printer certificate from NASA for writing an outstanding mnemonic device intended to help students memorize the moons of Jupiter To this day he remembers that my ape ate ten icky ewwie gooey corn cobs but can't for the life of him remember a single Jupiterian moon

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