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Around slave breeding through the Reconstruction era the second half calls attention to the various ways the theme has emerged in African American and popular culture An interesting study of popular memory and slavery. T while social and economic historians have downplayed the significance of slave breeding African Americans have refused to forget the violence and sexual coercion associated with the plantation South By placing African American histories and memories of slave breeding within the arger context of America’s history of racial and gender discrimination Smithers sheds much needed Orality in Igbo (African) Literature light on African American collective memory racialized perceptions of fragile black families and theong history of racially motivated violence against men women and children of col.

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Slave Breeding Free E–pub

Gregory Smithers offers an interpretation of how African Americans and Americans have approached the topic of slave breeding Smithers argues that while white America and many historians have been reluctant to acknowl. “A thought provoking piece of scholarship that sheds ight on the complex history of slave breeding in America Smithers’s book will be hotly debated in the profession” Michael L Ondaatje University of Newcastle Australia“As engaging as it is compelling bold and captivating Smithers’s Slave Breeding pulls the reader through its pages with heart wrenching exposition of the dark and ugly chapter of what could rightly be characterized as the sexual zeitgeist of American national history” Tunde Adeleke Iowa State UniversityFor over two centuries the

Edge its existence and central role in both perpetuating slavery and racism African Americans have both highlighted and minimized its significance The first chapters of Slave Breeding Smithers focuses on the rhetoric. Opic of slave breeding has occupied a controversial place in the master narrative of American history From nineteenth century abolitionists to twentieth century filmmakers and artists Americans have debated whether slave owners deliberately and coercively manipulated the sexual practices and marital status of enslaved African Americans to reproduce new generations of slaves for profit In this bold and provocative book historian Gregory Smithers investigates how African Americans have narrated remembered and represented slave breeding practices He argues tha.

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