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One in six children rarely reads books outside of the classroom Many parents do not read stories to their children and many homes do not have books in them Stories and poems for these thousands of children are not a source of nchantment or Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities excitement Books are associated with school or worse they are associated with acute feelings of shame and frustrationI think my favouritessay was the first one Library Life by Zadie Smith She writes about the importance of her local library to her reading life and her ducation At a time when they are under threat she mphasises the lifeline that libraries are It has always been and always will be very difficult to Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between explain to people with money what it means not to have money Ifducation matters to you well why wouldn t you be willing to pay for them if you value them They are the kind of people who believe value can only be measured in moneyThe overwhelming majority of books I read as a child came from the library and I m sure that being able to browse there without anybody telling me what I should or shouldn t read The Day Christ Was Born engendered the passionate love of books and reading that s such a joy to me now and will be to thend of my lifeThe other 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set essay which I reallynjoyed was The Reading Revolution by Jane Davis Her biography at the front of the book says that she is the FounderDirector of The Reader Organisation a national charity bringing about a reading revolution by making it possible for people of all ages backgrounds and abilities to The Seventh Witch enjoy literature in a direct personal way The Reader Organisation hasstablished groups where people meet and read together out loud and discuss the book or poem as it is being read People interrupt with comments about the work itself or with any personal feelings that the reading might ve brought up It seems to be a very very informal and free flowing way of reading together Groups have been And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake established in schools prisons nursing homes in hospitals with psychiatric patients I thought thisssay was fascinating and I really admire Jane Davis who saw a need and did something about it She writes We must reposition literature in settings such as workplaces mental health services demential care homes looked after children services where its profound worth will be seen for what it really is the holder of human value human meaning and yes Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America even the secrets of the universe READING TRANSFORMS THE human brain which transforms the mind which transforms the life ofvery readerMarcel Proust characterised this heart of reading as that moment when th This was really like a 25 star read The Pocket Wife especially toward thend This is a non fiction book containing The Color of Our Sky essays by authors all about reading Over half the authors were unknown to me and theirssays were the most boring Part of that may have been due to the fact that they re unknown to me but a lot of it was because many of them talked about of the scientific aspects of reading rather than how reading has affected their lives in personal ways I was xpecting personal vignettes not dry scientific facts I found myself skimming much of the book and I was happy when I finally finished this book That s never a good sign 3 stars A bit wanky but Nichol. Iterature novels poetry because we need to make sense of our lives test our depths understand our joys and discover what humans are capable of Great books can provide companionship when we are lonely or peacefulness in the midst of an overcrowded daily life Reading provides a uniue kind of pleasure and no one should live.

Updated review 31 March 2016Two different occasions you have to read this book on If u r a reading aholic feeling that no one understands how much u love reading If u stopped reading for a while and u needed some nthusiasm to go back on track In sum it is the best illustration of Bibliomania people like us Obsession explaining why we love reading books and how they make us alive Some interesting and one or two annoyingly snobbyssays about the importance and pleasure of reading I find the aim of the collection a bit confusing though as for me they were preaching to the choir but surely the LAST thing someone who didn t like reading would pick up is a book of Cabaret: A Roman Riddle essays Thought the lastssay was very good at addressing reading and reading in the 21st century Vs most of the other ssays which simply schewed lectronic devices as reading s nemesis Though all of the All Roads Lead Home essays were well written and interesting in their own ways they had a beef And it was the Kindle Which is ironic because I read this bad boy on Kindle Thus feeling a stab of guilt as though I were cheating on books or the literary community throughout Loved all the brain science stuff I alwaysat that up And anything arguing FOR reading Yeah I m on board with that Bravo Reading is not just a languid pleasure I m improving my brain and compassion level people And since you clearly have a goodreads account you are too Way to be A book of 10 British authors and their ssays on the xperience and love of reading Some of these were uite good Zadie Smith Mark Haddon Jeanette Winterson some were terribly scientific and boring Throughout the book though I found little nuggets that I could relate to and realize there are others who feel the same way I do when I read I would love to say that reading possessed some of the special powers it is often claimed to possess not least the ability to soothe the troubled mind But when my mind is troubled like many people I find reading hard if not impossible and fiction in particular becomes a country from which I feel painfully xiled so that when I m able to read again it feels like coming home Mark HaddonOr this one Our love of reading manifests itself in a romantic attachment to the physical book A volume on a shelf becomes a kind of sacred relic Glancing at its spine spurs memories of the time in which it was read or of the motions it aroused Some readers The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis even rhapsodise Proust like about the way books smell They relish the ink and adhesives scent of a freshly printed book and the musty aroma of an old one Nicholas CarrAnd to think I was the only one in the world who loved the smell of books This is a book ofssay xtolling the virtues of reading They are by writers publishers and scientists writing about their personal xperiences with books of their beliefs about the benefits of reading and of the scientific vidence about what the act of reading does to our brains The introduction says that This year 2011 we learnt that there are many thousands of children across Britain who cannot read competently that there are thousands who leave primary school unable to put together basic sentences One in three teenagers reads only two books a year or fewer and. In any 24 hours there might be sleeping ating kids parents friends lovers work school travel deadlines mails phone calls Facebook Twitter the news the TV Playstation music movies sport responsibilities passions desires dreamsWhy should you stop what you're doing and read a bookPeople have always needed stories We need

