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PinionIn the nd I felt a little frustrated because Fromme remains a cipher to me Perhaps the author felt the same way and Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America expressed that in his work This is a very comprehensive book on the life of Lynette Sueaky Fromme What I really liked was reading her life in the context of the late 60s andarly 70s Meeting Manson the Vietnam War her hate of Nixon and love for the nvironment and the trees is all clearly mphasized In fact it appears that Sueaky was one of the first Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) eco terrorists ready to kill to save the treesShe was anxtremely intelligent and well spoken woman During the trial she argued for herself like a lawyer She most likely approved and masterminded many of the Manson killings but never participated in the brutal slayings To the nd she felt justified with verything she did Perhaps she had a bad case of survivor s guilt and used her trial as a platform to get Manson to testify in court and free those found guilty in the Tate LaBianca killingsI really think the whole Ford assassination attempt was a way to garner attention to the Manson cause I don t think she really planned to kill Ford she would have carried it outLynette Fromme was an intelligent woman with an motional capacity of an adolescent As a child she danced was into drama and spent a great deal on stage This continued on with her street corner displays and antics She had father issues as many of the Manson women did She was angry and full of hate against people but clearly loved the redwoods whales seals and natureThis is a thorough bio of a twisted woman who wanted and demanded attention for her causes It s just sad that a woman girl like Lynette wasted her life following a madman who most likely brainwashed her and came into her vulnerable life as a surrogate father Well written and very worthwhile read If there were an option for 3 12 stars that would be perfect First of all if you re not a Manson Family buff and yes I know that sounds strange but there are many of us who continue to find this the ultimate in true crime stories this book isn t for you It s very slow at first going through Lynnette Fromme s childhood Definitely a better ditor would have shortened this section which is important as it Foraging for Survival emphasizes her seemingly normal childhood andarly teens However once we get into the Manson years this book really begins to fly However I chose to read it because ven after all Borhood the counter culture of Los Angeles was thriving Lynette began getting interested in then became attracted to the freedoms of that world Little by little she began losing her way That day on the beach marked Lynette's introduction to the world of shade Charles Manson freshly released from prison became her guide to illegal drugs and social outcasts Over the course of a decade Lynette would change until she fo.

I was cast as Sueaky Fromme in the musical Assassins and I picked this book up along with lots of other sources so that I could study her and imitate as much of her being as possible without knowing her I njoyed the read This was a long one but I really Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries enjoyed it and I would add it to the pile of better Manson Family related books Some of the parts with the Ford trial were a bit slow but other than that it kept me pretty wellnraptured However I still feel like there s uite a few pieces missing about Sueaky that complete a full picture A complicated subject indeed Text removed because it was a huge pile of mbarrassing Livejournaly feelings ramble only tangentially related to the book under review which may have been appropriate when this Goodreads account was just a dumping ground for my miscellaneous personal wankery but is less so now that I m trying to use the site as it was intended Anyway this is a good book and I do recommend it to anyone who like me is fascinated by cults and the confusing ways they make us feel given our culturally instilled attitudes toward religion faith violence power tc come to think of it i never did finish this book as soon as seaky and accomplice i forgot her name were actually put in jail i got bored and started another book jesus my reviews are fascinating This is a very njoyable and well researched biographyIt is very thorough and so may not be as njoyable to people with only a passing interest in The Family There is not much new reported about The Family but the writing is good nough that you don t mind that you are treading familiar ground on the roughly 100 pages that deal with those years of Lynnette Fromme s life The other 300 pages provide a lot of insight into her youth and upbringing and her activities post 1970 Highly recommended for anyone with interest in Manson or The Family I was glad to come across this book and for the most part it held my interest There were parts that got repetitive or gave detail than the material seemed to justify I don t like an author telling me what to think about their subject but at times I wish he d taken a little of a stand The biggest xample is one of the big uestions did Fromme have any real intention of shooting Ford that day The short answer is that we will never really know but I wish the guy who spent a lot of time researching the subject would at least venture an In the One Ticket To Texas early 1950s Lynette Fromme's world was or less a paint by numbersxistence that millions of other suburban children were living in Southern California Red haired freckled and convivial she was the child of an in absentia workaholic father and a reclusive mother She sang in the school choir and her dance troupe performed before President Eisenhower As a young teenager she wrote forlorn poetry Beyond her neigh.

Hese years I m still stumped about what it is that his followers saw in Charles Manson I understand that he picked those who had specific needs to take into his family and perhaps Lyn has been his most loyal adherent After this book was published I saw that she has been paroled but could find no further info about her so I don t know whether she still at the age of 68 is loyal to himThe criminal part of this book pertains to her attempt to assassinate then President Gerald Ford It is uite obvious that she s an intelligent woman and she learned a lot about legal practice independently But throughout her trial it was uite obvious that than anything she wanted to bring in Manson as a witness The court refused to accommodate herAgain if you re a Manson buff this is your book If you re not it could ither lead you down that path with reuired reading being Helter Skelter or you ll put it down uickly I m glad I read it This is really a 2 12 star book I don t recommend it I came to the sad realization after reading it that Lynette Fromme didn t really deserve to have a book written about her I ve always thought you have to take anything thats been written about the so called Manson family whether pro or anti Manson with a huge grain of salt This book reuires less salt than anything I ve read pertaining to the Manson family to dateThe author paints a very sympathetic picture of Fromme I think the angle he is getting at is Manson was able to influence Fromme because she was looking for a Father figure type because her dad was motionally abusive neglectful and he strongly implies that Sueaky was sexually abused by him which Fromme has denied is true He also does a lot to show and Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy explain thenvironmentalecological activism and theories of the Manson family which I found interesting and a lot well grounded than Bugliosi s screwy helter skelter theory The nvironmental issues were the main focus and obsession of the Manson family not helter skelter in my own personal opinion I m giving this book 4 stars I m leaning toward giving it 5 but some the stuff on her trial for attempted murder on former President Gerald Ford drags a little although some of Frommes wacky courtroom behaviour during the trial is amusing I personally do not believe she had any intention on shooting Ford ither she was just was trying to draw attention to the nvironmental issues she was obsessed with. Und herself imprisoned for the term of her natural life in the custody of the Attorney General of the United States for attempting to assassinate then president Gerald Ford Meticulously researched for over three and a half years with hundreds of interviews and thousands of pages of testimony to review in Sueaky author Jess Bravin has created a psychosocial masterpiece of one American girl who ran away and ran too fa.

(PDF/EBOOK) Sueaky The Life and Times Of Lynette Alice Fromme ´ Jess Bravin

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