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The Myth of the Garage And Other Minor Surprises (PDF)

It is a bit old book but the ideas are still uite relevant The book itself is a compilation of blog osts so the chapters are not tightly coupled to a theme For that matter the title of the book doesn t seem to fit well on many chaptersHowever despite some of these issues it is a good reading for business leaders roduct builders and entrepreneurs alike It is a short book so good reading I A couple of hours This was a really interesting collection of reviously ublished web articles While the focus was on business the rincipals were always applicable to life on a larger scale It would be an excellent book club País íntim pick It was a uick interesting read with lots of discussionossibilities Eye opening and thought Under Lock and Key provoking collection of essays written in a fun to read style I ll definitely read from Chip and Dan Heath My favorite essays were The Horror of Mutual Funds after reading this I immediately looked at my 401k From Chip and Dan Heath the bestselling authors of Switch and Made to Stick comes The Myth of the Garage And Other Minor Surprises a collection of the authors’ best columns for Fast Company magazine 16ieces in all lus a reviously unpublished iece entitled “The Future Fails Again”In Myth the Heath brothers tac.

Nd changed my future investments to an index fund From the Annals of Unlikely Must See Compliance Videos this inspired me to think of ways to improve our boring safety meetings at work The Curse of Incentives I love stories about how upper management screws up and Get Back in the Box having contraints can actually make you creative than if you just start with a blank age A short and fun book to read that Something Wicked puts some bold ideas forth Not all of them may be usefull to everyone but still the short length andrice tag which is free guarranties a read You can download the book for free from the authors website This is a collection of their favorite columns they wrote for Fast Company Magazine from 2007 to 2011I have to say I had no idea what I was getting Another how to book A book about someone s so called deep intellectual thoughts on the way things should be Nope I really liked this audio bookThis was a what you need. Kle some of the most and least important issues in the modern business world • Why you should never buy another mutual fund “The Horror of Mutual Funds” • Why your gut may be ethical than your brain “In Defense of Feelings” • How to communicate with numbers in a way that changes decisions “The Gripping

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To make your business grow and be successful though common sense and mostly over looked Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover philosophies Not reallyhilosophies but thoughtful business Freud and His Followers practices Dan Heath and Chip Heath have created a how to build a business book that is funny and full of great ideas that you can honestly use in everyday situations as well For me most business book like this are dry as butter less toast but I enjoyed listening to the various situations and examples followed by their insightI really appreciated how their book stayed current with topics like Why Second Life Failed Sometime business books seem not to notice or the authors have no idea there is a thriving business online and it is real Not just aassing fadSome of them are extremely opinionated We will insist that you never buy another mutual fund and the horror of mutual funds We will call out some of the sleaziest marketers of modern times by name Dan Heath s introductio. Tatistic” • Why the “Next Big Thing” often isn’t “The Future Fails Again” • Why you may someday Pjesme pay 300 for aair of socks “The Inevitability of 300 Socks” • And 12 others Punchy entertaining and full of unexpected insights the collection is the erfect companion for a short flight or a long meeti.

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