As Carr author of The Shallows What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains saved it from less stars I liked the cover I judge books by covers That s OK Just the contents inside didn t live up to the cover p The title was convincing too Clever but overpromised and underdelivered Should have had a staid brown cover and been titled What Authors Love About Books And Reading Especially Classic Literature And Poems This book contains ten ssays by authors publishers and other passionate advocates of reading all giving reasons why reading is important if not ssential in our lives It talks about the thousands of children in our country who cannot read and write with competence and those who rarely read outside of the classroom The parents who do not read to their children the homes which do not have books Assuming you are browsing books on goodreads suggests you are a reader whether devoted or casual but this book aims to argue the importance of books and reading in all of our lives From Zadie Smith s portrayal of her family as chronic library users to Carmel Callil found of Virago writing of discovering her beloved fathers book collection after his death to the wonderful Michael Rosen discussing his father reading Dickens aloud on camping trips to Jane David attempting through her The Reader Organisation to bring the joys of reading aloud to those who may not have xperienced it before this is a book full of joy for the love of reading and the importance of literature and poetry in all of our lives There are also scientific arguments for the positive aspects for those who need to be convinced but reading has nriched my life so much that I could no sooner live without books than I could without food I suspect the same of you but ven if you need no convincing that books are great this is an ntertaining and important read in it s own right Not bad an interesting collection of ssays on the art and act of reading and on the necessity of literature If it s meant to convince you that reading is ssential it s preaching to the choir I don t know that many of the people who read this book would be inclined to disagree with the pronouncements I had to smile and shake my head at Carmen Callil s vehement disapproval of the book Reading a book on a Kindle or an Ipad is all very well in fact it is better than all very well it is splendidly practical but it is not the same A machine can never look like a book books are far beautiful Books are like gardens a Kindle or an iPad like a supermarket it makes life asier but one doesn t want to loiter in it You can fiddle with books Like gardens they can be wonderful to look at You can cuddle them and use them like a hot water bottle a machine can t do any of these thingsFor one I m uite certain that you can use a book as a hot water bottle And for another it s disingenuous to argue that the value of literature and prose is somehow cheapened because of the format it s presented in The theme of book is bad is present throughout the book which is disappointing and which unnecessarily dates the ssaysthe ones that are preoccupied with it lose any sense of timelessness in their discussions of the importance of literature. Without itIn the ten ssays in this book some of our finest authors and passionate advocates from the worlds of science publishing technology and social nterprise tell us about the xperience of reading why access to books should never be taken forgranted how reading transforms our brains and how literature can save live.

Pdf Stop What Youre Doing And Read This ¶ Mark Haddon

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Mark Haddon is a British novelist and poet best known for his 2003 novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time He was educated at Uppingham School and Merton College Oxford where he studied EnglishIn 2003 Haddon won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and in 2004 the Commonwealth Writers' Prize Overall Best First Book for his novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night t

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