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Eleven Minutes is everything I was hoping for and So much Being inside Decker s mind when Delaney falls into the cold water was too much A tear might have fallen or two I won t deny nor confirm I just fell in love with Decker s character in Fractured He is so kind and strong and brave He is the boy next door without being cheesy and seriously hotI wish sooo bad that I absolutely loved Fracture and I have to confess to having a bit of a crush on Decker so I was excited when I found out about Eleven Minutes a free short story told from his perspective Decker tells his version of what happened during the eleven minutes that Delaney spent underwater and the six days that she spent in a coma after being rescued Although this is a short story it is an emotional read and one that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to endThis makes a reat introduction to Fracture so if you re not sure whether to try the book or not I m sure this will help you make up your mind I love Megan Miranda s writing style I loved her debut novel and I can t wait to see what she comes up with next I read this because it was at the end of my copy of fractured so why notI really don t like Decker I Sister of My Heart guess it was supposed to be redeeming to see him so sad anduilty but it wasn t I just think he takes Delaney for King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies granted in this and the novelI will not be rating thisRecommend for those continuing to the second book and want to see Delaney s death from a different perspective Originally posted on my blog A Book and a Latte I loved Megan Miranda s debut novel Fracture so I was excited to learn of Eleven Minutes Exclusive Tie In Story a 28 page ebook that is currently only available through the Fracture Facebook fan page This short tie in story to Fracture is written from Decker s POV and spans the eleven minutes after Delaney falls into the ice and the time she is in a coma I loved Decker in Fracture so this was a treat to read The story is mostly his inner dialogue of regret anduilt and his desperationhope for her to wake up Fracture is told from Delaney's perspective and if you've read the first two chapters you know that she falls through the ice in chapter one and she wakes up.

(EBOOK/PDF) Eleven Minutes Fracture #05 ¹ Megan Miranda

O pigeonhole it as paranormal but in actuality it is a medical thriller and that for this reviewer is a welcome first in YA Miranda has a medical background and has clearly done additional research From the moment Delany wakes from her coma the details of her condition reaction and rehabilitation are both real and frightening At it s core the story explores how little we know about the human brain and posits that many things may be possible in the untapped areas of our mind In Delany s case the ability to sense the dying an aspect of Fracture that is handled in a starkly realistic fashion and when read in the context of Delany s experience it becomes not a paranormal but a medical conditionThere is much in Fracture that is to be commended it s a perfectly formed story The ending is dark frightening and little is resolved yet there is no sense that it needs to be continued What is welcome however is the news existence of e book Eleven Minutes in which the same story is be told from the point of view of Decker After a book where the relationships are often disturbingly ambiguous and the protagonist unsure of her own identity the opportunity to see it all through different eyes is an exciting one If you are looking for a book that is different compelling and beautifully written then Fracture is the book to start 2012 with highly recommendedFull review soon at wwwmountainsofinsteadcom I know I say it often but I ll say it once again I love it when authors write a scene of a book from someone else s point of view I started reading the book Fracture today and I was intrigued to find what Decker went through during that space of time and so I decided not to wait for the end of the book to come and read this and I m Rescuing Gus glad I did because now I m into the story than before feeling like I have elements too on with the story This was a reasonable read but at times I struggled to stay with the story It was easy to put it down and hard to pick it up again At the end Eleven Minutes improved and uite an exciting final. E Because while it must be terrifying to be trapped under the ice it's a different kind of terror seeing your best friend trapped Especially if it's your faul.

Here s also a peak at his memories of Class of 92: Out of Our League growing up with Delaney and of their friendshipI always love reading stories from different points of view and being able to understand things from a different perspective I don t think it s necessary to read Fracture before this short story but I would recommend it I also really enjoyed reading Miranda s note at the end and why she was drawn to writing this type of storyIf you haven t read Fracture yet what are you waiting for Short story told from Decker POV during what happen at the lake and in the hospital I feel he was the only character who didn tive up on Delaney but wonder in this kind of situation of this is hopeless This is uite a strong theme for such a short snippet story Told from Decker s pov this 28 page story tells what happened the moment Delaney stood fell and Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story got pulled out of the iceIt shows the strong bond that Decker has for Delaney and also makes you wonder if he feels than he s letting onI enjoyed this pre uel but I kind of wish there was a little Like when he was making out with thatirl It s not mentionedOr even the way it s told This story is in 1st person POV but I think it would have been neater if he was telling Delaney the story Like if she had already woken up and was back home and he was telling her everythingWhile I enjoyed the boy s pov I also felt he was a bit too How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead girly I know my husband would have laughed at it He always says that boys act likeirls when written by women But I uess that s the way we like our fictional uysIt s a nice short story I feel I have a better understanding to the beginning of Fracture I don t think it matters if you read this story or the novel first I read the novel first which I think is the way I would personally recommend to people 35This was a nice little treat to et inside Decker s mind during the eleven minutes of hell We see Delaney plunge through the ice from his eyes and the chaos that follows A must read if you ve read Fracture Fracture is a fascinating book It would be all too easy 6 days later And what happens in between well that's Decker's story This is the story of those eleven minutes and the six days that follow from his perspectiv.

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