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E than Twilight and not just because it takes great care never to mention the word vampireI found this b A genuinely enjoyable book I m disappointed to find that Christo considers this written when she was a kid and thus removed it from purchase online as it is one of my favorite stories to date An avid reader of sci fi and speculative fiction on an adult stage for near fifteen years now I found that opinion dishearteningStill I read this novel at least once a year I purchased it in late 2012 and ave read it at least six times since It s excellent I urge Christo to rethink their stance on Count and Countess embrace it for what it is and allow others to enjoy it as well I re read it just the other day and it is still snarky amusing and dark despite it s glaring istorical inaccuracies which frankly make me the reader believe that this is an alternative istory and thus ave anything is possibl. Se are the letters they wrote to one another from childhood to adulthood across the impossible threshold of time; the secret bond they forged in cruelty and ink of friendship of madness of sincerest lo.

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A well written book with an intriguing premise It s easy to see ow Elizabeth and Vlad grow from children to powerful rulers and ruthless murderers I found myself empathizing with them both so much so that the end was severely depressing I strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys slightly paranormal John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, historical fiction I stumbled upon this book while browsing the brilliant tvtropes and would recommend it to those who enjoy very darkumour well observed character studies of psychoticdamaged individuals and deconstruction of common tropes in fiction especially the girls love bad boys sexy bloodthirsty vampire tropeIt is to the author s credit that I cannot think of a similar work to compare it to Possibly We Have Always Lived in the Castle Twilight it certainly ain t What do you mean why doesn t my skin sparkleWhile I ave given this book four stars I must stress that this is in the context of Count Vlad Dracula The Impaler A 15th century Romanian prince A religious zealot who murdered over forty thousand men in the name of Christ A former child soldier in thirst of blind revengeCountess Eli.

T being a presumably self published work that costs less than a latte definitely worth downloading if the above description intrigues you and the author is clearly a talented lady The prose is polished and flows well Yet it suffers in my uneducated opinion from a lack of relatablesympathetic characters something that might ave been addressed by a professional editorHaving said that this lack of sympathetic characters could be completely intentional a la American Psycho From my blogCount and Countess is an epistolary novel by Rose Christo that describes the never fulfilled romance between Vladislaus Drakulya Prince of Wallachia and Elizabeth Bathory Princess of Hungary who find as children that though they are separated from each other by a Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. hundred years they can send letters to each other It is partistorical fictionalternate Black Women in White America A Documentary History history and part paranormal romance but Wuthering Heights with gor. Zabeth Bathory A 16th century Hungarian princess Europe's first feminist The aristocrat who liberated women by day and bathed in their blood by night An invalid trapped in the prison ofer own bodyThe.

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