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Great book can t wait to read books by this author I really enjoyed Claimed by a Cowboy by Tanya Michaels Lorelei Keller has been busy working in the city and hasn t taken time to return to her hometown to visit her mother Wanda She then learns that her mother has passed away and returns home to take care of her mother s final affairs When she returns home she finds Sam Travis living in the BB that was owned by Wanda Fireworks start right away Then the fireworks turn into sparks of interest What I liked most about this book was the point on t put off visiting with your love ones because they might not be here tomorrow Lorelei learns this lesson a little to late Look forward to reading about Hill Country Heroes I stayed up half the night to finish this book because I simply couldn t put it Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy down Successful actuary Lorelei Keller has managed to stay far away from her hometown of Fredericksburg Texas But her mother s suddeneath forces her to return and Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, deal with a lifetime of regrets and the mysterious cowboy and handyman Sam Travis who has somehow managed to inherit the family Bed and Breakfast Lorelei and Sam are complex wellrawn characters with a colorful supporting cast including Lorelei s wacky New Age mother whom we meet only in memory and the plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns Will Lorelei be able to get back the Bed and Breakfast and return to her safe comfortable life And is sexy Sam a con man or heartbreaker or both I recommend you pick up a copy and find out for yourself Miniseries Hill Country Heroes 35 starsThe heroine Lorelei is pulled away from her comfortable corporatecity life when she hears that her mother has passed away She travels back to her small Texas home town Sam Travis Teaching white South African literature in high school doesn't like to be tiedown He's used to picking up work all around the Hill Country including odd jobs for Wanda Keller an older woman who treats him as a son When Wanda suddenly A Wish Your Heart Makes dies her estrangedaughter shows upand Lorelei Keller turn.

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R passes unexpectedly Lorelei rushes home and runs headlong into laconic Sam Travis a cowboy who often passes through the BB Lorelei s mom ran He can t understand why Lorelei would stay away from a mother who clearly loved her so very much especially not when his mother had abandoned him and foisted him on a gruff uncle When Lorelei s mom leaves the BB to Sam things really start to heat up between two people who are utterly convinced they have nothing in common Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) despite a mutual attraction that threatens to breakown their respective Loves Abuse Warrior Camp defenses Throw in a nosy matchmaking older lady who liberally spikes her coffee and aemonic cat and you have a vivid cast of characters in charming Fredericksburg Texas If you like strong and silent cowboys eccentric Texas characters a very opinionated cat and some serious sexual tension then this book is for you As always I m particularly partial to Michaels sense of humor in which Sam becomes Monosyllable Man and the cat s relationship to Satan is often uestioned It s the end though that got me Both characters have struggled with a great Contemporary African literature deal of loss and their struggle to accept loveespite a history of loss is especially poignant I enjoyed this book Sam was a footloose cowboy who 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners didn t want any commitments Heidn t want the inn when it was left to him Lorelei hadn t spent much time back in Fredericksburg because she Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) didn t have many good memories of it She came back expecting to only stay a feways and then leave When Sam challenged her to stay she Alt 38 Environmental Transformations did Sheidn t expect to come to like being back and she certainly Academic Skills didn t expect to fall for Sam I liked both characters and also liked some of the other folks in town also I m looking forward to the next book in the serie. Inherited her mother's B and B Did the sexy cowboy manipulate his way into her mother's heart Lorelei isetermined to clean up this mess and then get the heck out of Texas For good this timeBecause there's nothing to keep her there nowexcept maybe

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Ather reluctantly not wanting to be reminded of her unhappy childhood and her very Before the Door Closes difficult relationship with her mother When she gets there she is surprised to find Sam the hero at her mother s home Sam had built a strong friendship with Lorelei s mother and saw her as the mother he never had But no one is surprised than he when it turns out Lorelei s mother has left everything including her inn to Sam Lorelei though is than a little annoyed Sam knows that heoesn t have space in his life for running an inn but also oesn t want Lorelei to just sell it He also knows how much her mother adored Lorelei so he asks her to stay until after the town s annual festival as a sort of tribute to her mother and then he will give her the inn While Lorelei stays she and Sam spend a lot of time together and become very close she also begins to realise that her life is not as perfect as she thinks but neither she or Sam are willing to give up anything to have a future togetherI uite enjoyed this book there is a nice real feels to the story and it is written really well However that s not to say it idn t get on my nerves a little as it We Are Each Others Harvest did Iidn t really understand why the heroine has such a problem with her mother it wasn t really explained enough and the impression I They Left Great Marks on Me did get seemed a little shallow The hero makes this book he is perfect in every way complex yet open and very romanticThe relationship thatevelops between them is nicely portrayed it m Lorelei Keller is an actuary a woman who avoids taking risks by her very nature She has never felt at ease in her hometown where she was the nerd or in the presence of her mother a woman who leans on the spiritual almost to the exclusion of the practical When her mothe. S out to be than he bargained forPolished some might say uptight Lorelei left Fredericksburg in the ust years ago Coming home for her mom's funeral sends her into a tailspin of regrets But that's nothing compared to the shock of learning that Sam has.

Tanya Michaels is an award winning author of than thirty romance and women's fiction novels as well as numerous short stories and nonfiction essays She is a four time finalist for the prestigious RITA awarded annually by Romance Writers of America and was nominated for RT Book Review’s Career Achievement in Category Romance When she's not speaking at reader events and writer conferences

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