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Nashe along his uest to protect his younger sister Hazvinei the narrative constricts tighter and tighter until suddenly they like he are focused solely on her powerful dark presence and what misfortune it might bring upon the boy and the world around him I was utterly taken by this book Eames story telling pulled me in and I just kept turning the pages It s ritty in places very sad throughout and yet includes a compellingly strong spirit The tale is set during Zimbabwe s Second Chimurenga also known as the Rhodesian Bush War or the Zimbabwe Liberation War 1966 1979 and weaves together the everyday and extraordinary of civil war The tensions between urban and rural wealthy and poor male and female and traditional versus contemporary appear through superb characterization and story telling It is not an easy tale to digest but then why should it be when set against such internal strife and brutalracist colonialism When I wan an undergraduate one of my favorite courses was Literature and Revolution which combined revolutionary settings with some of the A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion greats in literature from Russia Spain Cuba Mexico Chile and Argentina If I m honest this is one of my favoriteenres when done well and Eames does extra ordinarily well with this rendition Do not read it with the expectation of innocence fairness or redemption you will be disappointed But if you read it to sense the raw reality pain and struggle during such fraught violent times then this is a book for you I highly recommend it I really enjoyed this novel but be warned it s not an easy read This really could be a feminist icon of a novel Despite being told. Ce that there is something special about her Their life in the village once disturbed only by the occasional visits of his successful uncle and city cousin Abel now becomes entangled with the dual forces of the Shona spirit world and the political turmoil of the nationAs Tinashe Hazvinei and Abel row older their destinies entangle in.

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I bought this book for 1 in a discount shop and as a result didn t really expect much but found myself enjoying it I haven t read many books set it Africa so it was ood to move outside my comfort zone with something differentI enjoyed the close connections of the characters to nature and was interested in the roles of men and women in society as well as in the political elements of the plot The main characters Timashe and his sister Hazvinei are well drawn and realistic so that I felt really attached to them by the end of the bookWell worth a read for those who like me who tend not to stray beyond Europe in their reading I suppose the best way to describe the A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates genre of this novel is a Bildungsroman set in the time of Zimbabwe s Second Chimurenga forty years ago Was it as long ago as that And the author wasn t even born then Tinashe is a young Shona boy whorows up in a rural village ocasionally visited by his rich uncle from the city and his cousin He dreams of oing to school and university like his uncle but his cousin doesn t seem to value these things Tinashe s younger sister Hazvinei is strange and communes with spirits Her brother and other people sometimes find her rather frightening but he feels obliged to care for her even when it threatens to disrupt his education In some ways it is like an African version of David Copperfield or The catcher in the rye but it is also bound up with the surreal and unpredictabe world of Shona mythology where the spirits can make people feel invincible at one moment and dash all their hopes the next A well crafted read with ood tension As the reader follows Ti. 'Look after your sister Tinashe'Tinashe is a young Shona boy living in a small village in rural Rhodesia The uerilla war of the late 1960s haunts the bushlands but it only infreuently affects his uiet life; school swimming in the river playing with the other kids on the kopjeWhen his younger sister Hazvinei is born Tinashe knows at on.

E–book The White Shadow

From the perspective of Tinashe a young Zimbabwean boy it is an incredibly powerful tale of the life of a young woman in southern Africa The brutal realities of life for women in post colonial Africa is displayed so dramatically and realistically it was hard to stop turning the pages I would recommend this to anyone interested in dramatical or historical fiction KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Independent 12 Feb 2012 The Guardian 27 Mar 2012 I enjoyed the contrast between the village and the large town and the village ideas that spilled over into the town This was a sad novel and I was a bit disappointed with the ending as it left you to form your own future for the main character An exceptionally vivid and beautifully written book Another reat recommendation from a friend This book sat on my shelf unread for far too long Once I opened it however I couldn t put it down Eames paints a uniue and unsettling picture of political spiritual and domestic upheaval told through the uiet but compelling voice of a young boy Tinashe s narrative pulled me through the book pushing me to care about these children born into a time and culture utterly unfamiliar to me The dialogue is perfect the description subtly precise and beautifully portrayed This is a book I won t forget Highly recommended This was an unexpected choice as I haven t read many books set in Africa let alone in Rhodesia but it was a An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism good one I found the narrator Tinashe strongly sympathetic all through the story he tries to do his best by his challenging family members Poor boy I was relieved by the tentative note of hope for him at the end of the book. Ways they never expected Tinashe is prepared to follow his sister anywhere but how far can heo to keep her safe when the forces threatening her are so much darker and sinister than he suspectedAndrea Eames weaves together folklore and suspense in this compelling tale of a boy struggling to do the right thing in an unpredictable world.

Andrea Eames was born in 1985 She was brought up in Zimbabwe where she attended a Jewish school for six years a Hindu school for one a Catholic convent school for two and a half and then the American International School in Harare for two years Andrea's family moved to New Zealand in 2002 Andrea has worked as a bookseller and editor and now lives in Austin Texas with her husband

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