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Nej tack S less p serier som d dar rleksintresset som n gon slags personlig utveckling eller motivation f r en man Kan inte s ga att det h r r min favorit av Gustafssons serie om den ockulta detektiven Viktor Kasparsson Tr igt nog r det till stor del p grund av att den r s fruktans A real good an. The year is 1924 Viktor Kasparsson works in a photo lab when he is sent out on an assignment where.

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KINDLE (Skräckens Ängel)

C images Reminds me sometimes a bit of Harrow County but this comic is paler in comparison The artwork is full of feeling and very appealing Oh some unintended rhyming there I m not very impressed by the storytellingdialog though The dialog is not convincing and the story feels like it s missing a lot. Ng in the place he has come to and he has to fight for his life against the terrible forces at wor.

D solid piece of swedish horror comics with well drawn illustrations and a story that actually becomes uite frightening att times The main character Kasparsson himself is also very easy to sympathize with which makes the whole experience even better Strongly recommended Artwork 4Storytelling 2Fantasti. He is supposed to take pictures from an airplane Soon he finds out that something is terrible wro.

Dennis Gustafsson on Skräckens Ängel