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(Ebook/PDF) Fantastic Four 330–336 USA Ð Steve Englehart

O firm con seud nimo m s el principio de la etapa de Simonson Incluye secci n de correo noticias y otros extras t picos de la poca Tomo 20 de los tacos de 4F aunue sin numeraci n frontal visible. Los Cuatro Fantásticos de Forum Estos a su vez traducíaan los números USA Fantastic Four 330 a 33.

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John HarknessSteve Englehart went to Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut After a stint in the Army he moved to New York and began to write for Marvel Comics That led to long runs on Captain America The Hulk The Avengers Dr Strange and a dozen other titles Midway through that period he moved to California where he remains and met and married his wife TerryHe was finally hired away from Marvel by DC Comics to be their lead writer and revamp their core characters Superman Batman Wonder Woman Flash and Green Lantern He did but he also wrote a solo Batman series immediately dubbed the definitive version that later became Warner Brothers' first Batman film the good oneAfter that he left comics for a time traveled in Europe for a year wrote a novel The Point Man™ and came back to design video games for Atari ET Garfield But he still liked comics so he created Coyote™ which within its first year was rated one of America's ten best series Other projects he owned Scorpio Rose™ The Djinn™ were mixed with company series Green Lantern with Joe Staton Silver Surfer Fantastic Four Meanwhile he continued his game design for Activision Electronic Arts Sega and BrøderbundAnd once he and Terry had their two sons Alex and Eric he naturally told them stories Rustle's Christmas Adventure was first devised for them He went on to add a run of mid grade books to his bibliography including the DNAgers™ adventure series and Countdown to Flight a biography of the Wright brothers selected by NASA as the basis for their school curriculum on the invention of the airplaneIn 1992 Steve was asked to co create a comics pantheon called the Ultraverse One of his contributions The Night Man became not only a successful comics series but also a television show That led to Hollywood work including animated series such as Street Fighter GI Joe and Team Atlantis for Disney

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